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Has anyone used or gone through training/ qualification with Access Training Centers?
They appear to offer condensed courses (8-12 Weeks) that can get you certified as a domestic/ commercial electrician.
On their website they mention City and Guild certifications, but don’t list the actual qualifications issued by City and Guilds.
The trust pilot reviews seem to have a lot of poor reviews on the provider and the courses that are offered.
I want to make sure the course is genuine and will get me ready to become an electrician rather than pay £3500 for a bogus course. If anyone has been on this course or can shed some light that would be much appreciated.
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The best course of training is to find a local college that offers C+G 2365. Get that up to level 3, then do an NVQ and AM2.

Personally I used Access Training and did a short course, but I've since been working on the level 3, AM2 and NVQ. If you've got plenty of background knowledge and relevant experience, short courses can be a valid entry point, but if you haven't got any relevant experience, steer well clear.

Go the college route and look for work as an electricians mate.
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Hi Sam. I used Access Training at Edenbridge a couple of years ago now. If you search this site you’ll see my comments which are not particularly complimentary. I did the Logic Certification domestic installer and a range of C&G courses including 2382, 2394&5. I’d whole heartedly agree with SC’s comments above re doing the 2365 route which funnily enough I’m doing at a local college for a fraction of the cost. Enjoy and immerse yourself in the subject. There are loads of other training providers out there which have ranging reviews.
Best course of action is if you're currently unemployed sign on and go to your local college. You get training free to level two or at a greatly reduced rate.

* Get a job as an Electricians mate.
* Find a evening course doing level two electrical installation. Do not buy any books you will most likely be given (Trevor linsley electrical installation at college.

*Buy BS7671 18th edition
* At college do Electrical Installtion level 2
* BS7671 18th edition.
*Testing and inspecting 2392.

When you're finished don't go thinking you're an Electrician because you're not. Only after a good few years on the tools and doing the nvq3 portfolio and AM2 will you be at the standard to apply for your card.

Good luck

PS. I worked with a electricians mate recently who forked out £7500 on fast track courses. He was pretty good with containment but totally wasted his money... And still a mate.
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I did 3 years at local collages still learning. I am a mature student, on site is where I learn , collage just gave me the basics. still learning on site.
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