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  1. MrTapster

    Domestic Socket ring main causing flickering lamps

    Hi all To start off, there’s been no work on the ring main for 8 years or so. (Other than having a smart metre fitted about 12 months ago) Yesterday afternoon I noticed a buzzing from a plug socket. I unplugged what was plugged in thinking it was the appliance and didn’t think anything more of...
  2. G

    Led batten, one flickering.

    Put up three new led battens in the workshop and after a few weeks one of them is flickering. They are all on the same circuit , single switch and no other problem lights in the house on same mcb. Lighting is not currently rcd protected but cu is due for an upgrade. I'm training to be a...
  3. Y

    Flickering led panel light on 3 phase

    Lights flicker when there is a 3 phase load plugged in. Same lights do not flicker on different phase. Lights are led panel lights.
  4. H

    Can anyone explain why this would occur

    Good evening all I'm training to become and electrician and last week I came across an issue when we were attending to some outside lights. Basically the scenario was there was two outside lights:one was a small upright bulkhead fitting with an inbuilt photocell and pir this brought itself and...
  5. L

    Dimmer led flickering

    Afternoon, i just replaced light switch with click vpsv140 dimmer switch alongside megaman led 40W bulb. If i have the switch midway, bulb flickers and i can hear electrical buz. Tugg test, cables secure so its not a loose connection. Switch all the way up/down perfectly fine. No noise...
  6. Marcus Vaughan

    Domestic Flickering lights, tripping RCD and voltage at consumer unit...

    Hi All, I have just been to a property to fault find a tripping RCD. Lights are flickering. All a bit strange. Vacant property - no loads plugged in. TNCS. The RCD protects socket circuits, CH, garage etc - but not the lights. Anyhow, I tested the the RCD - no problem. I turned off all the...
  7. Simon-0116

    Flickering light, tripping rcd

    Customer has rcd which keeps tripping in no pattern. Split load board 16th type rcd on sockets cooker shower. Ze and as good, Ir test shows all clear apart from boiler circuit. Disconect cable into boiler wiring centre and all good. Ln+e at 250 v on boiler wiring centre and low reading of...
  8. S

    New dimmer switch - light in other room started flickering?

    Hi there! I just replaced my kitchen light with the following and all was fine: Wickes Kazbah 4 Bar Spotlight - 4 x 50W | Wickes.co.uk - https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Kazbah-4-Bar-Spotlight---4-x-50W/p/195430 Then I added this dimmer switch to dim the lights above: Wickes Dimmer Switch 1...
  9. F

    Security light flickering on and off and now not working

    I have quick question. One of our security lights started flickering on and off on the day we had that heavy rain. We switched it off and then back on the next day but now it doesn't work. As soon as u switch light ON, bulb comes on and then goes off after like 2 seconds. But then that's it. It...
  10. G

    Shower on Ceiling Light Flickers - advice needed please

    Hello, I am not an electrician. I don't normally post on forums but I'm at breaking point with this situation and require some advice please. Our new shower was installed earlier this year. Since it was installed when you press the new shower on the ceiling light in the bathroom flickers...
  11. L

    I need some advice on how to fix a flickering neon sign & also how to install an on/off switch

    Hi, I am pretty stuck with this so I would hugely appreciate any tips! I am not an electrician. I designed a neon sign piece for a commercial property in USA: (image 1) It has two neon transformers powering 4 tubes in total. (image 2) The transformers then connect to a voltage converter...
  12. G

    Flickering LED Fault cause found, I think.

    Have had a recall on an office LED swap out. Some of the panel LEDs flicker for a fraction of a second very randomly. The panels are fed from four three phase DBs, and all the boards and all the phases have aircon(AC) supplies fed from them. Now, some of the AC units are inverted but some of...
  13. L

    Cheap Halogens Occasionally Flickering

    Hello, Had a call-out today for a lady who was concerned about 'flashing' lights throughout her house. The 'flashing' happens about once every 10 minutes, and the lamp essentially goes off for a split second. The issue happens across both of the lighting circuits. I've checked at the board and...
  14. D

    Flickering LED bulb when off

    Hi all, I have a single new LED bulb fitted today and when I switch it off, it keeps flashing on every 2-3 secs. After a while, the flashing dims, but still flickers. The circuit seems to be simple - no 2-way switching. Incidentally, I previously had a CFL bulb in this fixture and it didn't do...
  15. 8

    Flickering LED downlights on 2g2w switch

    Hi everyone , was wondering if anyone has had similar problems with led downlights ? Details are as follows .. Converted 1g1w switch (which fed a fluorescent )to 2g2w switching using 3 core + e strappers and installed 21 downlights , 11 on 1 switch and 10 on the other. . they flickered , so...
  16. E

    GU10 LED flicker

    Looking for advice/pointers. I have installed client supplied GU10 LEDs in a warehouse. Client reporting flicker from LEDs. Installation is 3 phase, lights in question are on 2 different phases. Have heard and read about EMI, any help appreciated. My apologies if this issue has already been...
  17. D

    Flickering switch light

    Hi all, Please have a look at this video and see if you might know what could be causing the flickering.. A brief description of the supply layout of the property are outlined in this thread...
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