1. S

    Part P scams

    Hi, I'm a fully qualified spark and I've been working "self employed" through agencies for a while now and I'm getting sick and tired of being self employed but feeling as if I'm on the cards being told when I can and can't leave and when I can and can't take time off all to then be pumped with...
  2. M

    Scammer operating in Surrey

    It has been reported to me today that a man wearing G4S uniform claiming to be from the National Grid is going door to door testing gas and electric. The street concerned is Dunally Park, Shepperton, Surrey. In short, this man has cold-called and entered into a clients property. He waved a...
  3. Andy78

    magazine advert scams

    Just got a couple of calls this morning both from blocked numbers, both trying to sell me advertising space in magazines, both had a scouse accent, different magazines ( one a police magazine, one a cancer charity ) When I asked them for a number to call them back on they both gave me mobile...
  4. D Skelton

    Scam schemes: Quick question?

    Does anyone know which regulations a Part P competent person self-certification scheme such as the NICEIC, Elecsa or Napit have to work to? Is it EN 45011, BS EN ISO 17065 or is it both? Also, are either of these standards enforced by statutory legislation? Thanks in advance to anyone who...
  5. R

    scam warning

    BE CAREFUL IF SHOPPING IN ASDA OR TESCO'S Just had this forwarded to Carefulout there Over the last month I have become a victim of a cleverEastern European scam while out shopping. Simply dropping into Asda for a bitof shopping turned out to be quite an experience...
  6. sparkymalarky

    BT Scam - Watch Out!!!

    lads, recently received this on a bakebook email, worth a read just to be aware or to lets others aware of such nastiness :( Received a phone call from BT, informing me that he was disconnecting me because of an unpaid bill.. He demanded payment immediately of £31.00 or it would be £ 118.00 to...
  7. A

    Scam - the phonebook

    Don't anyone get taken in by these scammers. A nice sounding Brummie lady led me to believe she represented 'the phone book', offered me a listing for £125 payable in 6 months, then stole £150 after 3 days, during which time they had sent me a draft ad with most of my details wrong, an invoice...
  8. G

    Scam warning

    Trading Standards would like to warn motorists of a roadside scam reported to Cheshire Police. Drivers have been flagged down by men from a supposedly broken down car. They have either asked the victims for cash so that they can buy fuel or pay for taxi fare. The males have also offered...
  9. R

    Scam courses.Chevron training ie

    I have seen this company website it will make all of ya **** yourself laughing . fixitelectrical might be interested in some of these 3 day courses that cost a grand . have a look at the site and see what yas think :-D
  10. R

    scam questions

    I get the idea behind joint a scam for part p requirements. But what about commercial work? What's the point of been scammed for a commercial job? Reasoning as I'm just starting out on my own and was going to join one of them in the new year ( still working out who best to be scammed by lol)...
  11. telectrix

    paypal scam alert

    just to give all a heads up. a company calling themselves profitable play ltd. are hacking into paypal accounts and taking out sums between £30 and £50 for non-existant transactions. to be fair to paypal, after a dispute was raised, paypal have agreed to reverse the transactions.
  12. edexlab

    Blue light advert scam

    I'm sure I'm not the first to hear of this but for those who haven't: I was contacted by a man selling advertisement space in a magazine claiming to be affiliated with the Emergency services, the spiel was that they would advertise you exclusively as a trade ie the only Electrician listed, in...
  13. H

    Mixing different makes of CU and MCBs, and annual scam assessment.

    Has anyone out there ever had any problems on their annual assessments, from having used mixed makes of CU and breakers when doing CU upgrades? I know this has been heavily debated and the general sensible consensus is that it should not make the blindest bit off difference, but strictly...
  14. M

    Scam emails

    Hi Guys and Gals :21:, I'm not a regular on this forum but an email dropped into my inbox this morning from a person purporting to be a Mr "John Smith". OK the name failed the first hurdle as did the rest of his email as below: Hello My name is John Smith and I am eager to order some few...
  15. La Poste

    A nice scam

    I don't know if this is true or whether it is Daily mail sensationalism but: Energy companies have been accused of rigging the electricity market to the tune of £600million and forcing every British household to find an extra £25 each to pay for it. The Government believes some providers are...
  16. S

    discrepancy from a scam

    so if your nic registered and you change a DB you have to do tests ze r1r2 on final circuits and zs,s etc put in the box wired by others and if your napit registered ive been told you do ze & zs,s on final circuits only as you havnt wired the property so if someone wires there house DIY and...
  17. S

    no job for scam assesment

    hi all, im due my scam assesment in august, and currently have no large installs to use as my site asses. all ive been getting on the domestic side lately is extra sockets/lights, external security lights, fault finding etc. i know ive got a while yet, and hopefully i'll land a re-wire or at...
  18. S

    Not a scam member???????????

    Just found this on a building notice form (shropshire council) DIY electrics + £180.00 + VAT on inspection charge for all above categories, where relevant except 10 and 11 (no additional charge) and Regularisations (+ £225 - no VAT) - DIY electrics means electrics carried out by someone that...
  19. S

    questions to ask the scam assessor

    I posted my scam day soon what should i ask him feel free to comment this is going to be a laugh!!!!
  20. M

    anyone heard of surecall is it a scam

    Hi got a call from a nottingham call centre " saying they were from surecall and that they had a job for me and would i like the details, amd they started going through the name and number before i could say hang on aminute who are you, on questioning i was aparently the ON Call electrician in...


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