1. G

    Arcing on neutral when isolated

    This one is baffling us. A supply and DB have been installed . A section board feeds the DB via a 95mm 4 core swa with no separate earth, only the armouring as CPC. Outgoing circuits are connected at the DB and SOME in the field A 4mm neutral wire came into contact with some totally un earthed...
  2. J

    Loud “popping” noise? Arcing?

    This evening my partner and I were sitting on the couch and heard a very loud sudden “pop”. It sounded like it came from the corner of our living room where there’s a single outlet. As the night went on we heard the same noise 2 more times which was loud and odd enough to put us on edge. After...
  3. S

    arcing inside inverter

    Hi all. My Sunnyboy 3000hf inverter was making an intermittent buzzing noise and displaying fault code 77 which often means a relay problem. So I opened the case and gave the relay a tap to see if stuck and the relays close OK, but I can see the buzzing is coming from what I think is the...
  4. Pretty Mouth

    Series arcing causing MCB to trip

    I recently fixed a fault on a lighting circuit. The fault became apparent after some work I had carried out - I rewired part of the circuit for an ensuite refit, plus some additions to other circuits supplied by the same CU. I needed to provide RCD protection to the circuits that I had worked...
  5. K

    Backstabbing: electrician says all outlets in home should be replaced?

    Hello everyone! We bought a new construction home in 2018. About a week ago, our cleaning service had an incident where our outlet sparked when they tried to use their vacuum cleaner. The maids said that it happened when they plugged the vacuum cleaner into two different outlets and the sparks...
  6. S

    UK Got a call today for a fuseboard that was arcing

    Came in to the property to hear a loud buzzing, dawned my face sheild and gloves and went straight for the main fuse (pulled), After taking to the customer he said , the dno was out 30 mins ago stuck a label on the board saying do not use , forgot to actually isolate the board, went away then...
  7. H

    need a capacitor across relay contacts to arrest arcing. wondering about type and value ?

    wondering what capacitor type and value across relay contacts at 7amp ac load to avoid arcing
  8. C

    AFDDs are a massive fraud

    Derailed another thread with AFDDs, so I am starting this one. I will simply say that UK RCDs and MCBs provide arc fault protection as is. UL not only knows that, but extensively researched UK power systems in an effort to emulate the very same concept 40 years. One the simply fact (growing...
  9. A

    Sockets arcing - baby socket protectors?

    I was called to a house today where the home owner had experienced arcing (enough to cause scorching on outside of socket) on 3 sockets on the same ring with 3 different appliances causing the MCB to trip on each occasion. I took socket fronts off - no loose connection, continuity good on ring...
  10. alasdairp

    Arcing contact problems and voltage measurements - some thoughts

    Hi folks I am retired and only tend to read the weekly summaries. I read the long-winded thread re. the storage heater and MCB tripping (thread now closed) and wished to make a few different comments. (a) measuring voltage on an arcing supply using a normal multimeter (even a true RMS Fluke)...
  11. K

    Dead socket.

    Hi from France, I,m an all round DIY,er so when a mate ask me to bring my electrical tool bag to have a look at a dead socket I did so. With everything switched off I stripped the socket to find that there had been arcing but what confused me was that it was the neutral arcing to earth. I given...
  12. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Kin idiot

  13. Pat H

    Domestic Callout to arcing supplier fuse

    Had a callout on Saturday. Customer had lost power in the night and now had a burning smell and a crackling sound from the "black lump at the top of the supply cable" They'd called another company who quoted £72 for a 30 min visit to investigate but couldn't say when in the day they could...
  14. Pete999

    Resistance explained

    Well I never knew that
  15. M

    Commercial Trainee asking for an explanation on something I found today (arcing cable)

    Hey there folks, just to let you know I am only a trainee, not actually started my NVQ yet but been working with most aspects of the trade for about 6 months now. Today I was working on the roof of a cinema replacing some emergency lights. Whilst up there the spark I am working under...
  16. F

    Domestic Arcing on cu cover screws

    Hello all I have replaced an old rewireable fuseboard an noticed arching on the screws that secure the lid. Obviously it is a metal box. Any ideas what could cause it to arc at this point!! all the tests were ok although the IR readings were low as it's an old place. Just wondered what u...
  17. W

    Racking out breakers

    I have an interview soon for a maintenance company on a drilling rig and 1 of the questions they asks is when racking out a circuit breaker you hear crackling/arcing do you keep racking out or rack it back in?
  18. Y

    Domestic Electric cooker arcing in connection box.

    Hi, yesterday I swapped my working standalone electric cooker into my partners flat in place of their working standalone cooker. Simple job, I simply disconnected both at the appliance and reconnected them in the same way in the opposite properties. However my oven in my partners kitchen...
  19. S

    Using AC isolator for low DC voltage?

    Can I use an AC isolator for 80voc /< 8amp DC off a pair of PV modules? Shouldn't be any real arcing at this voltage or am I wrong?
  20. G

    Old original period light switches , condition report.

    Doing an CR on a very old period property with some very expensive original features. It has been rewired around 10 years ago but they have reused the old original switches, some of which I believe to me 70-80 years old! A few of the switches are clearly arcing when moved so C1 noted. What...
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