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  1. S

    Possible cause for light switches no longer turning on after smart dimmer install?

    I installed a smart dimmer switch in my dining room, which worked fine. The next day, I installed the same type of switch in my kitchen. Not only did it not power on, I noticed that the light switch in the dining room no longer turns on, and that the light switch in my foyer no longer works...
  2. V

    A Bad 3-Way Switch Can Cause Failure of the Other?

    Can a bad 3-Way switch cause another not to work, thus preventing either switch from turning on the light? Is this always the case? Thanks
  3. R

    relay cause flat battery?

    Hi, Apologies if this is the wrong place for this but want to confirm something. I have wired up a 12v lightbar on my ATV using the attached wiring loom layout, but I have been told by some that this setup will cause the battery to drain/go flat over time due to the relay always having current...
  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Trying to figure cause of tripping

    Done a CU change today, brief testing before hand I knew there was a problem on one circuit, believed to be the element in the immersion tank so put the very low IR readings down to this. Fitted new CU with plumber arranged to look at the immersion, changed it and thought that would be that...
  5. GBDamo

    Flickering LED Fault cause found, I think.

    Have had a recall on an office LED swap out. Some of the panel LEDs flicker for a fraction of a second very randomly. The panels are fed from four three phase DBs, and all the boards and all the phases have aircon(AC) supplies fed from them. Now, some of the AC units are inverted but some of...
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Gateshead street lights cause birth defects???

    Been talking to a customer today when doing some work, He told me about this article on dailymail.... It seems the folks in gateshead reckon the street lights are causing health issues and stillbirths! Seems a bit far fetched if you ask me but i know in america there is a huge court case from...
  7. B

    nightmare split ring

    Called out to house today"no power" front ring dead short switched ring mcb off reset board ,disconnected front grd.floor sockets 2 legs of ring and 1 spur dead short (god knows where spur is connected to ring ) solid floor 75mm approx screed beneath 20mm high quality t&g polished floor boards...
  8. D

    What could cause this?

    Hi This is a junction / isolate / led / fused box that supplies a digital shower mixer. it does not heat water, it just regulates the flow. The shower stopped working and the led was off on the switch. So i opened it to investigate. I was surprised to so so many wires. What would cause this...
  9. S

    305 on the 2365 electrical cause

    Has anyone started this module yet
  10. Gavin John Hyde

    Possible cause for a RCD to die?

    On a job today to add a couple of outdoor security lights. House is currently empty and has been for a couple months due to probate and its about to have a little bit of work done before going on market. The power was off when i got there, turned it on and the RCD is completely dead... it has...
  11. littlespark

    What can cause an invertor to trip the MCB?

    When visiting my parents, I noticed their PV invertor was showing zero W generated. On inspection, I found the MCB had tripped. Is there any reason for an invertor to trip it? Powercut, or power surge? The PV system is rated 3kW, and the MCB is 20A, type C. We checked back the history on an app...
  12. Techgenius

    Introduction cause I'm happy to be in here

    Hi Guys,I am a colledge student taking Electrical engineering in Tanzania.I am happy to be here since I know that this forum will help me increase and gain more electric knowledge.I am having a lot of difficulties in doing my assignments and homework.Hope u guys will cooperate with me and help...
  13. HVManiac

    Can 440VAC cause arc burns?

    I got electrocuted from a small industrial control transformer about 0.150kVA at 440V. I wanted to test if it was working and plugged it into a UPS 120VAC 300W just as safety to run at lower current(mostly an explosion in case I accidently shorted any leads if its on mains outlet due to large...
  14. i=p/u

    Electrical fire

    got call out to fire at property, plug top burned and cable to alarm clock all on fire , circuit on rcbo, what's going on? Dog ---- or what
  15. B

    Seems its not just consumer units that catch fire in london

    Underground electrical faults sent flames up through manhole covers in Hackney see 'Electrical fault' causes flames to burst through manhole covers in Hackney -...
  16. i=p/u

    18v drill

    My drill started smoking (not an e-cig) any of you wise men know if carbon brushes can cause this or is the windings coating breaking down. the brushes are wore but not completely. Small springs push them in and thinking maybe not enough push onto the armature/rotor
  17. J

    something is sucking my battery down!!!!

    I put a new alternator and battery on my 99 f150 and something is still killing my battery.i just bought this truck so i decided to pull radio to check wires,there was alot of loose bare wires back there.can that cause a short and drian a battery over night?
  18. S

    Commercial Emergency lighting fault

    So I went to a job today where the mcb kept banging out on a emergency lighting circuit but once I turned up the mcb and been turned back on! After looking, what I had found it appears most the emergency light fittings lamp were nearly black and one had blown completely, as I went to check some...
  19. B

    Commercial Caravan suppły RCBO

    Hi I haven't posted for a while but I'm having some issues with a caravan park I have recently carried out some work on and washoping somebody may be able to shed some light on the issue. The problem is burnt out neutrals on out going side of RCBO, we have replaced 137 caravan suppły points...
  20. T

    Domestic Shower

    Hi I would like to fit a 10.5KW shower the mcb is 45Amps doing a calculation 10.5KW @ 240V= 43.75A 10.5KW @ 230V = 45.65Amps would this be enough over current to cause nuisance tripping on a 45A breaker
  21. G

    Blairs faults

    He started world war 1 He started world war 2 He was responsible for the Miners strikes He invaded the falkland Islands He invented the Poll tax He started the American banking crises He called a police officer a pleb He started the Bedroom Tax He started the pasty tax He decided to raise...
  22. A

    Problem with a shower

    Trying to answer a question with regards a fault on an electrical shower. The question reads: A fault has occurred on an electric shower , when the shower was turned on a crackling sound was heard coming from the shower, the lights in the room then flickered and dimmed before the shower fails...
  23. B

    PIR Sensor Burn Out

    Hello, Can placing a piece of cardboard over a PIR sensor for a light cause it to burn out? I have been told that the cause of the sensor failing is the piece of card that we placed over it for a while to stop it being turned on; but I simply cannot imagine that an infrared sensor would burn...
  24. J

    Cartridge for mcb/rcd

    Hi, mrs cleaning cooker and pulled knob off to clean underneath, this fell apart and when I tried to put it back together it tripped the electrics, the fuse is an old cartridge style, just wondering if I can replace this for a mcb/rcd? It has 2 slats that run horizontal rather then vertical...
  25. C

    Commercial EICR Code

    Im currently in the middle of a Condition report and i have a defect i cant decide which code to use. The defect reads as follows: DB2/4R Water heater girls WC, 2.5mm 32A radial circuit requires downgrading to a 20A radial. C2 cause it could overheat or C3 as its never going to draw 32A down...
  26. H

    Require Training

    Hi all I am new to this forum and looking for some advice..I am currently doing the 2357 city&guild and I am close to completing the 17th edition but the trouble is I need a bit of hands on training.. I am willing to work for free jus to get a bit of training can anyone advice me what to do.. It...
  27. S

    arc in light switch

    Hi just replaced 4 existing mains downlights ina bathroom with a fan. When switching the light switch off there is occasionally a very quick spark. changed the switch still happens. The lights and fan are only drawing 1.5 amps the most or do i have to take account of the whole upstairs lighting...
  28. P

    IR testing - results creep up!

    Hi all Why is it that on some circuit IR testing, the results shoot up to say 250 M ohms but then creep up towards a much higher value? I know that the results are OK, I just thought it may be some damp somewhere causing the problem possibly. Do you wait for them to stop creeping up or take a...
  29. 2

    RCD tripping dilemma

    Hi all, Cam across a tripping 63A RCD, which is protecting pretty much everything in an office and even the lighting! The first guy who came out seemed to think that perhaps a spur feeding a AC unit was the culprit and proceeded to change it over, but I didn't really see the point in that. I...
  30. R

    Off the shelf RCBO's

    Morning guys, can anyone tell me what rcbos will fit in the place of an old wylex board. The mcbs say NB30 NB05 etc on front face of them. Cheers
  31. I

    adding new circuit

    hello when adding a new circuit (via spare way) to a existing CU with a 30ma rcd main switch (we cant change the board all the time or fit rcbo), do you note as a deviation on cert re (regulation 314) or not write anything ? many thanks
  32. B

    house alarm trouble

    hi all just wanted to know if anyone knows a quick method of silencing a bell box even when the main panel is disconnected and the main battery is disconnected just thought i would ask cause my neighbours are not happy ps im not able to reach the bellbox(no ladders) DOH!!!
  33. C

    Voltage spike

    Hi Can anyone tell me whether a normal rail mounted lighting contactor can cause voltage spikes?We have replaced 4 emergency gear trays on a site in the last week, 2 of them have only lasted 24hrs!!!The new fittings have electronic ballasts.....just trying to find out what's going on!!!!!Have...
  34. A

    TT high ze - rcd tripping

    Had a look at a fault for a mate, cooker kept taking out main 30mA rcd when switched on at cooker switch (no load, just turning on at wall) Disconnected cooker, turned on all ok. Cooker faulty? Had it tested and it was fine. Tested circuit, megger, r1+r2, all perfect. Went to do zs and...
  35. D

    UPS and three way bypass switch...

    Don't know if anyone can give some insight on this: UPS and a three way bypass switch:<br>Position 1 - &nbsp;Normal (UPS Power)<br>Position 2 - &nbsp;Bypass &amp; UPS (Mains Power / UPS On)<br>Position 3 - &nbsp;Bypass (Mains Power / UPS Off)<br><br>What could overload the UPS and cause it to...
  36. S

    Industrial Volt drop effect on appliances

    Hi Guys I have a question regarding volt drop. Some time ago a company I worked for installed wall mounted aircon units around their workshop. They wired them into an existing 2.5mm ring main circuit which was in singles in a truncking. During operation some of the units would cause the...
  37. S

    RCD Tripping and Surge protection devices

    Has anyone come across surge protection devices being the source of an RCD trip at consumer unit ?
  38. D

    RCD Query

    Hi, Am in Spain and we had alot of rain last night. All electrics were tripped out and wouldn´t reset. I isolated the ring causing the trouble, unplugged everything and reset ok. I then started plugging things back in. Eventually the system tripped when I plugged in one of my anti surge mains...
  39. K

    baseboard heaters

    I have 2 baseboard heaters connected to one thermostat and they make a rattling sound. any idea what would cause this?
  40. S

    dangers on type c for domestic help

    im doing inspection on flats and ive came across all 61900 type c rcbo ive recommended changing to type b due to type c for inductive loads . could cause overload what is the general opinon on type c on domestic?
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