1. D

    Hi from New York! Dpelito here. Hope to learn and input help as well.

    Hi from New York! Dpelito here. Hope to learn and input help as well. Source URL: The Welcome Forum - https://www.electriciansforums.net/forums/the-welcome-forum.19/
  2. Spoon

    You learn each day.

    I learned something new this morning. Don't laminate the baby scan pics you get from hospital. It's actually printed on thermal paper and the result is not what was expected by friend who asked me to laminate it..... :eek::eek::eek:
  3. S

    IET 18th Ed. Wiring Regs Course - Best Option to Learn

    Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has any tips or knowledge on where to take the 18th Ed Wiring Regs Course/Exam? I've been quote £450 for a 10 weeks course at my local college but wasn't sure what the going price for this was, and if there is a more economical way of doing it? I took the 17th...
  4. L

    New Here and willing to learn

    Hi All Thanks for letting me on to the Forums, I'm an Electrician with over 35 years of world wide electrical knowledge so i'm here to learn! if anyone has a question for me i will do everything i can to search the web for the correct answer if i cant find it i will lie.....lol
  5. M

    Recently joined, always keen to learn or to help out

    Hi this is Mark in Manchester, self-employed spark for 15 years, ELECSA registered since they were nobbut a lad. Always keen to learn from wiser folk than I, or to share what I can. Cheers.
  6. S

    Learn AC current and voltage by every electric machine or electronic circuit you know

    I want to learn how AC works and I have no idea what I should use as an AC source since I never used one.I only know of inverters but that's not really helping me in understanding RLC circuits....Are AC sources real?Are they batteries?I'm new in this and I can't think of a device or something...
  7. N

    How to learn quickly on the Job ?

    I've just started working part time with an electrician. Any ideas on how to learn as well and quickly as possible ? Thanks
  8. A

    A typical homeowner looking to learn

    Hi, my name is Afsar and I am new member here. Typical homeowner with not much diy skills but craving for learning. Work in IT so understand technology a bit and also studied electric and electronics in the early days, hope it will help.
  9. J

    In Bristol from Sept, have L2, studying L3 theory at home, looking to work and learn

    Hi, I am moving to Bristol around the end of August, I have level 2 electrical installation from Able Skills and currently studying the theory for level three. My plan is to work for someone and take the level three practical once I have some experience within the trade. I am a hard worker...
  10. E

    Hi,new to the forum after advise and willing to learn Thanks

    Hi I'm after some advise on electric underfloor heating? I've recently taken over a job were the previous electrician (kitchen fitter) has left the job half done and left them with an unfinished job mainly all 2nd fix He's laid 2x 20m matts to cover a 40sqm room and he's put 1 prob and Both...
  11. J

    Builder looking to learn more

    Hi everyone My goal is to learn more about electrics so that I can do basic tasks on the projects I work on, and also understand more so I can communicate with my electricians better and pre-empt any problems they face. Happy sparky = happy builder = happy client. Well in theory
  12. C

    Hi all

    Hi, just joined the forum as I'm looking to learn more about the art of electrics.
  13. R

    Advice needed please - Becoming an Electrcian

    Evening all, I've joined this forum as i'm in need of some help and i'm struggling to get the specific answers to the situation i'm in. A couple of years ago I finished my city and guilds 2330 level 3 and went on to work for a company that installs quarry prv systems. This didn't really...
  14. D

    Wanted Electrical Improver/Trainee Manchester Area

    Looking for a keen Improver/Trainee to learn the trade. Will be working with fellow electrician's carrying out install and remedial works. Be assisting on testing jobs. All commercial works, good opportunity for someone starting out. Must have own vehicle. Some working away and nights. PM us...
  15. A

    Wiring a siren through a timer

    Looking some advice on wiring a siren through a timer to alert everyone to the conveyor belt running. They don't want it to delay the belts starting (stupid idea) they just want it to sound when the belt starts up as it's unguarded. I'm wiring it off a n/o contact on the push button. I'm trying...
  16. E

    Electricians Mate Electricians mate experience Greenwich - Electricians Mate Job Greenwich

    Hi I need some help and advice; I am changing career from working in admin to getting to train as an electrician. I was advices to apply for the ECS card as a an trainee/mate. I would like some experience and very very willing to take instructions and learn from a qualified electrician whilst I...
  17. B

    Electricidy is like water in a pipe analogy

    Anyone remember this when you first started learning about electricidy? It did help and was a reasonable analogy as electrons do flow. Even Kirchoff used this analogy when he made his circuit laws. Now lets turn it around! Plumbing is like electricidy in a wire. SO IF YOU GET WET YOUR DEAD:)...
  18. Keith@SparksFly


    Hi, I have just joined the Electricians Forum. For the moment I am just focusing on the domestic market. I have just passed my Part P, 17th Edition and Inspection and Testing C&G exams. Any advise that anyone can offer would be gratefully received. Thanks all.
  19. G


    I would like to learn as much as i can. I have a background in Pumps and worked for KSB Pumps for 8 years in sales. I am now in sales and come across a lot of variable speed drives in Industry. I studied electronics and Electrical but could not get an apprenticeship in south Africa. I am always...
  20. R

    New member, never stop learning

    Hi guys, joined to share and learn. Some great content/info on this forum. It's about the journey.
  21. Paul.M

    Best Customer Tip Ever!

    Me and a really good friend went to off to quote for a cctv install for "a pub". Turned up and saw the size of the place, 16 camera's!!! It is a pub and a hotel with conference rooms, it also needs an EICR, fire alarm cert, EM cert and a few remedial repairs plus data network install. Not bad...
  22. A

    solar PV qualification advice

    Hi guys I'm thinking of changing sector and was wondering 1, what is the most appropriate and up to date qual for PV? Is it 2399? 2, is there much work ahead for 10or so years in this sector? As I've been told the hype of PV is over. Thanks
  23. B

    Seeking Advice About Course Book

    Hi Folks, I'm seeking to enrol on a 2365 lvl 2 in either June or September. Prior to that I'm trying to learn as much as I can and get a good foundation of the basics, partly so that it makes things smoother later on as I learn, and partly because I find it interesting. I've spent a good few...
  24. M

    What would you expect from a trainee ?

    Evening guys, im looking for a little bit of advice and guidance for my current situation please I currently work full time as a trainee electrician, and have had this job for the past 6 weeks while studying my 2365 level 2 at college on evenings what I would like to know, is from your...
  25. D

    Industrial PLC training rig

    hi all :waving: i am new to electricians forum, does anyone know of a good siemens plc to set up as a training rig at home (in man cave), i need some thing that can be added to as i progress learning plc programming and building projects, i have been looking at s7 200 & s7 300 but not sure...
  26. U

    Working in Germany

    I know multiple people have posted questions about this, but no one seems to have gotten a good answer. Does anyone know how to get qualified to work as an electrician in Germany, and how the necessary qualifications compare to qualifications in the UK?
  27. T

    Industrial "Multi-skilled" maintenence departments, whats your take?

    Hi again guys, been a while since i last posted on here since ive had alot on :grin:. just a quickie really, what is everyone's take on this 'multiskilling' malarky that seems to have wormed its way into our maintenence departments? i mean i get it, train 1 guy to be able to cover both a...
  28. G


    Just an enquiry I am due to leave the armed forces and wish to start a whole new career as a 33 year old college and uni are out the question what with a mortgage and 4 kids to feed, I am leaning towards becoming an electrician but with no prior experience does anyone suggest a feasible route...
  29. R

    Is there a "proper" way to become a domestic installer?

    I need some help please... As I've read on this forum the 1 week course are a big no no. I want to learn properly but can't live on the electricians mate's wage whilst I learn to do the NVQ. I want to learn a new skill as the job I'm in looks bleak for the future ahead. I don't think the...
  30. T


    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has completed the new inspect and test courses on here? I am due to take take them early 2013. I don't have a strong test and inspect background as we have one guy on our firm that does it all, but I do need to get it done as i will be starting a new role soon...
  31. L

    New to the job, new to the site

    Hey everyone I've recently got my course C qualifications after completing my level 2 and 3 quals a year or so ago. I'm in the royal engineers, we've been told we have a fairly good rep on civvy street, however we think differently. We get qualified but have virtually no experience. Would be...
  32. B

    OLCI Construction Training

    Hi guys, ive been searching the web for training courses to become a spark and found this company with a training centre quite close to home, Has anyone ever dealt with this company and what are the costs of doing such a course. are they actually any good and once you have completed it will i...
  33. D

    In defence of the short course trainee

    I know this has been discussed before but I would like to give my own perspective on the issue of the 5 week wonders which seems to cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth. 3 years ago, at the age of 40, with the prospect of looming redundancy and not having any viable skills in the real world...
  34. M

    Who can tell me what web design software is?

    Hi everybody, I don't have experience in web design, but I want to learn to build professional web pages. Is there a cheap, easy to use and professional web design software that I could use easily without paying a lot? If you have any suggestions to share with me. Thanks.
  35. A

    CU Installation, Step by Step

    funniest forum's members Hi Could any one teach me, how to design and install a CU? How to select RCD,MCB(and connection)? thanks in advance.
  36. J

    new domestic installer

    hello to you all, my names Jim I started life as a diesel mechanic then in later years accidently got in to tipper driving. I've wanted to change my career for many years and I have just been thrown a life line. I've been doing my own and families electrics for a about 12 years now and quite...
  37. D

    Radial Circuit Protective Device

    Just been asked to jump on a job which needs completing before end of Jan. The guy I'm helping is 74 and very experienced. We are doing 8 double bedded flats. 5 Complete and 3 to go. 17th Edition split boards with 5 Circuits Kitchen Ring - 32A Lights - 6A Smoke - 6A Then we have 2 radials in...
  38. T

    tray and conduit

    :) are there any sites out there showing how to fabricate cable tray/conduit as my nephew is keen to learn as he is starting college soon
  39. L

    anyone worked abroad?

    has anyone worked abroad, doing electrical work ?
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