1. Yellowhammer

    UK Scheme/scam certificate woes

    Hi, Currently having no end of issues with a NAPIT application. For reference I absolutely have completed work/exams for: C&G 2330 (which I've now been told is as good as worthless) NVQ AM2 Apprenticeship 2391 18th regs EV charging (can't remember the c&g number) 2396 (awaiting certificate) I...
  2. Mike Johnson

    EV Scam today 03/02/2024

    I wondered how long it would take, received this in my e-mail this morning, funny I don't have an electric car? THIS IS AN AUTOMATED EMAIL - Please do not reply, as emails from this address cannot be replied to. Thank you for using DVLA online services We want to inform you that your vehicle...
  3. Moley

    Another scam phone call

    I've just spent 10 minutes on the phone talking to an Asian chap who says I'm registered with his company and my registration needs renewing. What does his company do? They block spam phone calls 🤣 He didn't know my name, who I get my phone through or where I live. I love spam calls. I love...
  4. Spaniel

    Watch out for 300 EICR.

    There is a very active bunch of people offering 300 EICR's in your local postcode. SP in my case. Sky Home Maintenance, clever because if you search this all you get is the satellite TV people, used to be Legislative Property Maintenance and over 3000 companies before that. Have recently...
  5. S

    Countrywide Repairs Offering 350 EICR's IS a Scam. AVOID

    Hey all, First time posting on here. The reason for my post is to warn others about a company called who call themselves Countrywide Repairs Ltd, who are offering a contract for 350 EICR's in a year. Their operation is bloody brilliant. They organise phone interviews, use online contracts...
  6. J

    Countrywide Repairs Agency - Possible Scam?

    Afternoon, i've just been contacted by Countrywide Repairs, they're offering a contract of 350 EICR's in my area to be completed within a year. My worry is there is a contract fee of £3500. Has anyone had any experience with this company?
  7. D

    Is Part Pee fit for purpose / who is policing this scam ???

    So mini rant coming up ... While I am sure the wider majority of sparks follow the rules and certificate and notify their relevant work BUT in recent months I have been to numerous jobs where the customer has had significant wiring additions like new circuits in bathrooms , kitchens rewired and...
  8. Dartlec

    Please warn your parents about the common scam calls, however sensible they are

    Off topic, but just a public information alert to talk to your parents/elderly relatives to let them know of the common phone scams. My mother fell for one today, even though she's still very much with it for 82 and usually pretty sensible... "police officer" from the fraud squad rang her...
  9. F

    New trades career scam?

    Hello, can somebody please offer me some insight to whether I am being scammed or not! I am very concerned after reading some of the things on this forum and online. I have recently signed up for the electrician course with ‘new trades career’. I guess I just want to know if I can definitely...
  10. E

    Those of you who don't join a scam provider, how do you sign off your own work?

    Do you guys work with building control and add the costs on, or do you refuse to take on notifiable work?
  11. Ealdor-Bana electrical training

    Hello i had an interview with a trade college for renewable energy and i have C&G qualifications in domestic electrical installation. ( which is also ) I’m new to doing trade colleges and dont know if these places are scams as they all talk about NVQ...
  12. Gavin John Hyde

    NAPIT leads website? another scam or decent?

    Saw this online and it seems NAPIT are setting up a job leads service and then charging its members for them. not sure how well this will work and if it does then i expect certsure to quickly muscle in on the action and use the NICEIC brand to get some of the market share and money being made...
  13. M

    EICR when not in a scheme.

    Hi guys Just wondering about doing testing when not in a scheme. So I'm fully qualified and also have my 2391-52 and have turned down quite a few side jobs of condition reports. However a few people have now said to me I can do them and use generic test forms and pass these on?? Is this correct?
  14. T

    Another scam

    Considerate Construction -- There's another scam for you the developers/builders belonging to this and paying ??? per year. I told the site agent today as he was panicking as he had an assessment by them that any professional contractor should be doing these things anyway.
  15. SJM1995

    Access Training Center

    Hi, Has anyone used or gone through training/ qualification with Access Training Centers? They appear to offer condensed courses (8-12 Weeks) that can get you certified as a domestic/ commercial electrician. On their website they mention City and Guild certifications, but don’t list the...
  16. S

    Funnyest scam email enquiry ever?

    As title, here it is: Hello, Myself and my family are in the process of moving in to the house we currently live in. The survey has flagged up few issues with some part of the building which they suggest needs urgent attention. We are sure you must be fully booked at this time of the...
  17. 7029 dave

    TV License scam......................

    Got a email today to update details, thought this is strange, payed up in full for the year. So proceeded online address etc, next page card details etc, forget this delete. I am fuming why dont they advise you of this folly.
  18. weevilward

    Odd email - scam? Anyone had similar???

    just received an email that got my spider-sense tingling. The wording is odd, and there is nothing specific in the email like, where they live, or a phone number, or who recommended me. I’ve had mailshots before thanks to being listed on CPS websites and ESR, but never one like this. See what...
  19. Gavin John Hyde

    Beware another scam outfit doing the rounds?

    Just had this message come through via my website. they actually took the effort to fill the form in rather than email direct! they want me to pay £150 to be added to a list on there website and i also note they spell domestic with 2 m's!!! not sure what a roof survey will generate for an...
  20. Pete999

    Oriental looking scam posts

    Anyone still getting them? I had 195 this morning, aren't I the lucky one?


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