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  1. S

    UK Fuse link

    Hi folks, Can anyone tell me more about a fuse link (I came across several in a communal cupboard today) . Was not expecting this and immediate thought was Bodget and Scarper had been here. Best described as a brass link similar to a piece of galv pipe inserted in place of a BS88..hence my concern!
  2. L

    Hi Folks

    I have just stumbled over this forum and it is just what I was looking for, very informative, So here I am. I started as an apprentice er.. hmm over thirty years ago now . I set off wiring houses then moved into electrical maintenance in factories and for the last eighteen years have worked...
  3. F

    Hi folks - another career changer checking in.

    Hi guys, Just thought I would say hello, my name is Freddie, I am 25 and from Nottingham originally, although living in London now. Been down here about 8 months and moved down here to get a job in business to business sales. I hated every second of it as I was sat behind a desk all day cold...
  4. TonyJohnson

    Hi Folks, everyone has a first day.. Today is mine

    A newbie to the site but been in the game for 13 years... hopefully i can help others as well as them help me... Cheers Tj.
  5. Timbo

    Hello folks, just joined up

    Hello everyone, Been reading the forums for a while, but decided to join up. Looking forward to participating. Tim.
  6. sparksburnout

    Odd things in folks houses.

    How’s this for a light-hearted Sunday thread. Working in a house the other day, went off in search of the customer for a chat, as I walked through his lounge I nearly jumped out of my skin as I was met with a horrendous, deafening screeching noise, I thought it was one of these intruder type...
  7. D

    Hi folks, I'm new to the forum.

    Hi and good to be here :)
  8. C

    Hello folks - newbie here!

    Just joined to ask a quick bit of advice. I am a DIYer and although I don't do much electrical work, I have been known to change a socket or move a light fitting - that sort of thing. Nothing too exotic!
  9. J

    3 phase pizza oven

    Hi, just a quick query about a 3 phase pizza oven folks? The oven is 9 kVA, the run from the board to the isolator is 7 meters swa run in plastic trunking, so I'm calculating; 9 kVA = 9,000 W at near 1 PF (it's an oven so far as I remember it is practically PF 1) 9000 / (root3 X 400) = 12.99...
  10. T

    Working in Germany

    Hi folks,This is a bit of a long shot but I thought I would try. My mate is a painter and decorator and his missus has just got a job in Nuremberg. He has asked me to have a nosey around on the net for any information/places where he can get work. I know it's not electrical work but everytime on...
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