1. Pegasus

    UK Revising my CV, and looking for feedback!

    Hello, I am trying to improve my CV and would like to ask for feedback for the role of Electrician Mate/Improver. Don't want it to be in the public forum, so could private PM the person offering to have a peak at it. I would like to also create a website portfolio where I add pictures of work...
  2. C

    Outlet in outdoor enclosure - better approach? Feedback wanted.

    I have installed and outdoor enclosure to primarily house outdoor network and IoT devices. I need power for PoE injectors, power supplies, etc. The Carlon outdoor enclosure is 12 x 12 x 6 and has a sealed lid attached with screws. I extended the existing outlet (GFCI) by using 1/2 PVC...
  3. W


    I have just had a system installed with an inverter and battey. My outside lights, on three different circuits are LED night they are dimly lit and not all the array is illuminated, when NOT turnered on, so OFF. My installing company has told me I could have a problem with the mains...
  4. OnlQQker

    Some Feedback Would Be Good..

    I've finally got around to finishing my first music project in Logic Pro 9 and would appreciate any feedback before I upload it to all the various sources. Don't beat around the bush, if it's crap then I wont be offended, I'll just make adjustments Thanks in advance!
  5. duckie

    NICEIC REPORT - feedback on remedial works costs

    NICEIC REPORT - feedback on remedial works costs Hi all - I had an test done in advance of selling my 3 bed semi. The test report has four C2, nine C3 and two F1s. I wanted to get your expert and unbiased feedback on these observations to help make sure I do the right remedial works - as well...
  6. S

    Coventry TradeSkills4U Review/ Feedback

    Hello All, I’ve literally spent hours researching what route it is I need to take for my plans in the future. I know what courses I need to take and I have chosen TradeSkills4U and spent ages reading their reviews and trawling this site to find out as much info as possible which has been very...
  7. M

    Critical Feedback recent Consumer unit install Please.

    Hi, I would like to know how I could improve on this board. All opinions welcome.
  8. M

    Critical feedback request - Consumer unit.

    Hello, Please can I have some feedback on the quality of a fuse board I installed recently. I am fairly new to consumer unit installs. Newly qualified.
  9. M

    Does the brushed DC motor and Permanent magnet Dc motor need position feedback in the control system

    Hello guys. I am an electrical electronics engineering student. I have two questions. if you answer my questions ı'll be happy. Thank you from now. Does the brushed DC motor need position feedback in the control system? why? Does the permanent magnet dc motor need position feedback in the...
  10. gazdkw82

    Elex-Coventry feedback thoughts

    Not seen a thread. What's everyone's thoughts on the show?
  11. G

    2 electricians on site at any given time - your feedback

    Hired and trained a relatively new electrician. Getting along ok as far as competency goes so far. However, a few issues with him that I wanted to get your guys feedback/opinion on. 1. Doesn't like to go to any domestic site solo even for the simplest jobs. Has demanded he always has someone...
  12. R

    Noob to the forum. Would be great to get some feedback.

    Hello everyone! I am a newly qualified spark. Mature student. I already have a day job but I have always wanted to learn a trade so I took some courses and now have an assesement with stroma. I feel confident that I will pass as I understand the basics of testing and have installed a sub board...
  13. Leesparkykent

    Watchdog - My Home UK (MyHomeUK) Feedback and Reviews

    Who's watching it? A firm from Maidstone ripping OAP's off, cold calling them and bullying them into an EICR costing £600! I wonder how much they charge for the remedial work. Just looking at their website it comes across as scaremongering and preying on the fact of metal consumer units to...
  14. M

    240v to 12v, Charger + Inverter idea => feedback weclome

    Hi there, for a friend's boat, he has constant access to 240v shore power (and a galvanic isolator), but still wants batteries for whenever shore power stops working, or if he wants to go and cruise for a day or two. He needs a charger to keep the batteries topped up, and an inverter for...
  15. R

    What are your favourite brand for LED lighting?

    Hi all just wanted some feedback what your best brands are for LED light bulbs, downlights or related products please? I have found that Aurora & Robus are the big players in the LED market, be good to get your thoughts in terms of quality and costs. Cheers Rob (forum rookie)
  16. M

    Trades Gateway - any feedback good or bad?

    HI Does anyone know anything - good or bad - about Trades Gateway training provider? Electrics - Trades GatewayTrades Gateway I cant see anything awful about them on google apart from people not being able to get their money back quickly if they want to cancel (which although not good...
  17. Rockingit

    Kewtech 65DL - feedback?

    Just sorting out getting one of these in on demo to me for a few days as have heard good things about them, anyone got any experience / feedback?
  18. S

    Domestic Feedback : Fit plugs flush to the wall with recessed socket

    Any one out there ever needed to fit a recessed socket so the plug would fit flush with the wall. On a job and my customer need this so they can fit a piece of furniture close to the wall. Would there be any demand for some sort of recessed socket in certain situations??
  19. R

    Nuaire Drimaster PIV - anyone fitted one and any feedback on whether they work?

    Hi All, One of my regular customers has a condensation problem in one of her properties and has asked if these units actually work? Anyone have any experience of them and can comment on models (or other brands)?? Thanks in advance...
  20. T

    ebay van trouble

    Hi guys, Sold my old van on ebay the other day. £600 buy it now. Listed every known fault I could think of, said the usual stuff like no tyre kickers, haggling etc, price is final. Some guy bought it and turned up with his mate to collect on friday, from the word go he was checking everything...