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  1. S

    Working before joining trade association (SELECT/NICEIC)

    I am currently employed full time with a medium sized contractor in glasgow, scotland and am aiming to go self employed at some point in the next year. However my 2 preferred trade associations want you to be trading 6 or 12 months before theyll sign you up. The question is how does that work...
  2. An Interview With SELECT MD Alan Wilson

    An Interview With SELECT MD Alan Wilson

    SELECT Managing Director Alan Wilson discusses topics including regulation of electricians, SELECT membership, apprenticeships and the future of the electrotechnical industry.
  3. JK-Electrical

    Up to 2,000 unqualified electricians are endangering the Scottish public, SELECT tells Ministers

    Up to 2,000 unqualified electrical businesses are potentially putting the safety of the Scottish public at risk. As part of our campaign to regulate the profession of electrician, SELECT undertook an in-depth research exercise to establish that a total of 103 electricians were trading in the...
  4. M

    excel formula Help

    hi all small formula issue can anyone help got the basics can add, multiply, ect copy columns, but need a multiple column (sum) entry. Row a item £ sorted b total £ sum of h-P (sorted) H-P x a = B all good Column 1-200 some headings but overall so I need H1 - H200 column H x A But for the...
  5. D

    Do I need to be with an approved body?

    Hi All, Been self employed running my limited company since May. Am away to start doing some sub contract work for a bathroom installed, and they have asked me to let them know which approved body I am with because I am doing electrical testing? Correct me if I am wrong, but unless you are...
  6. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Select or NICEIC or..... None??

    Hello fellow sparks, I've spent the last couple of months setting up my own domestic electrical company here in Scotland and would like your opinions on the following. Quick background is that I am still working for another company as an electrician but am also building up my own business on...
  7. H

    Oven Tripping RCD Since Cleaned

    Brother got his oven cleaned yesterday, today it's tripping the RCD (not the breaker) - I'm gonna head over tonight and take a look for him but just thought I'd post here and ask for advice/possible things to look for. Thanks,
  8. S

    Signing off work.

    Got into a discussions with one of the sparks in the wholesalers today. We were talking about the scams (SELECT, NICEIC, etc) and I was discussing how pointless they are... The lad I was talking to says he's never been part of any registered scheme. He completed his apprenticeship and went...
  9. K

    Fluke 1652c ZS test

    Hi guys how do you go about doing a ZS test with a fluke 1652c I know how to get the RE reading but it's coming out a bit strange, a bit of advice would be great.
  10. P

    Honeywell Galaxy G2

    On a G2 can anyone tell me why the alarm goes off when you type the code in on entry buy let's you unset the system as normal with a fob please?
  11. P

    Select Course 209 Initial Verification of Installations same as C+G 2391

    Just wondering if this course SELECT - Scotland's Electrical Trade Association is same as the testing and inspection c+g 2391 (or 2394/5 whatever it is now!!)
  12. G

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic what qualifications required to join

    Looking to join niceic I am 17th edition time served graded electrician with 2395
  13. M

    Renewal of trade card

    My trade card is just about expired I know i have to do not have to do my health and safety again is its my first renewal since i served my time but in the renewal form (SJIB) it has many different occupation discipline, where you may select 1 main and 4 additional definitions to be on your...
  14. O

    Boiler and Pump Circuit

    We are working on a very old heating system where the boiler and pump can be activated independently by the CoH control and the H.W. control. The problem is if C.H. is activated we don’t want it to back track onto the H.W. circuit, and vice versa. The only time this is acceptable is if the C.H...
  15. beatboaby924y

    Can you sign off your own work without being select/nic registered in Scotland?

    Hi guys, Wondering if some of you guys could help? Being a approved spark I have been asked to do a job (loft conversion) for a mate where the job will be tested and results sent to the council for I think building control. The drawing he has had done off of an architec with the new bedroom...
  16. R

    type and ratings of BS EN 60898 circut breakers

    hi guys, Were will i find the infomation for what type and rating of BS EN 60898 circut breakers for specific circuts? Ive been trying to look through the 17th edition but can seem to find anything. thanks
  17. C

    Periodic testing part time

    Hi, Have recently discovered this forum and find it brilliant, superb advice being given by switched on (sorry) and experienced members. Since I,ve had a recent knee op, I,ve spent the last few days viewing the different threads/views. I,m soon to be made redundant and wonder if it,s viable...
  18. kevyn

    SELECT Members working in England

    All members of SELECT in scotland can work in england even though they wont recignise SELECT under Part P. All they need to do is phone SELECT and they will register them with ELECSA, at the moment, free of charge. I would imagine it would only apply to those living around the borders area
  19. S

    fuse 1.25a 500v

    Anyone know where i can get a f 1.25a 500v fuse for a Fluke 1652? I'm trying to get one asap as trying to practice on my test rig, for my practical exam this weekend! Cheers Tyrone
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