1. SWD

    Dewalt Wall Dog Screws

    Tried them out yesterday as I had a couple of Wiska boxes to attach to a garden wall, tell you one thing they too the job. £6.50 per 100 + VAT from TLC.
  2. 123

    Forget screws, this is the new way to secure back boxes to walls

    Silicone! And lots of it. Not a screw in sight.
  3. Leesparkykent

    One for the oldies...Black jappaned screws

    I'm wondering what was the benefit of using these?
  4. R

    M3.5 security screws

    Having to blank off several socket outlets in rented property. To discourage tenants from opening up and reconnecting sockets I want to use security screws to fix the blanking plates. Any ideas where I can get some security type M3.5 accessory screws?
  5. Adie moore

    4mm alan head screws

    in this image of an isolator the screws to tighten down on to the tails were 4mm alan heads. I wasn't happy at all, am I wrong? As far as I can see the main thing with am3 was to do with consumer unit fires which 9 times out of ten are due to bad connections. with this isolator I don't know how...
  6. H

    Replacing 60's socket compatibility problem

    Hi I need to replace this grubby looking socket shown in the photo with a modern one with usb connection sockets but the internal lugs in the metal pattress box (designed for four screws not two) get in the way and there is a 5mm gap Other than hacking it out and replacing, is there any neat and...
  7. H

    Mounting bracket on brick wall

    Hi, I've been having difficulty mounting a bracket on a brick wall, the bracket needs to be able to hold 15kg and comes with sleeve anchors but for some reason they don't seem to hold. I've bought replacement sleeve anchors and these also do not hold (not sure why as I'm drilling the right size...
  8. telectrix

    Is this a record

    2 hours to replace a number plate light bulb. corroded screws meant stripping out the tailgate internal panel, dissing the lights and locking mech, removing the 4 nuts holding the external plastic light housing. bench work then, using multitool, narrow-nose pliers, WD40 and any other bits that...
  9. charlie76

    Light Switch Back Boxes with no earth terminal

    I am working in a property that has the old steel painted switch back boxes that have no earth terminal. Came to light when testing R2 on the switch faceplate screws and got open circuit reading. Earth is present but just sleeved and folded over in the back box. I intend to ring crimp the earth...
  10. happyhippydad

    Click, Hagar or MK?

    I'm a bit fed up with crabtree (specifically their 2g sockets) which has been my choice of white accessory . I have just had a few where the screws are rounding off in the socket (just on the line conductor but that is probably coincidence) and this doesn't fill me with confidence about the...
  11. Stu Harling

    DeWalt Wall Dogs For Sale

    Hi, I have 27 packs of DeWalt Wall Dogs surplus to requirements. A mix of white and chrome heads, dome and countersunk. (100 per pack). These are All-steel. Can be used in most base materials including concrete. No pre-drilling required in wood or plasterboard. Suitable for installing fire...
  12. VoltzElectrical

    Megger 1553

    I already read the thread on this but the answers didn't help. I need to get my !553 apart and have taken the 4 screws out. The unit will start to part but there appears to be something holding the two halves together at the top. Does anybody know how to open one of these up? I spoke to Megger...
  13. N

    EICR code

    Hi can someone confirm what code you would give metal light and sockets with no flying earth to the back box. Lights are on a non RCD side of the board so was unsure if it's a C3 cheers Neil
  14. N

    Domestic Favourite brand for sockets?

    Hi all, Just interested in what everyone's favourite brand for sockets is with regards to looks and quality. I prefer the look of MK and find Crabtree easier to connect.
  15. happyhippydad

    Screwfix sale on Timco screws..

    I wouldn't normally bother putting up any screwfix 'deals', but this one is VERY good if you fancy buying in bulk or live near a screwfix! It looks like it's just on some 'Timco' screws, so you can either follow the link supplied below, or go to the screwfix website and type in 'timco' and then...
  16. J

    Varilight Power Grid switch install problem

    Hi, I've got the below... - 40558 Varilight XDQPG4 4-Gang PowerGrid Faceplate White - 90137 Varilight Z3PGRID4 4-Gang PowerGrid Gridplate - plus 4 switch modules The switch modules fit the grid plate fine, no issue here. Literature says grid plate fits into a standard UK...
  17. happyhippydad

    IP 55 Enclosure from screwfix! code 33991

    I have just used 11 of these boxes with SWA terminations They are awful and I dont want someone else to have the same problems I did. They seem ok, quite sturdy and the price attracts you, however one or two of the screws snapped when doing up the front cover and then MANY more snapped when...
  18. F

    Could someone please tell me what these are called/where to find them.

    I had to take a switch off the wall and when I came to replace it the screw will no longer bite, it appears the thread in yellow bit shown in the picture has warn down. If anyone could let me know what they are called so I can replace it I will be very thankful. Cheers
  19. the pict

    Old style MK sockets

    The old MK sockets with 4 fixing screws any one know if they are still available, or would the original back box have two side lugs, I cant remember as I have never had the occasion to look, I have a few to replace and trying to avoid plaster damage on a solid wal Pict
  20. J

    Plastic lugs on switch back boxes...

    Morning comrades. Is one obliged to change above back boxes for metal lugged versions. Obviously the plate screws won't be earthed but are insulated by plastic lugs. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance.