1. I

    Lost transformer for Christmas lights and need help finding a replacement. Thanks :-)

    Hi I'm not an electrician and have no idea when it comes to electrics. I have some Christmas lights at home and have lost their transformer. Here is the information on the wire: lamp type max 6w (334 x 3v/0.048w) transformer: input 220-240v- 50-60Hz Output:24 Vdc 6VA They are the ones that...
  2. C

    Schneider Electric 12 deals of Christmas.

    I’m signed up with the Schneider Electric as recommended by people on here. I’ve had an email from a marketing company who claim I have won a competition in the 12 deals of christmas competition. No links in the email. However logging onto Schneider’s website no longer works, it comes up...
  3. Electrical2go

    UK Merry Christmas from Electrical2Go

    :christmastree::christmastree:We're back on the 2nd January 2020 :christmastree::christmastree: Merry Christmas All 🎅🤶
  4. Lou

    Day 23 Advent Calendar - Christmas Eve Eve!

    Welcome to Day 23 of the Advent Calendar Comp for Today up for grabs:- Bragging rights, basically. Username Tag 'Advent Win' (that'll disappear 1st Jan when we want to forget Christmas) Hat (sent out first week of Jan save us doing it daily) With...
  5. Dan

    Advent Calendar - DAY 24 - Merry Christmas People :)

    Merry Christmas boys and girls. :) Thanks for all those who joined in the Christmas fun over the past few weeks. Today's question is; What's the date you're going back to work? Today's winner will get:- A GoPro-Like Camera Courtesy of (thanks @Electrical2go for all your...
  6. C

    Merry Christmas

    Can anybody tell me,what’s the difference worrying about short circuit conditions on Zs readings that don’t comply,but are protected by a rcbo,difference I’m after are on TN & TT. The Zs would be still high on a tt system like a tn system,when circuit does not comply, maybe the cable would not...
  7. P

    Another Christmas light query

    I have a not so old filament set of lights and as much as it would be easier to bin them and buy some LED they have sentimental value and I'm not sure binning them is terribly "green". The lights state rated at 24V and 18W. I'm not sure if I have the correct power supply but it states 24V 5VA...
  8. Christmas Wishes.mp4

    Christmas Wishes.mp4

    Happy Christmas to all
  9. Lou

    TV Christmas Adverts

    Yes as much as you might hate it Christmas has started on TV And I have spotted a few Christmas adverts on the box! i thought I would make a thread and add to it as I see them come out - still waiting for the biggie John Lewis! Aldi Very Asda 1573120017 This one is my absolute favourite...
  10. Dan

    Forum Themes: Christmas (Green and Red), 'Frozen' (Blues), Nighttime Reading, and Standard - All changed

    (TLDR Version Available - Bottom of the first post) :D Hi people. :) As some of you know I've been playing around with some forum themes / styles. (The colour schemes) So if you scroll right to the bottom of the forum, all the way down, past all the content, and past the footer, you'll see a...


    Hi Guy's. If any electrical company's looking for Electricians for work during CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS' please leave us a message..Looking for work in Newcastle,Sunderland,Gateshead area during christmas break.. Thanks..
  12. Lou

    Sorry to bring it up, but have you thought about Christmas presents yet?

    It is coming up to that time of year again when it is time to start thinking about Christmas presents for your partner. You probably have not got time to start searching what gift to get them so we have done it for you. 1. Tablets are a good option for any member of your family, and they...
  13. Joe Beaven

    Christmas Lights Section Problem

    Hi, I had an electrician install some LED rope lights on Friday. The lights have worked fine until today. Now there is a small section which is not lighting up. They are 220V and IP65 Waterproof. Please can someone tell me how to correct this? Thank you, Joe
  14. HRM-ELEC

    Nice early Christmas present, 2391_52 passed today

    Nice early Christmas present, passed my 2391-52 today :)  Then it's the 18th next after the New year. Anyone know of any good trading providers in the North West? Cheers H
  15. MFS Electrical

    Merry Christmas to you all

    And a Happy New Year when it arrives.:grin: So who else is shutting down for the fortnight this year? :clapping: I can feel the finish line approaching :eyes: starting to feel that festive cheer :yum: It might just be the mulled wine though:dizzy:
  16. S

    Christmas lights transformer rating

    Hi I’ve got a set of filament lamp Christmas lights, which I think is quite old. It is a set of 80 lights, and the lamps are rated at 2.4V, 0.29W, 120mA. The transformer is rated 24V(AC), 0.7A, 16.8VA. It had 8 ballast lamps installed, so I assume 1 ballast lamp for a string of 9 normal...
  17. Dan

    Are you all ready for Christmas?

    Hey guys, Merry Christmas (maybe too early? - I've seen hundreds of trees up so maybe not lol) from me and Lou, and on behalf of the staff, who I can't thank enough for being awesome and covering on all the forums for the past year or so. I've had a lot going on, and it's still going on. So...
  18. J

    Christmas shut down in factories

    Hey, What is the legal position on Christmas shutdowns within factories where some machines are to run on with limited production. There is not enough cover to for all the proposed shift cover; excluding Christmas day, boxing day etc. Is there a legal document to quote. Does the factory have...
  19. Marvo

    Anyone else buy their wife/girlfriend a powertool for Christmas?

    Got wifey one of these for Christmas. I thought it was a nice present, she does a lot of craft work with stone and glass so she was very excited to get it but most other people that heard about it ranged between very sceptical and downright up in arms;

    Christmas wishes and our latest video tutorial

    The Modecsoft Team would like to let you know it is our privilege to do business with you and we appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in us. 2017 has been another year of significant progress for Modecsoft and we couldn’t have done it without your support, so a big thank you to...
  21. Electrical2go

    Merry Christmas all and a fantastic New Year

    Hi All, As a forum sponsor we would like to take the time to thank you for your support. We hope you, your families and loved ones enjoy the festive period and have a fantastic and prosperous New Year. :):):) Cheers, From all at Electrical2go.
  22. Pete999

    Happy Christmas and a prosperous new year

    Just in case I get bogged down over Christmas, Mrs Pete999, and Me would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year. Don't drink and drive, drink sensibly above all enjoy the break.:):tongue::thumbsup:
  23. S

    Its Christmas, show us your trees...........

    Bit small as its only 6ft and the house needs renovating so apologies for the decor, but Hey Ho Ho Ho but its dressed and its up.
  24. K

    Christmas transformer plug l help.

    Hi, I've just come to put up my outside lights and I can' find the transformer plug. And I can't seem to find any one that sells a new one. Can someone point me I the right direction as what exactly I need to buy. The label on the light reads:- LED bulb: 3V, 0.06W Input: 100v-240v, 50/60Hz...
  25. Rosco

    I don’t have to wrap a single Christmas present after this.

    It’s the wife’s birthday today, so this morning my daughters (3 and 14 months) and I wrapped her presents but we couldn’t find any sellotape..... I’m now banned from any Christmas wrapping. :p:D
  26. 7029 dave


    I would like to wish you all, a joyful an peaceful xmas, to staff regular members and new new's, and to Electricians everywhere.!Best regards Dave.
  27. dmxtothemax


    From the colony - :innocent:
  28. Pete999

    Merry Christmas and a prosperous and safe new year

    Before I have far too much Red Wine I would like yo wish everyone a Happy Christmas an as the title says a good new year. good luck everyone staff included, Oh and Tel not too much of that stuff you call beer OK? :p:D:eek::oops:o_O
  29. telectrix

    Christmas spirit

    just drove past the local pub. ambulance outside, stretchering a bloke out of the pub. reliable sources at the bar confirm that he's been drinking john smiths smoothflow extra cold. obviuosly there's no hope for some.
  30. UKMeterman

    Electrical landscapes

    Hi, A twist on the standard landscapes, an idea on some pics and try to guess the location.
  31. D

    MK LN5932 mcb

    Looking for one of these for a job. Customer wants to avoid paying out for a new CU and tbh I don't have the time to fit one before Christmas anyway. Any help appreciated.
  32. B

    Christmas adverts

    Well we get new ones every year anyone remember "ticker ticker timex la la la" Well it aint christmas till the coca cola advert comes on itv. Well now we have an english version by cadburys! Well we would have but cadburys is owned by Mondelez (kraft foods an american company) Does this look...
  33. Pat H

    A different type of xmas ad

    In view of Brexit and the rise of Trump a great video on just how we all fund the hate press.
  34. H

    Durham/Newcastle Area - Experience Wanted

    My uncle's struggling a little with his back at the minute, and therefore he's knocked Saturday's on the head for now, and that was my source of gaining experience (as well as a little pocket money :whatchutalkingabout) So, it's time to post and see if my situation suits anyone. I work 8-4...
  35. O

    Ebay - cheeky seller!

    So I ordered something off a new vendor yesterday (not work related) and have just received an update to confirm shipment - all good you think.... but the email contains the following: "please remember to leave positive feedback and 5 stars." Cheeky bxggers, nobody tells me how many stars to...
  36. K

    Who's working Christmas Day

    Who has drawn the short straw and ended up working Christmas Day. im on call Boxing Day and New Year's Eve
  37. R

    Can someone work this out for me

    Hi sorry to bother you guys. I am stuck on this question hope you can help Question A 3KW,230V storage heater is supplied by 15m of multi-core 70 degrees PVC cable clipped direct to the wall. Protection is BS EN 60898 type C circuit breaker. Ambient temp is 30 degrees. determine the 1 Load...
  38. F

    Opportunity to meet Gregg Barker and show him some Xmas spirit?

    For free. * Micropower Council Christmas Reception * Minister of State for Climate Change, Greg Barker to speak * Evening of 19th December 2011, House of Commons Terrace * * The Micropower Council is pleased to announce our 2011 Christmas Reception will take place on 19th December...
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