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  1. A

    I have a dedicated circuit for my fridge on a 32amp breaker. Is it possible to have the fridge and a separate freezer connected to a double gang socke

    Hi guys, I have a dedicated circuit for my fridge which is on a 32amp circuit and also runs off a fcu. Is it possible to have the fridge and a separate freezer connected to the double gang socket ? So both appliances are sharing the socket . Thanks !
  2. DRM

    UK Where should sockets be fixed for integrated fridge and freezer?

    Happy new year anyone reading this! First thing on the agenda this year is a new kitchen which is being fit by ikea. Part of it is a free standing breakfast bar that has integrated fridge and freezer and I'm wondering where the sockets will need to be mounted for them because there's no wall...
  3. K

    need a spare freezer drawer if anyone have please ? model - Indesit IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 Integrated Fridge Freezer - White IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 F155654

    Hi, i broke my freezer drawer and need a spare freezer drawer if anyone have please ? model - Indesit IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 Integrated Fridge Freezer - White IB 5050 A1 D.UK.1 F155654 Thanks
  4. littlespark

    Lights not working in fridge freezer

    My sister in law has a Zanussi intelli set fridge freezer... I can’t see the model number. No sticker inside, and I’m not moving it to look behind. She changed the lamps herself, but the lights still don’t come on when the door is opened. I’ve had a quick look, but I don’t see a switch around...
  5. M

    Plug availability behind built in fridge freezer

    Hello. We’ve moved into a relatively new house (4 years), and want to get a water softener fitted. However, it needs to go in a cupboard next to a built in fridge freezer. The softener will need a power supply. The fridge freezer has an isolation switch above the counter. My question is, is...
  6. R

    Size of inverter to run freezer ?

    I have a 240v freezer that is rated at 75w I want to run from my 12 v battery bank ( solar ) can anyone tell me what size watts inverter I will need to handle the surge on starting it up, and running it ? And do basic no frills fridge compressors require any particular sine wave to run ?
  7. R

    Inverters running freezer

    I have a large 240v freezer running off a 12 v solar battery bank via an inverter, I would like to have a small backup inverter for the freezer that will cut in if the main one fails, and save all my food. Any one tell me how to do this please ?
  8. littlespark

    Fridge Freezer died. Recommendations?

    Ok guys, I'm sure not your usual points of interest. The fridge freezer?. It lives in the kitchen and the beer is stored inside it. Well, ours packed in while we on holiday. 15 year old hotpoint, so not a bad run. Looking at a Beko, as its in our price range. What are peoples thoughts? We know...
  9. B

    Builder Dave

    Hi Gents, I've recently built an extension onto my mums house... bedroom, wet roon and kitchen. 3 double sockets in bedroom and 4 double sockets in kitchen above worktops... all on a 2.5mm single ring to a Starbreaker CU. Originally all the apliances (combined fridge/freezer and washing machine)...
  10. P

    Domestic Outbuilding appliances

    Hi all, Currently replacing all wiring and the CU in an outbuilding with a new Metal Clad fully wired with SWA. There is currently a tumble dryer and fridge freezer plugged into the same double socket which forms part of a 3 socket ring circuit. My plan was to use a spare way on the CU to have...
  11. yellowvanman

    Loss of supply alarm

    Customer feeds an outhouse via a RCD fused spur. Tripped a couple of times in the last 6 months and because there is a freezer out there potential to not know supply has tripped and lose all thats in the freezer. Anybody had cause to use some sort of alarm in the event of the RCD tripping...
  12. R

    Achieving descrimination with RCD protection

    Split load main CU in the house, all the ways have RCD protection, we now supply the garage/shed from one of those ways and install a neat little 2 way submain in the garage, is there any real benefit in having an RCD in the submain, because the only way to descrim is by fitting an S type in the...
  13. B

    Unsteady Voltage Regulator

    I run a small ecolodge in rural Laos and have a floating restaurant down on the river with several fridges. Being where we are, the electricity supply is patchy at best. It works nearly all of the time but the voltage rises and falls constantly. As a result, I invested in a small 3000 VA...
  14. P

    Fixed Appliance Testing Problems

    Hi Guys I had the joy of testing the kitchen appliances in a new rental. The fridge, freezer and washing machine were all free standing under the worktops and couldn't be moved on account of the floor tiling laid down in front of them. Only way to test was at the individual FCUs. I could only...
  15. S

    rcbo leakage tripping

    Hi guys I have a client whos rcbo keeps tripping, never when I am there and at all times day and night.i have stripped circuit down insulation readings all over 200meg ramp test on rcbo is 21ma . should this be higher or is it ok thanks paul
  16. S

    Fault query!

    My shed has a supply off it's own. Inside is an old 2 way consumer unit, which feeds two circuits one lighting & one sockets circuit. Anyway to cut a long story short, checked the freezer today and it doesn't seem to be working at all. There is power going to inside the connection area but from...
  17. B

    RCD tripping - Hypothetical question

    Ok gents (and ladies), new on here so go easy please! In a couple of weeks I am planning on doing my first CU installation (replace old Wylex fuse box). My concern is the potential for nuisance tripping after the unit is installed, I intend to fully test before fitting the new unit to give me...
  18. telectrix

    today's fault

    RCD tripped. narrowed down to SWA feeding hot tub. never seen SWA connected like this before. armour not earthed anywhere. was supposedly professionally installed. the pic shows a 30mA plug-in power breaker RCD, the type you'd fit to a lawn mower cable! disconnected both ends and IR tested...
  19. richy3333

    New Megger rain cover

    Fed up with those erratic loop tests? Does your 1700 series MFT cry at the thought of rain? Well have no fear, buy the new patented 1700 MFT rain cover! Available now on an auction website near you, priced at £69.99 (terms and conditions applicable, always read the small print, not to be used...
  20. La Poste

    Type B or C RCBO

    Greetings. Friend of mine has a fridge freezer and a standing freezer that need RCBO protection. Both these appliances run off the same socket which is a separate radial so easy to protect as it will only be these two items on this one particular circuit. I am not sure of the starting current...
  21. B

    Domestic Faulty integrated fridge freezer

    Hi all Hope someone can assist? I have an integrated ariston fridge freezer model bcb 3111 that is just over 7 years old. The freezer functions normally. The fridge is cold but not cold enough for milk to stay fresh till it's use by date. I clump of ice forms near the top of the...
  22. C

    Freezer On Rcbo Etc

    Evening, my first post with diagrams knocked up in AutoCAD - hopefully, fingers crossed it doesn't all go horribly wrong! OK, my own kitchen, planning to re-route the ring so all sockets central about the new cupboards etc. The problem: I like the idea of having the freezer on its own RCBO. I'm...
  23. C

    rcd tripping

    Hi All Called in to see a friend today and was asked to check out an rcd fault. The house has a 16th edition board with kitchen, downstairs and upstairs sockets on the rcd side,all on 3 seperate 32A mcb's. He regularly has the rcd trip out which resets straight away and then trips out about...
  24. Golden_Boy

    Seperate Circuit For Fridge/freezer !!

    After returning from Greece after a two week break I found my Kitchen RCBO had tripped.:icon9: However as I had the forsight to provide a dedicated circuit for the freezer all is well.:) Why dont folk heed the advice and do this when having a rewire as a matter of course?
  25. B

    Should my integrated fridge/freezer have an isolation switch?

    Evening all, I've recently moved into a newly-built house and my integrated fridge/freezer does not have a separate isolation switch. I've mentioned this twice to the Site Agent (the chap responsible for building ithe house and controlling the subbies) and he's played it down, pointing out...
  26. K

    Problem - Fridge Freezer Causing Nuisance Rcd Tripping. How Do I Rectify?

    I have traced the nuisance tripping down to the fridge freezer and im wondering how best to go about rectifying the problem and staying within the 17th edition regs. Any ideas would be greatly recieved.
  27. Y

    Freezer Tripping Rcd

    Hi all, I have a TT system at the moment and a freezer trips the rcd on start up. I am rewiring and the old 100m/a rcd board is still on, it works fine on this and starts up, and if you leave it for a few minutes and plug it into the new board afterwards, it does not trip the new board. what...
  28. M

    What breaker for garage feed

    Hey guys just a quickie.... Undecided on what size breaker to use to feed SWA to garage (CCC 28A). Garage only has a light on a 6A MCB and a Radial on a 16A MCB, both protected by 63A / 30mA RCD mainswitch (the usual set up :D). More than likely that a F/Freezer is the only thing that will...
  29. M

    Split dual RCD CCU ?

    Customer has a split dual RCD CCU but wants a dedicated circuit for a freezer.. What would be an advisable way to provide this?? Cheers!
  30. A

    Faulty Freezer

    Hi, I was just wondering if any expert can offer me advice on the following. After a manual defrost of an integrated freezer (CDA CW783) I put the freezer onto fast-freeze, which appeared to working normally. A few hours later the "Sockets" RCD tripped and wouldn't reset. I traced the fault to...
  31. C

    Faulty fridge

    Hi everybody, This is my first message so please be kind :-) I am currently renting out a property and the new tenants when they turned the fridge on it tripped the circuit breaker and there was a burning smell. This happended repeatedly. So i got someone in to have a look who had done some...
  32. L

    Problem with rcd protection - fridge

    Hello, I've got a problem. My house is semi detacted and has a garage which is down the garden. Currently theres a socket inside the garage which is not RCD protected coming from the house. My thought is that it is dangerous and want to change it. but the problem is that we have a fridge-freezer...
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