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  1. jakobw

    SolarEdge Auto-Transformer W/ Sunny Island 6048

    Hi all, First major post here. Have a question for any of you that have experience with SolarEdge systems and specifically their SEAUTO-TX-5000 Auto-Transformer. I'm needing an Auto-Transformer to go between a single 120V Sunny Island 6048 and a 240V Sunny Boy 6000US. Typically I would look to...
  2. Lucien Nunes

    'TA'; Territorial Army, an island in Micronesia or what?

    So I've gone from being 'esteemed' and 'respected' to just 'TA' which I assume means trusted advisor, although I am not sure why we have to be cryptic about it. People who want quick pointers on whose advice to trust are those outside the forum who don't know the contributors, who also won't...
  3. T

    Commercial Running cables to an island

    Could use a few ideas, have this room and I need to get some more PCs in there. Best way I'm thinking is island bench to replace the white freestanding desks. That will be least desk installation work, but I need ideas for getting the cables to that island. Some facts: 1st floor, concrete, no...
  4. Spoon

    Anger after 'hardcore huntress' shoots goat on Scottish island

    Anger after 'hardcore huntress' shoots goat - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-45967845 Now I've never been into hunting, but personally I don't see the problem with the this American actress hunting in Scotland. It's not an endangered species or anything. Now there is...
  5. I

    Electrician Run power to kitchen Island - pyro cable through ufh screed - East London

    Hi, I have an open plan flat and want to get power to a kitchen island. I really want to avoid getting it through a pole from the ceiling. It's a new build approximately 13 years and has under floor heating. I believe it is electrical under floor heating, and from making a drill hole under a...
  6. Strima

    Kitchen Island Socket Outlets

    I don't do a lot of domestic however SWMBO has decided she wants the kitchen sorting out next year. Part of the design is for a kitchen island and I'm looking at options for socket outlets. I don't really want any sockets at the end of units as the risk of kids snagging the cables etc are...
  7. Midwest

    Fixed wiring for Kitchen Island Unit

    Doing a kitchen refurb' at the moment (for my son actually), which has a kitchen island unit, between the kitchen area & dining area. Its going to have one twin socket, mounted somewhere inside and some led tape lighting around the edge of the work top. The supplies come into the unit via...
  8. O

    Circuits to kitchen island under (wet) under floor heating

    Pretty much as the title says - can anyone point me in the direction of guidance what distance I should allow between under floor heating and 2 x cables to an island in a new kitchen. Thanks
  9. R

    Kitchen counter top sockets

    What are the rules for sockets on an island in a kitchen. Sockets to be fitted to counter top. Also are there any recommendations on which sockets to use?
  10. E

    running a cable in underfloor heating

    a kitchen island needs power to it for a double socket, apparently it has a flex with a plug on it, and you just need to plug it in somewhere. and as it'a an island it would mean pugging a socket in the middle of the floor. at the minute theres a blind of concrete on the floor, there is going to...
  11. S

    off grid installations

    We have nothing booked in at the moment, so using the time to research off grid inverters as I have been talking to someone who wants to be 100% self sufficient for all energy consumption. Has anyone planned anything like this before and can you offer any advice on how to scope out such a project??
  12. G

    Thriving Satellite TV business for sale in Crete

    Hi. I'm retiring this year and have a very successful satellite TV installation business for sale. This is your opportunity to escape the rat-race. It's also recession-proof as everyone watches TV! Please don't believe everything you read about Greece - the island is thriving. Property prices...
  13. P

    sockets on kitchen island.

    Hi. Does anyone know if you are able to install a double socket to the side of a kitchen island. Building regs say you should not fit any on kitchen units. Dont really want to carry it out only for the inspector to say take it out.
  14. 5

    central island sockets

    been doing other things to try and get more strings to the bow for the last three years so it has been a while. I am in the process of going through drawings for a large extension, and one of the requests from the custommer is for two sockets on a kitchen central island. The whole kitchen is...
  15. M

    Working in Malta.

    Just out of interest really, has anyone had experience of working in Malta? I've been visiting the Island since being a kiddie, and wondered if our Quals are accepted over there etc. I've had a quick look on google but not really getting much info up. I'd imagine our quals would be fairly...
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