1. F

    I’m taking two guys back from furlough tomorrow. In Scotland. Does anyone know if they can share a van yet or is it still one van each due to current

    I’m taking two guys back from furlough tomorrow. In Scotland. Does anyone know if they can share a van or is it still one can each due to current restrictions
  2. buzzlightyear

    taking the down the xmas tree lights down

    Dan can you take the forum light down now and put a Easter one up, lol. before you know it ,it will be pan cake day .
  3. OfficialAsh

    UK Taking Level 2/Unit 204, 10 hour practical exam next week, need advice

    Hello, After my post back in 2018, I decided to take the plunge and complete the level 2 electrical installation course from City and Guilds. My local college was super helpful. Anyway I am doing the 10 hour practical exam next week, and I am curious to know what suggestions you guys may...
  4. M

    Advice needed taking on helper

    Evening people I'm a sole trader & need help with some unskilled tasks (cleaning solar panels) which require working on a flat roof in a harness tethered to a fall restraint system to prevent getting too close to the edge. What is the best way to take on an unskilled worker (or perhaps self...
  5. littlespark

    Employment. Taking a day off AFTER giving notice.

    Does anyone know about employment rules, other than electrician/construction? My wife works for local council as an early years practitioner…. old title, nursery teacher. Now, due to various reasons, she has given 4 weeks notice to leave. She has a new job starting, but they have asked if she...
  6. buzzlightyear

    im just taking a lie down darling .

    is this s/chick taking the day off ,LOL.:)
  7. littlespark

    Brand new product.... taking orders

    My friends and customers own the first micro pub in Scotland... and have created a few of their own flavours of gin. Just in time for Burns night.....
  8. S

    The loonies are taking over ...

    PETA wants Dorset village renamed as 'Vegan Wool' | Dorset Echo - https://www.dorsetecho.co.uk/news/17242042.peta-wants-dorset-village-renamed-as-vegan-wool/ Ah ... I ... errr .... I .... Words fail me (polite ones, anyway) o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O
  9. Michael J

    Fault on lighting cct prevents taking Zs

    Hi All Taking a Zs from a light switch and am reading 160 volts between L & E. What would you code this. I think it could be a neutral fault but I don't have the time available to investigate. The location is a hotel room.
  10. S

    Best LED downlights? Favourite brand for ease of fitting / quality and longevity of unit

    Hi all, just wondered what people's go to LED downlights are. I've worked for a couple of companies and both seemed to have cheap and cheerful as a preference- just replacing as required if they stopped working. What would u fit if u were to fit them for yourself? Preferably changeable with...
  11. baldelectrician

    £4000 for taking on an apprentice- discuss

    The Scottish Government are offering incentives to companies taking on apprentices Scotland's Employer Recruitment Incentive - https://www.ourskillsforce.co.uk/help-with-recruitment/our-one-stop-skills-shop/scotlands-employer-recruitment-incentive/ Discuss
  12. littlespark

    The Chinese are taking over the forum!

    .... and not just the posts. Look at the adverts I'm getting now
  13. cprfenom

    Selling half a garage of gear due to taking employment

    Hi guys, Selling off a load of odds and sods mainly for domestic works due to going in to employment in the commercial sector. Includes racking, storage boxes, accessories and cable. Only thing is needs to be gone by the 18th.
  14. I

    Taking on 9 flats

    Hi This is my first post and looking for some advice. I have been offered the job of wiring 9 new 2 bed flats just about to be built. I have not taken on anything this big before and not sure how many extra Electricians I will need to keep up with the builders. Anyone done this level of work? As...
  15. S

    Advice worth taking ...

    Hello all. I just wanted to come back and say ...."You were all right". Some time ago I came on here looking for advice on how to do something...cant remember what exactly...something I just wanted an answer to so that I could just do it quick and get on. And I had lots of "get a qualified...
  16. mikeup

    When does taking a fuse out protect you..?

    Old house / wiring / fusebox plus single circuit breaker. So I decide to change dead double socket in kitchen ( one socket failed followed by its twin months later= no power ( yesterday ) ) NB. once it stopped working the switches on the socket were found to be stuck ( in the "on" position)...
  17. telectrix

    Now this is taking the proverbial

    Maintenance Staff Entire Services - Northwich CW8 £10 an hour - Part-time Due to our increase in work load, we are looking to employ a maintenance staff member based in the Northwich area. The ideal candidate will be able to carry out a variety of property maintenance services across the...
  18. Z

    When there is no Earth and the fault grounds out through gas service (picture)

    I'd be running for the hills. I wonder if the person taking the picture was aware of the grave danger they were in standing there!
  19. uksparks

    This tickled my feathers

    Hi, I saw this today in the public toilet at Desford Birdland, really nice place by the way, but couldn't resist taking a photo of this in the toilet. Really good place, loads of birds, the lot, excellent for everyone of all ages. TROPICAL BIRDLAND the extension lead went under the door and...
  20. W

    From NIC AC to Napit...............anyone else made the move?

    Im considering changing over this year, mainly due to how much im being charged combined with a change in my own circumstances, has anyone else done the same? How did it work out? also people who are napit registered how do they find them generally, do they have problems with people not...
  21. I

    USA voltage

    Hi everyone, I'm off to Florida next week & need to check if things will work when plugged in. I know the voltage is different but I'm assuming things will still work or you couldn't get an adaptor? Any info you've got would be really helpful. Thanks Ian
  22. S

    removing a circuit

    Hi, what paper work would you need to leave the customer (if any), if you were taking out a circuit in a house. For example, someone is moving house and they are taking their shed with them. The shed has lights which has it's own mcb in the cu, if that circuit was taken out is there any...
  23. E

    Is it worth Taking on more work and expanding business in these hard times

    Evening all, As the title suggests, is it worth taking on extra work and trying to expand or is better to play safe? ? At the moment I don't have the worry of competing with others as I only have myself to worry about and don't have to come up with wages at the end of every week. What are...
  24. jason121


    Had a few drinks last night with a mate from DNO high upin the ranks, let slip that DNO don’t want PV installed that’s why they takethe full 65 days for applications. Too much work for them altering network and processing paper work
  25. Z

    Whats you Most Money for Smallest Job?

    As title says... Whats most youve been payed for the smallest job you've done?
  26. D

    Fault on ring main

    Hello everyone, I'm just looking for advice on a ring main fault, I'll try and keep the scenario short so as not to bore you al.... I was asked to attend this fault at an on going job our firm our firm is doing (I wasn't involved from the start) The existing kitchen ring had been broken into to...
  27. G

    got offered 250 for mcs sign off and do full ac supply and certifie lol

    Im a qualified spark part p niceic domestic installer and niceic mcs installer today got call from aerial company that fit panels for social housing can i do part p ac side and also dc side and sign it off if they mount panels not realy keen on this but thought id listen to him anyway he will...
  28. F

    Niceic PV course

    Hi people, I am an approved niceic contractor mainly doing commercial/industrial work with the odd domestic. I am thinking of doing the photovoltaic course with the niceic, only because its the only one ive really looked at on there website! Basically want to know if i do the course at about...
  29. D

    c+g 2399 solar pv

    Any body done this course ? is it worth doing ? Am going into the start of my C+G 2330 lvl 3, ( have done the 2391) What qualifications/ experience do you reccomend before taking the course ?
  30. S


    I will be taking the AM2 before long, and would like to know exactly whats involved since the chages last April. I'm aware that all fabrication has been removed, and its basicly terminating cables, and choosing correct fuse ratings. A test and Fault find at the end with a mulitiple choice exam...
  31. T

    Commercial Building Site etiquette or top tips?

    I am leaving the Navy after 15 years as a Electronic Engineer and I have just retrained as an electrician (2391, 2382, Level 2 EAL cert for Domestic Elect Installers and ECS card application in the post). A local Company has kindly offered me a work trial on a building site. As I have never...
  32. W

    In order to work... what do you need??

    See a lot of posts on here saying you need to be JIB registered? What exactly do I need in order to start applying for positions, I am Eal vrq level 2 domestic installer qualified and 2382. What other requirements do i need to fulfil before i can start applying for domestic jobs? CS...
  33. J

    Tools for AM2

    What tools should i be taking in my AM2 I know ill be taking in screwdrivers and such but what else do I need take in? i know i need take in an electricians knife as stanleys are banned but what about tools for the conduit like a hacksaw or a bush spanner (which no one seems to sell anymore been...
  34. G

    testing and certification

    guys,would appreciate your views on this one.i am time seved 35yrs experience currently working on a fixed maintenance job although install trained.this year have done 2382 2392 2377.head of dept will not buy us test equipment believing that regs,etc are a load of ********.his words not mine.we...
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