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  1. Z

    Suitable Ballast For Osram G23 HNS S 9 Watt Puritec Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps

    I am trying to design an emergency prototype opensource air purification unit for use in hospitals. I bought 4 Osram G23 HNS S 9 Watt Puritec Germicidal Ultraviolet Lamps bulbs and bulb holders Vossloh Schwabe 35006 PL 5,7,9,11W G23 TCS 2pin lampholder - bulb and lamps fit, but I can not find a...
  2. Z

    Are my x2 2.5sqmm cables suitable for a 5kW E/W system?

    Hey guys, Firstly just to say that the PV system is being installed by a certified company/electrician, so this query is just to satisfy my own curiousity really. Also I’m based in Ireland and I know our regs will be slightly different. As I was slowly renovating my house I had in mind that I...
  3. M

    Suitable cable

    Hi to every one, would it be possible to know which electrical wire would be suitable for a 6A MCB taking into consideration that the distance from the consumer unit to the device is 15 to 20 mts approximately, I am in doubt if this cable might be 1.5mm, 2.5mm or perhaps 4.0mm. I am installing a...
  4. W

    I want to join an 8mm flat twin cable to a 6mm round twin.

    I am looking to join 2 cables for an outside security light. The mains cable on the existing light is 8mm flat twin. But the new light is a 6mm round twin. I can't rewire as it goes into the wall to the socket. So was looking at an ip66 connection. But can't find one that does both sizes. Any...
  5. B

    Solar Where to purchase 2 pole DC Contactors suitable for switching 20-25amp 600volt DC PV array preferably with 230volt AC coil.

    I am trying, with little success, to purchase 2 pole DC Contactors suitable for switching 20-25amp 600volt DC preferably with 230volt AC coil. I require these for switching the supply from PV array. If you are able to supply or suggest where I might be able to get them I would be most grateful...
  6. C

    RCD fused spur suitable or not?

    Good Evening All, I have been asked by the family of some elderly neighbours to install a socket in an understairs cupboard for a small chest freezer and add a lighting point in the same cupboard. Installation is protected by a Wylex 3036 rewireable board so had no rcd protection and the...
  7. D

    Domestic Choc Bloc - Suitable for extending cable to light fitting?

    Hi, I would like to move a light fitting and switch. The switch, about 20cm, the light fitting, about 60cm. I've been looking online and found a product call the choc bloc, would that be suitable for my needs? The cables are in the attic under the insulation material currently. Some previous...
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    sensible price for one of these or suitable sized alternative?

    Customer needs one of these changed for an elderly relative. Found new versions by Mk themselves for the old one but at £30+ hoping to find a more affordable alternative. Anybody know of other makes that fit the dimensions? or better still sensible priced MK ones?
  9. robd

    Looking for spotlight suitable for used fireplace

    Hi all, Got a customer who is having a wood burning stove fitted and wants some kind of light inside the chimney to light it up. I said it will need to be heat about to start looking but does anyone have any suggestions please?
  10. Jackflash

    suitable cable for catenary

    Hi all, I've been asked to supply a large outbuilding thats to be used as offices via overhead catenary wire. The suspended length is about 50M. Does anyone have experience with this? My plan was to erect a telegraph pole half way and use 25mm 2 core SWA. Would something like split con cable be...
  11. Jackflash

    suitable cable for catenary

    Hi all, I've been asked to supply a large outbuilding thats to be used as offices via overhead catenary wire. The suspended length is about 50M. Does anyone have experience with this? My plan was to erect a telegraph pole half way and use 25mm 2 core SWA. Would something like split con cable be...
  12. G

    Suitable RCBO for old GE consumer unit

    Asked to replace a faulty electric shower and found there wasn't a RCD for the shower circuit. Looks like it's GE with a Proteus main switch and one Harok RCBO. Does anyone know if you can get GE RCBOs for this CU or are there any suitable alternatives, I'm not sure if the Harok RCBO is suitable?
  13. littlespark

    Suitable dimmer switch for LED downlights

    I just completed a job for neighbour through an insurance company and main contractor. I was asked at the beginning to put in LED downlights in the kitchen, bathroom and en-suite as an extra. All done. My neighbour is asking now if I can put dimmers on the downlights?. I should be... they are...
  14. Pete999

    Cant find a suitable non electrical forum

    You all saw mypost about a volunteer job I did yesterday, there were two grab rails I was reluctant to fit as the walls were plasterboard and stud work, simple fix you will say, but the rules of the game are "try not to damage the building fabric" and explain to the client why you can't do this...
  15. Marvo

    Suitable replacement for antique switches

    I have a client with a house full of these switches and I need to find a suitable replacement for several of the porcelain switch modules. Any ideas?
  16. Electron

    How do I make antique lights suitable for outside use?

    A Customer has decided to buy a pair of outside lights from a salvage shop. Whilst they look nice I need to find a way to make them suitable for external use. IP44. They want dimmable LED. Also need an earth connection as made from aluminium. Pictures attached. 210mm diameter. 100mm high (top...
  17. S

    Newbie Here. Need help With Suitable Training Courses

    Hi All Complete newbie here. I'm about to go to the correct section and ask everyones opinion on which training courses are available to me in my profession, but I'll give you a brief glimpse into what I'm looking for. I'm 42 and for the past ten months have been working as a mechanical field...
  18. W

    Driveway Lights

    Hi All, My Customer want electric lights down the drive, approx. 60M. 6 lights in total. Not a problem until I saw the lights, Pillar lights which have a transformer on them with a standard plug. Usually I would put the transformer inside the light column, cut the plug off and hard wire but with...
  19. S


    Thanks for the welcome dan alright fellow troops couple of small things to ask. what's best to use for wiring outside lights other than conduit or sea was thinking fp but a friend told me it failed at a job he looked at, thoughts??
  20. J

    240v Fan in zone 1

    Hi folks new to this but have a question . What are the circumstances that have to be met to fit a 240v fan in zone 1 . I have read that it's acceptable if the fan is ipx4 rated and is on a rcd. I've read that if the manufacturer states the fan is suitable for zone 1 and rcd protected then it is...
  21. P

    Single Core 230Volt Supply??

    A farmer client has a supply cable going underground from the DNO's kennel to a large barn converted to stables with power and light. The cable is fed from a 30 Amp switch fuse and a preceeding 30 mA RCD. In the barn, I noted that though the power and light were on separate 2.5mm and 1.5 mm...
  22. M

    Domestic Replace time clock with double socket.

    A guy asked me to replace a domestic timeclock with a double socket. Is it OK to simply throw the new socket onto that circuit (seeing it is not being used any more and there is only one socket going to be used?
  23. K

    factory rewire help

    hi everyone im currently looking at updating a board in a factory with bs88 fuses in it can anyone reccommend a board and overcurrent protective devices that would be a more suitable replacement? the out going circuits are ok and up to date thanks
  24. J

    Domestic 10w tv battery

    Hello, I recently bought a 10w 12v 7" TV, but it doesn't come with its own battery. So would it be possible to connect it to a 12v 7,2ah ups battery without any tv damage? Thanks for your availability regards
  25. R

    6491x Singles in a PVC flexible conduit....

    Gents, Is there a regulation on NOT been able to use singles in a pvc flexible conduit over a short distance i.e 1M. - and your thoughts please. This example would be on a commercial installation. Thanks
  26. S

    Dimmer Selection Wisdom

    Hello, I wonder if someone can help me here. My understanding is : Leading edge dimmers are suitable for mains GU10 halogen lamps, but need to be down rated 75 to 50% to cover the load. Leading edge dimmers are not suitable for GU5.3 / Mr16 low voltage lamps. Trailing edge dimmers are...
  27. S

    125 a changeover switch required

    Hi gents, i need to install a 4 pole 125a 220vdc changeover switch from a battery supply to ups supply to a loadbank and i am having trouble identifying a suitable switch for this purpose-# could anyone advice of a suitable switch please. Thanks
  28. C

    Replacing discontinued Suntech panels

    Hi, I need some help please to replace storm damaged Suntech STP245S panels on an existing installation. The array is connected to a Sunny Boy 5Kw inverter set up as 2 x 20 panels. There are about 6 panels smashed, but with Suntechs discontinued I need to find some suitable replacements. I'd...
  29. happyhippydad

    Which conduit and which cable for underground?

    I am going out to view/quote for a job tomorrow which entails putting up some lights along a long driveway (earth). I have only had a brief chat with the lady so until tomorrow have very little information. She did say that her husband has already dug the trench and laid some conduit for the...
  30. linuxthefish

    Domestic Inline switch on laptop charger?

    I've picked up a 6 amp inline switch today, the type that is used on lamps. MLA 1250 - 6 Amp Inline Double Pole Lamp Switch - Pack of 20: DIY & Tools Can I use this switch on a laptop charger plugged into an awkward socket to switch it off when the laptop is not being used? It...
  31. S

    Hand Dryer

    Hi there Been asked to look at replacing hand dryer is campsite toilets. Looking online for suitable ones, and found one that says suitable for ZONE U Where is Zone U Thanks
  32. B

    Unusual Halogen Transformer help.

    Hi, I've joined to pick the collective brains on here:wink5: I've got a lighting set up bought from Habitat a few years ago. It consists of a big drum transformer, it has two steel wires which span the room and five halogen bulb holders attach to this. It appears the transformer died the other...
  33. B

    Domestic Shower Isolator

    Have to do a job next week that involves fitting new shower, cabling isolator and standalone shower CU, as unable to update old main CU. Question is they don't want a pull cord as an isolator, loft space is not really possible, they would like a switch for shower on wall by door, Inside the...
  34. mhar

    Dimmer rating not making sense

    Went to a house the other day as dining room lights not working. 4 x 40/50w gu10's on a dimmer, dimmer faulty. Looking round the house there was an incredible amount of incandescent lighting mostly on dimmers so I suggested to customer that it may be worth spending an extra couple of £'s on the...
  35. S

    Domestic Help please with PIR Occupancy detector

    Hi All, Sam here, first post in the forums although I have been reading them for some time now. I have been given a small job of replacing a PIR detector in a bathroom which is used to switch on/off the ceiling lights. The previous installer connected a large plastic pir detector usually...
  36. S

    Feeding a out building 77mtrs

    Hi All, Am installing a ring circuit of 5 sockets,10 x 5ft twin flourescents & 6 x 400w pir flood lights into a outbuilding used for storage. I am thinking a 10mm 3 core swa will be suitable. The run is 77mtrs. Am going to stick a 40amp RCBO at main fuseboard and a rcd board in...
  37. D

    Emergency lighting key switch

    Is there any reg on emergency lighting should be on a key switch in bs7671, I know of it coming up in bs5266.
  38. N

    Commercial Kitchen

    Hi Everyone We have been asked to install suitable lighting in a commercial kitchen, the lights are to be mounted under a Stainless steel extractor canopy to light the stove areas so will be subject to heat and cooking steam & vapour. Has anyone got experience of this and can suggest a...
  39. F

    16mm Tails CU 10m away domestic any advice please

    Domestic 1st floor flat, TN-S, 6mm MAIN CPC, 60A Fuse. Tails at the mo are 16mm from Meter Head and run up a wall & in a loft space then down to BS3036 populated Fuse Board 60A DP switch, no RCD. I will upgrade Main CPC to 16mm anyway as I'm looking at changing this to 17th edition CU. Total...
  40. T

    240V Bathroom extractor fan in zone 1?

    My electrician says he can't sign off the installation in my new loft conversion because the 240V extractor fan is in zone 1 (directly above the shower), and hence violates the Regs. He says the easiest option is to replace it with a 12V one, and locate the transformer remotely. Disappointed, I...
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