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  1. T

    Flickering downlights

    Hi :) I'm currently renovating my outbuilding. My electrician has fitted 10 conduit LEDs (that support both leading and trailing edge) and x4 Meanwell PCD-40-350B LED drivers recommended by my lighting supplier. These drivers apparently support leading and trailing edge Triac dimming. The...
  2. Mark Wright

    LED flickering in cold staffroom

    Most of the replaced halogen lights are flickering something terrible until the room warms up? Never heard of this. Any ideas? O and there GU5.3s
  3. B

    Flickering LED lights

    Hello all- I hope this is the right place to ask this question. A few weeks ago the LED lights in the kitchen started flickering intermittently, mostly when first turned on in the morning. I changed the light switches in case of dimmer compatibility problem but flickering continued and also...
  4. Z

    Sporadic light flickering

    I am not an electrician but am looking for some advice as to how to fix my sporadic light flickering problem that has come and gone for the year and a half I have lived in my house I have LED lights throughout the house that generally provided steady lighting, but a few times a day they will...
  5. T

    Flickering LED Spots Why?

    I have purchased spotlights as below, but they are flickering when I dimmed them down to around 15-20%. We have installed 8 x ALUSSO LED Recessed Ceiling Lights, 7W 580LM LED Downlights Dimmable, 30MM Ultra Slim Round Black Spotlights https://amzn.eu/d/6MQuB9Z We are using this dimmer which...
  6. Boogedy Bob

    Unusual Flickering lights

    Hello, I added a 240v insta hot water heater at the kitchen sink. When the water heater is in use the lights in the adjacent dining room flicker when the heater goes off. There is nothing common with either circuits. The dining room lighting and the heater are separate individual home runs and...
  7. D

    Lights flickering on one circuit

    Hi everyone. I live in an older home that still has a few circuits with aluminum wiring. One of these is a lights-only circuit that contains 6 switches. All connections appear to be fine. Proper connectors and antioxidant were used for joining aluminum wires and pig-tailing copper to some of the...
  8. T

    Flickering power to half the house

    Hello everyone! I'll start by saying an electrician is going to be called on this one, but I'm so curious as to what might be going on I just wanted to pick some brains. About 6 months ago, we started getting a little flicker in the all the lights in the house. Nothing big, and didn't think much...
  9. W

    Power supply issues - flickering / electrical noise etc

    Hi Looking for some advice please. Keep having issues with flickering lights, some devices such as dehumidifier "stuttering" because power supply appears to be poor. All the internal wiring in my property has been checked in the past and any issues fixed e.g. new RCD consumer unit, earth...
  10. I

    Flickering LED room lights in a new house my son is having built.

    My son is having a new house built. The electrical wiring is almost complete but a problem has been detected. Some of the rooms LED lights flicker when lights in other rooms on other circuits are switched on or off. His electrician has not been able to find the problem. Some lights are on...
  11. S

    Need advice removing flickering from AC LED spotlight, if it only has one sine wave available.

    Good afternoon! I've recently wired a lighting system, where one light switch (a motion sensor) turns on two lights, but another motion sensor switch turns on just one. Here is my wiring schematic: (In the schematic, the transformer connects to a 12V LED and the spotlight runs on 230V mains.)...
  12. B

    Led lights on dimmers are flickering in whole house

    I have the typical LED on Dimmer switch. All the lights flicker in my house are very inconsistent times. By let me clarify by saying all the lights:):) Every LED that is in a dimmer switch all flash at the same time, same everything (time, consistency, rhythm). Here are the facts. 1.) One...
  13. R

    Flickering lights on separate circuits

    Evening All, Strange one so after a bit of advice. Got called to a customer this evening who had their boiler repaired after the circuit board got fried supposedly after a power cut when the supply was restored. They were told they needed a switch fused spur fitted as there was no way of...
  14. T

    Random downlight flickering

    Hi Ive never seen this issue in 35years in the trade and wondered if anybody has any idears. The property is a new build and the installation fitted by myself. We have 26 Aurora cx7 downlights on 3 seperate circuits and controlled by various switching configurations. All dimmer switches are...
  15. A

    LED lights flickering and going out

    Hi all, just joined the forum, have a weird problem, wondering if I could get some ideas. We built our house about 6 years ago. The downstairs was professionally wired, I wired the upstairs, when I finished that part of the house. All our ceiling lights are LED's. A while back, one of the...
  16. M

    Flickering Lights Issue

    Hi Guys Looking to see if anyone has had the same issues. I went to a tennanted property last year where the house lights were flickering and all circuits were playing up and tripping the Board protected by 1 very old RCD which was the cause of the issue. I changed the Board to a new RCBO...
  17. H

    Flickering Lights when appliance starts/runs

    Average house in California, 1400 square feet, totally rebuilt 14 years ago. Turn on some appliance and watch all the lights in the house flicker; happens with washer, dryer, furnace, disposer, etc. Check the voltage in the plugs and instead of 120 VAC, I get 104 Volts or 136 Volts, sometimes...
  18. kreatiff63

    Flickering lights (am I using the correct thickness of wire?)

    Using a tuturial from a college lecturer, I've installed 2 way lights in our hallway. The cable I've used is 1mm lighting flex (2 core). The process I've used is taking the power to the switch. So I've used the permanent line from a neighbouring switch (4 gang) and connecting this to L2 where it...
  19. T

    Flickering LED Bulbs

    Hi, hopefully this is a quick one, in my new house I inherited a bathroom mirror with 4 small bulbs in it. This is hard wired to the main lightswitch. When I first turned it on with new LED Bulbs I found that they were flickering. I took the mirror off the wall to see how they were wired. It...
  20. I

    LED light fixture flickering after changing switches

    Hello everyone, I recently changed a 3-way normal switch to a smart one (Kasa HS210). Both are not dimmable. The LED light started flickering after that. The problem remained even after I replaced the old switch back. I have tried tightening all the connections and wire nuts. These are the...


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