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  1. S

    wholesaler for a newbie?

    Just recently done my domestic electrical course at tradeskills4u, and have a rewire job coming up soon and wanted to know wheres the cheapest wholesaler around birmingham/ dudley?
  2. Marti

    Which wholesaler is your preferred option and why? Is it just price?

    Evening Gents and Gentle Persons, As the title asks, Which wholesaler is your preferred option and why? Is it really just a price decision? I'm Essex based, using CEF and Screwfix. The CEF staff, at least at the Romford branch, are second to none! Unfortunately the corp' website is...
  3. N

    Looking for another wholesaler

    im a sole trader in glasgow and ive been doing some thinking. I dont like the way my current wholesaler operates (CEF) I particularly dont like the way it takes ages to get an order together if i ask for prices on the reciept. The other option is to guesstimate the price of what im buying (not...
  4. B

    Recommended Wholesaler for 95mm singles / meter tails & accessories

    Hi We have a new 3 phase 200A supply installed which is to supply 4 flats & a low load landlord supply. We need to source 95mm singles that will connect from the ukpn 3 phase head into a stand alone isolator which will then connect into a 3 phase distribution board that will supply the 4 flat...
  5. T

    Anybody having problems with click scolmore gear?

    Evening All, We have been having a few issues this week with faulty gear from click scolmore, blue lugs snapping off the bezels on inceptor micro downlights, mode double sockets only working on one side etc. When I spoke to quality control today I am the only wholesaler in the uk with these...
  6. H

    WANTED: Meter Calibration NE

    Best place to get meter calibrated NE (Durham/Newcastle) - any thoughts? It's Metrel if that makes any difference.
  7. F

    wholesalers or screwfix

    were do most shop im finding of late screwfix to be cheaper than the local wholesalers your thoughts
  8. S

    Phono panel supplier

    Can anyone tell me of a supplier of these? Thanks
  9. B

    100ma S type Rcd (Time delayed)

    Anyone give me a rough price for the above, Never needed one for a while. Wholesaler doesnt keep it as a stock item so waiting a call..
  10. L

    LED Bulb Prices

    Hi all, I've been looking at LED bulb prices for gu10's and it seems the best place to buy them at the moment is online my wholesaler can't even get close on some of the prices on certain bulbs. Have you lot noticed the same or do I just get bad prices?
  11. T

    Domestic domestic prices

    is it just me...when I'm at my wholesaler there's not much chat between sparks, just customer and wholesaler. let alone any reference to prices charged etc, yet when I pop into the plumbers merchant next door....loads of chat and discussion on prices. it is so competetive in Brighton that...
  12. R

    Job opportunity for a Branch Manager with access to Slough. £40k basic+Car+Profits !!

    Role: - Electrical wholesale branch manager position - Full responsibility for the profit, loss and overall performance of this branch in Slough - Responsible for the management of 17 branch staff Company: - The UK's largest independent electrical wholesaler - This...
  13. TomTrundle

    Wholesaler in North London

    Can anyone recommend an electrical wholesaler in North London? I am based near Turnpike lane N8. Local wholesalers near me don't publish prices. Do most folks order on-line these days? Thanks Tom
  14. E

    door bell for warehouse

    evening all, ive been asked to fit a bell for warehouse. I went to wholesaler and they gave me a fire alarm bell which runs on 24volts and a chunky 12 volt transfomer. I rigged it up temporarily and it didnt sound that great. Is it bettter i use a 24 volt tranny or can anyome reccomend a...
  15. S

    What size mini trunking for 10mm/sq T +E please

    As the title says. Thanks Steve
  16. S

    Electrifix and Screwfix offers.

    Just been down to the afore mentioned outlet. GU10 fire rated downlight kit 10 fittings and lamps £49.99, got 3 sets. Erabruer 24v SDS drills, look the business and 2 batteries, rotory stop etc, £149.00. didn't get one though. But these are good prices for anyone who isn't aware of them.;)
  17. B

    where to buy installation certificate

    Hi guys, Just found out I dont have certificats pads. where i can i buy them? whsmith? cheers
  18. tuckermot

    Ge mcbs volex mcbs wylex rcbo

    Hi all board is 7 years old with no rcd it has Ge breakers in and one breaker has been replaced with a volex mcb. Question is i have been told by my local wholesaler that a wylex rcbo will fit in in this board are they corect as i am doing aditions on the bathroom lighting and require...
  19. D

    periodic inspection sticker for a CU

    Hi all, Recently had my first Elecsa assessment, I have been accepted subject to the rectification of a couple of non conformances, one of which was the lack of a periodic inspection sticker that you stick on the front of a CU stating date inspected and date of next inspection etc, does anyone...
  20. D

    Zone 2 light switches

    I have a customer with an indoor swimming pool where the lights (low voltage at the switch) are switched from a standard 4 gang MK light switch, she's now trying to get building regs for this (it was built 4 years ago) and building control are insisting on a IP44 (zone 2) rated light switch -...
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