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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    NAPIT leads website? another scam or decent?

    Saw this online and it seems NAPIT are setting up a job leads service and then charging its members for them. not sure how well this will work and if it does then i expect certsure to quickly muscle in on the action and use the NICEIC brand to get some of the market share and money being made...
  2. M

    EICR when not in a scheme.

    Hi guys Just wondering about doing testing when not in a scheme. So I'm fully qualified and also have my 2391-52 and have turned down quite a few side jobs of condition reports. However a few people have now said to me I can do them and use generic test forms and pass these on?? Is this correct?
  3. T

    Another scam

    Considerate Construction -- There's another scam for you the developers/builders belonging to this and paying ??? per year. I told the site agent today as he was panicking as he had an assessment by them that any professional contractor should be doing these things anyway.
  4. SJM1995

    Trainee Access Training Center

    Hi, Has anyone used or gone through training/ qualification with Access Training Centers? They appear to offer condensed courses (8-12 Weeks) that can get you certified as a domestic/ commercial electrician. On their website they mention City and Guild certifications, but don’t list the...
  5. S

    Funnyest scam email enquiry ever?

    As title, here it is: Hello, Myself and my family are in the process of moving in to the house we currently live in. The survey has flagged up few issues with some part of the building which they suggest needs urgent attention. We are sure you must be fully booked at this time of the...
  6. 7029 dave

    TV License scam......................

    Got a email today to update details, thought this is strange, payed up in full for the year. So proceeded online address etc, next page card details etc, forget this delete. I am fuming why dont they advise you of this folly.
  7. weevilward

    Odd email - scam? Anyone had similar???

    just received an email that got my spider-sense tingling. The wording is odd, and there is nothing specific in the email like, where they live, or a phone number, or who recommended me. I’ve had mailshots before thanks to being listed on CPS websites and ESR, but never one like this. See what...
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Beware another scam outfit doing the rounds?

    Just had this message come through via my website. they actually took the effort to fill the form in rather than email direct! they want me to pay £150 to be added to a list on there website and i also note they spell domestic with 2 m's!!! not sure what a roof survey will generate for an...
  9. Pete999

    Oriental looking scam posts

    Anyone still getting them? I had 195 this morning, aren't I the lucky one?
  10. Doomed

    e-mail warning - possible new scam

    Watch out for a new dodgy e-mail scam, twice now I have received an enquirey about electrical work - very basic, my availability and that the work is domestic. We reply asking for more details, including contact details. We get an answer along the lines of thanks for getting back, I will send...
  11. D Skelton

    Scam cost reduction

    Just got off the phone to the director of customer relations at Certsure, after a lengthy chat about membership criteria and her trying again to rope me into a meeting up at NIC HQ up in Dunstable, we got talking about Stroma and how the NIC and Elecsa go about justifying their rip off prices...
  12. O

    Emergency services scam doing the rounds again.

    Just got a call this morning regarding this old scam. They say they are representing either the police or the fire service offering a great advertising opportunity, but you basically get sold an advert that doesn't exist and no one will ever see.
  13. O

    Another scam??

    Got this today by email: Congratulations xxxxx. You've got it. Your Business We've been told you've got what it takes to become a Which? Trusted Trader. Dear xxxxxx, We're delighted to let you know that our members have recommended xxxxxxxxxxx to join our Which...
  14. S

    Pheonix contractors federation scam?

    I have been contacted by pheonix about becoming an approved contractor? Has anybody heard anything about them because I think it is a scam? Thxs Sparklet
  15. telectrix


    just received tis email. looks like a scam to get your paypal details so they can rob your bank account. the giveaway is the grammar etc. Hello Member ! This is Automatic Message Generated by System To Let you know that you have to confirm your account your account muse be confirmed because...
  16. G

    SCAM WARNING! please read

    Last night I received an email from a friend of mine saying he was in Belgium and had been robbed,his money,credit cards and airline ticket along with his passport had been stolen.He'd got a temp passport but needed money to pay for his hotel and to get home,and would I help him out the best way...
  17. E


    Hello, I had 3 phone calls from 3 different companies today trying to sell me Ad space in their monthly booklet highlighting the risk of rogue traders. They also told me that if I was to take out an Ad the would only refer me to anyone in my area as a competent electrician. Oh yeah, they also...
  18. G

    scam within a scam?

    Just notified some work to Elecsa and realised I was being charged £3 'per tick' when I got to the part where you 'detail' the work done....naturally when I realised this I only made 1 tick as in my mind the others didnt strictly apply, however this would be a matter of judgement and could cost...
  19. T

    Scam or No Scam ? That is the Question

    Right, Im full time employed by my local council. I also do a lot of work on the side for myself (mostly domestic). Am registered with HMRC as self employed. Have done for 2-3 years now. Never joined a scam, just carried my work out to BS7671, provided a certificate, and never had a problem...
  20. trev

    Another thread about a scam (but not that kind)

    01865653811 Add that one to your do not answer list people. It's an outfit called The Forrester's Fund, they claim to be a children's cancer charity (how low can you go?) who publish a quarterly magazine and for around £200 you, Yes You!, can be the only member of a trade advertising in it. Now...
  21. D

    minimum requirement for scam/racket membership

    Why was it closed

    minimum requirement for scam/racket membership

    so...lats take Napit for example: so if its a minimum of level 3 standard now: NAPIT `2391` level 2 ???????????????
  23. O

    The talking shop scammers are at it again....
  24. D Skelton

    Score 1 to the scams, 0 to the trade :( The government..... Err, no, sorry..... I mean the scam's lobbyists have spoken. Now just to await the UKAS report. Back to square one I think guys :(
  25. darkwood

    Tax Return scam warning !!!!!!

    Got an email saying i had a tax refund of over £900 quid and click to open a pdf...!!! If your get anything similar contact HMRC yourself before opening it is a phising / virus scam trying to get your password and other details.. The Email web address starts off in various forms but always...
  26. P

    Latest on-line scam to watch out for

    Had this in my inbox today - something else to watch out for: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dear Sir/Madam! We have prepared your annual kWh usage report for the year 2013. We have to inform you that your electricity consumption limit has been exceeded. If you wish to use a discounted...
  27. M

    Scam provider

    We'll I had my first assessment to become a qs for the i I work for. Very disappointed no technical questions asked seems like anybody can pass.
  28. A

    To rival the scams

    Forum spawns electrical contractors register and self cert scheme membership. 42,000 members (and assuming most are sparks). Knowledeable and well respected senior members. Some retired and able/willing to provide a technical helpline. Low membership fees. Maybe operate as a cooperative...
  29. S

    Want some fun with a scammer

    Background son looking for new motor ie range rover. I know running costs etc but he is an electrician and therefore by default very wealthy lolol anyway upshot is found a beauty but 10 below the norm . Email sent etc reply in English /Nigerian car in Spain u pay me we ship etc etc etc...
  30. Amp David

    Won't be renewing my scam membership this year

    Finally decided its a load of rubbish and won't be renewing it, Elecsa. Had enough of having to abide by there rules and fork out hundreds on a yearly inspection a chimp could pass. Decided instead to get this new meter, should be the end to all my scam worries.:drool5: Megger 1502 Multi...
  31. S

    Part P scams

    Hi, I'm a fully qualified spark and I've been working "self employed" through agencies for a while now and I'm getting sick and tired of being self employed but feeling as if I'm on the cards being told when I can and can't leave and when I can and can't take time off all to then be pumped with...
  32. M

    Scammer operating in Surrey

    It has been reported to me today that a man wearing G4S uniform claiming to be from the National Grid is going door to door testing gas and electric. The street concerned is Dunally Park, Shepperton, Surrey. In short, this man has cold-called and entered into a clients property. He waved a...
  33. Andy78

    magazine advert scams

    Just got a couple of calls this morning both from blocked numbers, both trying to sell me advertising space in magazines, both had a scouse accent, different magazines ( one a police magazine, one a cancer charity ) When I asked them for a number to call them back on they both gave me mobile...
  34. D Skelton

    Scam schemes: Quick question?

    Does anyone know which regulations a Part P competent person self-certification scheme such as the NICEIC, Elecsa or Napit have to work to? Is it EN 45011, BS EN ISO 17065 or is it both? Also, are either of these standards enforced by statutory legislation? Thanks in advance to anyone who...
  35. R

    scam warning

    BE CAREFUL IF SHOPPING IN ASDA OR TESCO'S Just had this forwarded to Carefulout there Over the last month I have become a victim of a cleverEastern European scam while out shopping. Simply dropping into Asda for a bitof shopping turned out to be quite an experience...
  36. sparkymalarky

    BT Scam - Watch Out!!!

    lads, recently received this on a bakebook email, worth a read just to be aware or to lets others aware of such nastiness :( Received a phone call from BT, informing me that he was disconnecting me because of an unpaid bill.. He demanded payment immediately of £31.00 or it would be £ 118.00 to...
  37. A

    Scam - the phonebook

    Don't anyone get taken in by these scammers. A nice sounding Brummie lady led me to believe she represented 'the phone book', offered me a listing for £125 payable in 6 months, then stole £150 after 3 days, during which time they had sent me a draft ad with most of my details wrong, an invoice...
  38. G

    Scam warning

    Trading Standards would like to warn motorists of a roadside scam reported to Cheshire Police. Drivers have been flagged down by men from a supposedly broken down car. They have either asked the victims for cash so that they can buy fuel or pay for taxi fare. The males have also offered...
  39. R

    Scam courses.Chevron training ie

    I have seen this company website it will make all of ya **** yourself laughing . fixitelectrical might be interested in some of these 3 day courses that cost a grand . have a look at the site and see what yas think :-D
  40. R

    scam questions

    I get the idea behind joint a scam for part p requirements. But what about commercial work? What's the point of been scammed for a commercial job? Reasoning as I'm just starting out on my own and was going to join one of them in the new year ( still working out who best to be scammed by lol)...
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