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  1. V

    three phase board separation

    hello everyone, I have a little problem. I've got a three phase board, it has the three phase sauna, one phase lighting and sockets connected to it. The problem i am facing right now. This is a comercial unit. So the problem is that the sauna makes the RCD trip every so often. And the board...
  2. S

    UK Sockets in skirting boards

    Just been watching the daily briefing from Downing Street and was amazed to see sockets and accessories mounted in the skirting. Perhaps it needs a rewire.
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Wd40 and fuse boards.... Anybody tried it?

    Had the WD40 out earlier cleaning my fiancees bike up. Saw on the side they suggest it can be sprayed into mcbs on a fuse board. Can't say I have ever thought of that. I know it can be used on contacts but it somehow seems wrong to be spraying a liquid into a fuse board as shown on the can!
  4. Stevetheaviato

    UK asked to do work alone that you dont feel competent enough for ? worried about losing my job

    So recently i have been given a lot of changes to the work im used to, quick example = im ok with single phase boards but i am not competent or confident enough in three phase. My boss is a very angry guy..... should i just go for it or should i refuse until i have training ? cheers
  5. happyhippydad

    Will the new eaton mcbs fit the old eaton boards?

    As in the title. I have an old eaton board. Will new the new eatons fit? Cheers guys.
  6. M

    Eicr communal boards

    Hi guys I'm having major works being done on our flats by the council. There is no periodic inspection lables on the boards in communal areas. How many years is required between each periodic test?? Council said it an be up to ten years??? I sure it was no longer than 5. Any advice would be...
  7. J

    Testing Crabtree Boards

    Hello all, I'm curious. Crabtree boards with their moduler click in busbar system. Does anyone have a trick to linking the busbar and the earth for continuity testing at all?
  8. T

    Multiple distribution boards and earthing arrangements

    Hi all, first post, and it relates to quite a challenging installation. The short version is that I'm working through remedial work on a 75 page EICR on a site with 24 distribution boards, hit a very nasty C1, have resolved it, but now have max Zs issues that were actually there before but not...
  9. M

    Advice needed On 18th edition boards. When do fit SPD boards?

    I’m An NICEIC DI. I haven’t got around to doing my 18th yet and I haven’t got the new literature. How do you determine if you need to fit an SPD board. Should I start fitting these on all my jobs now?
  10. Electrical2go

    Industrial 18th Edition - How has it changed what boards you buy?

    We're interested in what changes you've made to become 18th edition compliant. We want to ensure we're stocking what you need most at Electrical2Go. So Overload and Surge Protection... Are you buying fully populated 18th Edition boards? Or buying cheaper boards and adapting? Cheers...
  11. MarkRibbands

    6kA (Not 10kA) RCBOs in commercial TP boards: Why not?

    I'm fitting two replacement sub-mains panels as part of a long-term upgrade from split-phase to three phase on a part-domestic part-commercial site (my own gaff). I'm using all RCBOs because I like them, but am less keen on the cost of the commercial variants ... Fellow spark says one MUST use...
  12. D

    Earthing for 3 phase boards

    Hi just after opinions on this one got three 3 phase supplies all 25mm 4 core swa, armour not been used for earth would you run a seperate 16mm earth for each supply or just loop all the earths from 1 16mm all the supplies are right next to each other
  13. L

    Meters and boards Question

    I work for a company who installs electric heaters. Usually we remove old storage heaters and replace them with our heaters using the same point with a new switched fcu. The fuse board is usually just an old Wylex type with just an on off switch and non switched fuses. The board is powered...
  14. P

    Domestic E7 boards and meter tails

    ok a couple of questions ill keep it simple its been ages since I had anything to do with E7, is an E7 board supplying storage heaters still ok on a non rcd board ie classed as fixed equip ? who is responsible for the tails? from head to meter and meter to board thanks
  15. SparkySupplier

    For Sale Single Phase & (some) Three Phase Boards & Devices

    Afternoon all, I've had another clear out. I thought I'd offer it up to you guys before I whack it on eBay. I'm ideally looking for an offer on the lot, however i'm happy to take offers to suit what you need. Here's what's available: 1 x Single phase 11 way consumer unit 100 amp incomer -...
  16. D

    Electrical inspection and old boards with asbestos

    Hi Guys just been asked to carry out an inspection at a warehouse. Got there and first two boards I saw were the really ones with rewirable fuses asbestos flash tape and exposed bus bars. There are a couple of new boards as well My question is should I just carry out a visual and fail it...
  17. N

    EICR - 2 boards, 1 with an off peak split and one with regular supply

    Hi there, im looking some general advice related to this eicr. im a bit lossed here, so would it be 2 eicr? or do i just splice two sheets together with the relevant information? on a seperate not i also noticed today when i had a wee look that his main water bond cannot be verified, is this a...
  18. D

    DB keys for older boards

    Good morning We have many different makes of db’s on site and many different ages of bored, each dB have there make of lock fitted into the door, we are looking to get keys for all DBS but are struggling to find them, please can anyone send a link to a company that sells many different makes...
  19. O

    Recessed MK boards ....

    Ok - being very lazy and could do with some input from the collective! Viewed a refurb the other day and the existing CU is one of these: So my question is - (I'm not a MK fan) is there an current product that would be an almost direct refit? Thanks
  20. nightlight

    Advice on Cbus lighting control boards

    Hi I’m new to this forum so not sure how it works and if I’m in the right place for the advice I need so any help would be much appreciated. Thanks All I would like to no is that I’m doing the lighting control (C-Bus) for a customer on a new domestic build and would like to no if i would be...
  21. Pip

    Pub / Restaurant refurb Upgrade Boards or not?

    Hi Guys, Been asked to look at an old rambling pub/restaurant/ hotel by the new tenants. 8 letting bedrooms, bar / restaurant area, couple of conference/function rooms, commercial kitchen, c/w large freezers etc... Some areas are a bit messy, mainly the boiler room which was condemned a while...
  22. D

    Hager boards. Cant stand them

    Had to replace an MCB on an existing Hager board (dual RCD) as part of yesterday afternoons job. Having to drop the entire busbar just to change one MCB, and then fiddling around in a tight space to get it back, then the paranoia over whether I've missed a clamp. Mirror, torch...still cant...
  23. C

    Pictures of Board work

    Someone posted a thread about showing pictures of boards the other day. Here is one I saw today. Brand new install by an electrician apparently with 20+ years experience
  24. A

    TNCS High ZE at origin

    Hi there Testing at origin of a domestic property, I have found: L-N: 0.44 Ohms L-E: 9.89 Ohms I had the DNO attend clients address, there response was that it was quite high and confirmed readings of 0.44 for ZE. (Pleasee attached document with their response) My concern is they don't seem...
  25. Dave Jenkins

    Rationalizing two boards into one

    Hi I've agreed to do a job for a mate. He needs a consumer unit moving from one side of a garage side door to the other (door connects to the house). At the same time, he wants to combine a second CCU with the wiring from the first one. Modern-ish house and no load issues so combining the two...
  26. S

    TT With Amd 3 boards

    Hi, when installing a consumer unit in domestic premises, I have been swopping out the main switch for an S type 100ma rcd. The reason I have been doing this is advice given in the on-site guide. PG 34 & 35. Dual RCD boards : Stating that there is insufficient fault protection of the single...
  27. Gavin John Hyde

    sizing of RCBO's for different make boards

    I am looking at some rcbo's for a job im planning. Does anybody have or know of a link to a list of the sizes for different makes of RCBOS and what boards they fit. ie make A RCBO will fit CU makes x,y,z etc.. As it is a pain in the a**e with them always being different sizes... I am...
  28. D00DY_T00DY

    Full rcbo boards????

    Hi all, Probably going to seem like a novice question just wondering what techniques you lot have for full rcbo boards to keep it neat. Put 5 in today for a temporary supply for ground workers on a genny; earth rod with a Zs of 2.13ohms (fairly good?) Anyway it was a complete nightmare trying...
  29. Upton Sparks

    RyeField Boards EICR

    Gent If any of you would have a minute to give your 2 pence on this I would appreciate it. I have a Rye field board supplying 10 Meters in a old house split in to Flats, The Tail for all of these Flats are installed with VIR cable, this is also from the Rye field board to the Meter , from...
  30. T

    Getting up floorboards with no marks?

    As a matter of interest, I was mulling about a tool that could lift floorboards with no marks. I wonder if anyone on here has any method/tool to do so. Having lifted, no doubt, hundreds of floorboards over the years I can certainly get pretty well any board up without breakage. However I cannot...
  31. H

    Aluminium cables

    Ccc of what looks like 1.5mm single core aluminium cable also 7core 2.5mm aluminium does anyone no ? Ally only starts at 16mm I think in 7671 if I remember not got it with me,let me no what you think guys please if I remember a long time ago I read that it halfs? Correct me if I'm wrong cheers
  32. S

    Consumer unit options? Advice wanted.

    Hi, i am part way through a domestic job. The two storey extension is now second fixed and I'm ready to put on the CU. The rewire of the original part of the house is to follow. I'm looking at 16 circuits in total so too many for your 'normal' size CU so i'm looking at a duplex board, probably a...
  33. Andy C

    RCB or RCBO in a Distribution Board.

    I am getting back into the electrical game after a few years and wondered what peoples thoughts are on the above. I am happy installing fully RCD protected DBs or Split boards but the use of RCBOs I had never seen. What are the main reasons/advantages/disadvantages for using them? I know they...
  34. L

    Distribution board checks

    Hi I have a question regarding switch boards and distribution boards. We have an existing switchboard and we want to use four spare ways in this to feed three new tp & n distribution boards. One for lighting one for small power one for security services. My question is what calculations have to...
  35. SparkySupplier

    For Sale Consumer Units

    Hello, I've got 4 dual rcd boards for sale: 3 x 5/5/2 1 x 7/7/2 10 x mcbs 1 x plastic gland 1 x metal gland New and in original packaging. £300 ono for the lot. They are amendment 4 boards. Prefer cash and can deliver in the following areas: North Yorkshire West Yorkshire Lancashire...
  36. Dan

    EICR -Multiple Boards Sheet

    Dan submitted a new resource: EICR -Multiple Boards Sheet - Editable Multiple Boards Sheet for Certification and Inspections Read more about this resource...
  37. the pict

    MEM Rcbo nightmare

    How many generations of MEM boards have there been, and does anyone know which of those has the "standard" size pin the board I have had nothing but hassle with getting breakers for has a "list" number BM61 and a product code of 08309 it has 12mm pins but every breaker I have takes what looks...
  38. D

    Domestic Removing MEM breakers

    Hi folks, Well today I attended another house to perform a bathroom upgrade. Upon visiting the mains board I noticed it was a MEM. Not ideal I thought as my previous experience taught me that RCBOs were not possible with these mcbs. I then noticed that a previous spark had fitted a hager RCBO...
  39. L

    PVC conduit ends on Metal CU??

    Hi All Is this allowed under amendment 3? Yes its a conduit female end into the side of the CU with T&E coming out into the trunking. No it is NOT my work!
  40. Leesparkykent

    Pride in your work.

    Went to look at a job this morning that's near completion but the customer has fallen out with the sparky firm over the state of the work...I'm not taking the job on as really busy atm, don't really want to be stuck in the middle of a dispute between the customer and the other firm, in general...
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