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Does anyone know about employment rules, other than electrician/construction?

My wife works for local council as an early years practitioner…. old title, nursery teacher.
Now, due to various reasons, she has given 4 weeks notice to leave.
She has a new job starting, but they have asked if she can have a training day before she starts... which means she needs to take a day of her current work.

She has already asked her manager, but she has said she will have to check its ok with higher up. (she has asked for next Wednesday... so that's over a weeks notice)
Can they deny letting her have a day off, even unpaid?
She has at least 2 weeks holiday accrued anyway.

Is it discrimination, because she's already said she has leaving?
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As long as her holiday request is in keeping with her employment contract there is nothing her current employer can do


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If she has accrued holiday before she leaves then she can either take it or must be paid for it.

I know as I'm going through the same at the minute, last two weeks have both been three days and my final week is four days. And it's bliss!!!


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As said she has the holiday due but it will depend upon her contract of employment hopefully they will let her have it. What happened to your job being transferred to the new company it sounds like you decided to take the redundancy.

Gareth Brookes

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Holiday is your entilement but remember when you request time off with an employer it is at there discretion when it can be taken but the correct notice must be given by both parties.
If you book one day off then your employer has to give you atleast double the notice of the amount of days requested


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She got the day off she asked for, but her manager stated “because it’s for your new job, we HAVE to let you have it”

Doesn’t sound like she was too keen

James the Spark1976

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sounds like they are concerned that if they were to deny the days holiday for anything other than exceptional reasons of hardship to the company they would leave them selves open to a claim from you if it hampered or prevented you taking up your new job.

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