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  1. littlespark

    Employment. Taking a day off AFTER giving notice.

    Does anyone know about employment rules, other than electrician/construction? My wife works for local council as an early years practitioner…. old title, nursery teacher. Now, due to various reasons, she has given 4 weeks notice to leave. She has a new job starting, but they have asked if she...
  2. T

    Hi Admin notice to me is "you have insufficient priveleges to post on this thread"

    So looking at a thread and it says the above in General chat-off topic, it appears I am not priveleged enough to reply on it?... In particular this thread; Hi there, not sure on what catagory this goes into -...
  3. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody got the danger notice forms as a pdf?

    Need to issue a danger notice to a customer. They have a new electric shower without a earth conductor, very low IR readings and to top it off the cable has signs of burning on the damaged earth cable in the back of the isolator. that has been cut off short and is covered in melted green/yellow...
  4. T

    Had to post this! Part II notice anything odd???

    Yeh just been working on the situation at the local Chinese Takeaway, what a difference a day can make. Notice anything unusual mmmm? N.B. It is a work in progress.
  5. D

    Re-test notice dilemma

    I have always been reluctant to post a re-test notice for small works requiring an EIC/DEIC such as a single new circuit. The reason being that IMO a notice implies to the layman that the entire installation has been inspected/tested when in fact only the aspects pertaining to the small...
  6. H

    Naughty Naughty no one will notice stick it in here !!

    Let's just stuff it in here no one will notice !
  7. leep82

    Issuing a danger notice

    I am due to finish on a job today where i have been doing some remedial works following an EICR ( done by another electrician ). Its a residential block consisting of several bedsits and communal areas. In the kitchen/utility there is a washing machine and a dryer both fed via a coin meter...
  8. D

    advice on building control

    My current predicament ATM. recently went self employed after being laid off. Not yet registered with anyone but looking into it. Mean while been asked for registration details by building control for a cert i issued!! Not sure how to get round it ATM other then tail between my legs and try and...
  9. S

    Forum loading problem

    @Dan Have you done something to the forum recently? In the last day or so, loading any page has started taking ages, giving Waterfox Not responding and sometimes Unresponsive script warning. It appears to be related to the blue 'Electricians Talk/Jobs' box. It's fine once that box loads up.
  10. E

    VAT rating on batteries and off grid.

    Been out of the loop for a bit, am I right in assuming that batteries for a domestic self consumption situation are 5%? Also for off grid systems? Cheers E
  11. S

    coding on commercial

    Hi guys, Just want some advice on codings for an EICR im doing at a factory. 1-they have wired a radial circuit feeding several sockets in singles using blue singles as a live conductor and black as a neutral. 2-they have 3x ring main mains on 32amp RCBOs type C and all zs values are higher...
  12. R

    rcbo trip question

    Been testing today on a new installation, it was a lighting circuit all lighting weird via click roses. Came to the rcbo test, trips on 5x at 100ms then says plus 40 on 5x. Quickly swapped out rcbo thinking it was just faulty and does same again with the new one. Some rooting around in loft i...
  13. S

    convincing customer to have a rewire

    hi custumer has certain lights and sockets not working, cast iron fuse boxes, no main earthing conductor, all earths twisted and connected to cast iron fuse boxes, live wires sticking out of junction boxes. and i was only there for half an hour. tried to explain the advantages of rcd's and the...
  14. D

    Customer don't think they have to act on do the corrections

    Hello guys I have done a periodic test and inspection of a commercial building where public are involved in activities in the Areas, the document has a lot of number 1's on it but the customer thinks they don't have to act and do any of the changes because the document is not a notice! I have...
  15. L

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Niceic

    Hello, I am currently in the process of doing a NICEIC domestic installer scheme.Do I need to provide a building notice to the assessor for each visit? I would really appreciate your feedback Thankyou.
  16. D

    Relays , Contactors and Electronics...

    Im bit empty headed when it comes to them things but i just applied for a job that pays silly money and well i need to brush up on my skills and knowledge about them...! any good books or courses you know about! sorry for sounding ignorant about them but they never really floated my boat so...
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