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  1. The_apprentice2.0

    Colour changing down lights?

    Hello Everyone, Got a small job in the pipe line (fitting 6 down lights), made the mistake of asking the client does she want warm white or cool white. To which she responded she wants them multi colored, controlled from a remote and not her phone. I've came across similar on my travels but...
  2. R

    Hob Wiring

    I am changing my hob and the old hob has three wires connecting to a terminal block Red (Live) Black (Neutral) and Earth (Green). The new hob has four wires in the cable. Earth (Green) Neutral (Blue) and 2 Live (Black and Pink) which are tagged together. Do I connect the 2 Live wires to the...
  3. 2

    Changing a bulb

    Hi I need to change the bulb in the attached light but I have no idea how to remove it from the ceiling. Can anyone offer any advice please? Thanks in advance
  4. D

    Changing spotlight to pendant light

    Hi all, I’ve searched the threads but have not been able to find the relevant answer needed so please accept my apologies if my first post is something that has been asked many times. I have a set of 3 spotlights on my first floor, of which all run from a transformer. I want to turn one of...
  5. Y

    Changing original 32Amp contactors for solid state relays?

    Hi Guys, My underfloor heating has 3 x 32amp contactors. They make a hell of a thump when opening and closing. Bit of a hum also. I'm looking at the idea of changing them for solid state relays like this one Solid State Relay - 40A (3-32V DC Input) - COM-13015 - SparkFun Electronics -...
  6. G

    changing kitchen lights to LED's

    Hi I want to change my kitchen down-lights to LED's, I have 12 down-lights, 6 on one dimmer switch and 6 on another dimmer , I have tried dimmable LED's in 6 of the lights but they are just flickering, do I need to change the dimmer switches and the transformers to make these work. Transformer...
  7. C

    UK Changing single sockets to doubles?

    Hi, I'm just wondering if it's possible for me to change a couple of single sockets in a bedroom to double sockets?
  8. M

    Changing ceiling heating controllers

    Hello all Still relatively new in to trying to do more of my own works...background commercial. Someone has asked me to change what he describes as ceiling heating controllers. Looking at these photos they do look like they are just controllers and set to desired heat and have no thermostat...
  9. G

    Solar PV Inverter

    I am replacing my Solar Inverter which is a Power One PVI 3.6 OUTD, and changing to a solaX X1 3.0T boost or 3.6T Boost. Any advice which to use
  10. C

    Changing bathroom light fitting like for like

    I supply bathrooms and wondering where my fitters stand with changing a bathroom light. They are competent in electrical work however they aren’t electricians. Are they ok in simply changing the bathroom light like for like?
  11. T

    Changing old wound ballast to electronic

    Hi , i have a t5 24 w tube and the old ballast has gone. The new electronic ballast i have to replace it doesn't need a starter. Do i just join through the cable where the old starter is or is there more to it? Thanks
  12. L

    Changing light switch faceplate, confused!??

    I’m changing all my light switch and plus sockets to metal from plastic. I went to change the light switch in my daughters room and behind the old plastic faceplate there there 3 brown wires, one wired into L1 and then two wires going into COM, I’ve changed the faceplate to metal and put the L1...
  13. C

    Replace MR16 with GU10 LED - Help with Lamp fitting??

    I'm about to change 40 x MR16/G5.3 fittings, do away with transformers and replace with mains GU10 Lamp holders double insulated and GU10 LEDs. I hoped to keep the existing Lamp fittings but was concerned as label states G5.3 12v 50w max.Is it safe to use GU10 LED in these fittings?
  14. L

    Changing halogen downlights to LED - GU10 or GU5.3?

    I have 10+ halogen downlights in the house. They are 12v GU5.3 (MR16) with transformers. They have been in over 20 years and various parts are looking scruffy and even perishing, so I am going to change over to LED while renovating. Are there any technical or safety considerations in going to...
  15. C

    High Quality MR16 color changing LED

    I'm struggling to find a high quality MR16 LED bulb that can change to almost any color. What is making this rough, is that I want one that will shine a warm 2700k white that isn't littered with other colors. All the bulbs I've seen or the one I bought already, the white is not white. It's...
  16. A

    Changing light, too many wires!

    Hello, We just changed the lighting of our kitchen. It was a ceiling light with two rows of spotlight. The new lighting only has one row. When we removed the old one it looked like there was too many wires - two big cables with 3-4 wires each. There’s 2x red (L), 1x blue, 1x black, 1x yellow...
  17. S

    Changing light fixture

    Hi, I have changed our light fixture that used 3x 7w e14 bulbs to 30w led panel, but the light does not work. The wiring is correct and both lights are rated 230v 50hz. Do I need LED driver or is there possibly some other problem? Thank you in advance.
  18. P

    Changing old triple 2 way light switch to New triple 2 way wiring set up problem

    The switch operates an outside light ,Hallway Light and two way landing light I want to change to new socket but the set up is different in the old switch . I was hoping to copy from the old switch but am stuck any help on what wires go where on new switch would be helpful I attach three pics...
  19. H

    Changing MR16 to LED

    Hi I'm in the process of changing my MR16 bulbs to LEDs. I've manged to cut out most of the transformers and wire in a at GU10 lamp fitting which has worked fine. However I have run into a little problem. I have pulled down a couple of transformers which appear to have to have 2 main cables...
  20. S

    UK Changing and economy 8 fuse board

    I have a customer that wants to upgrade their fuse board (it currently has no rcd protection). It has an economy 8 supply that the customer no longer wants. My question is do I get the DNO to change it to a 24/7 meter or can I just put the tails from the 24/7 and economy 8 into a Henley block...
  21. H

    Changing downlight bulb

    Hi, One of the downlights in my bathroom started to flicker and I tried to turn it around. Is this possible to change? How?
  22. J

    Changing salus receiver to hive

    Hi i need to change my old salus receiver to my new hive one and im not sure about the wiring do i put it all the wires in the same places on the hive receiver? The picture is the wiring into the old receiver
  23. N

    Advice please- changing from overhead lines to installer

    Due to a change in my circumstances I want to requalify as a domestic installer and don’t know if it’s worth paying to do a crammer course (installation and test, part p and 18th edition) in a hope to get a electricians mate or trainee electrician job so I can learn the ropes and get properly...
  24. M

    Domestic Changing single light in hall to 4 downlighters

    A friend is currently having the hallway light changed to 4 downlighters and then having the ceiling plastered. (1) First question does this need to be done by a qualified electrician and does it need a Part P certificate? It is not possible to install from the floor above so the builder has...
  25. John Matrix

    Changing to Auto Electrics

    Has anyone made a change into auto electrics? I just have a level of curiosity about it. Don’t know why. Just thought I would see if anyone else has done it, Kind regards
  26. S

    Immersion Heater Wire Changing Colour

    Hi, I need some advice please. Last year I bought some grey H05BN4-F cable for my immersion heater. It is 24"/61cm from my wall switch to the timer and 29"/74cm to a toolless Junction Box rated 24A. This connects to the immersion heater wire, I can't change this wire. The heater and wire look...
  27. K

    Domestic Changing hall ceiling light affects bathroom light

    I have taken down an old hall ceiling light and I have 3 wires which are the same grey colour. Whatever way I rewire them to the new light fitting it affects the bathroom light. If I wire them in one configuration I can have the hall light on or both the hall and bathroom lights on at the same...
  28. E

    Electrician Changing garage Mcbs for Rcbos

    My garage has a small consumer unit fitted with elcb and mcbs for the socket and lights. After cutting through a circular saw cable it did not take out the garage elcb but the elcb in the house consumer unit. If I get an electrician to changed the mcbs for Rcbos would this prevent the house elcb...
  29. N

    Help with changing a light "plate" just wires coming out of the wall....

    Hi Everyone!! As you can probably tell by the question I am definitely no electrician :) I wanted to change my light switch as I broke the old one...I purchased a new light switch but it was flat whereas the old one was more of a box. I tried to attach the wires following a youtube video but...
  30. HJC

    Changing Roller Shutter Switch

    Hi everyone, Need advice on replacing roller shutter key switch with a regular up/down switch Client doesn’t want the key switch and prefers a rocker. Would this be a straightforward swap? Or should I leave to the roller shutter crew. Thanks
  31. O

    Domestic Changing Lights in Garage

    There are two floursecent lights in the gagage which seem to take a long time to come on. They are controlled by two way switches, one near the door from the kitchen and one near the large door at the front. Can I change these to flood lights which should come on immediately one of the switches...
  32. C

    Electrician Changing from Related Meters to Combined

    I'm reaching out to try and figure out a best way forward to update the metering in my flat. From the looks of things, we've got two totally separate supply & metering systems - one with what I think is an old timer and that meter is on an economy 10 tariff for storage heaters (on the RHS) and...
  33. E

    Changing plug on 3M Vacuum

    Hi i have an American 3m vacuum cleaner, can i change the American plug for an english 3 pin? is there anything extra i need to know? Thanks for reading
  34. K

    Changing an outside PIR light to a standard one

    As the title says changing light because my PIR one stopped working. On my new light I have a terminal for brown a blue an yellow and green. The wires coming out from switch is briwb , black, yellow and green and a gray one. They go to a double switch inside ,one for the light and one for...
  35. P

    Domestic Why are some light fittings in my new home different to others?

    Hello all, I've just moved into a new flat. It's only about 6 years old, so a pretty new build. The hallway and 2 living area light fittings are standard B22 lights, but the 2 bedrooms have a weird fitting that looks more like the sort you plug a halogen bulb into, like a GU10 bulb, only they...
  36. NDG Elecs

    Best customers own attempt at changing a light fitting mishap..!

    Didn't take a photo. I should have. Typical, I tried to change the light fitting DIY jobbie gone wrong. I really wanted to say something sarky or witty but he was a nice bloke so I didn't. Mock up of the seven way choc block below. Bless him! He was over the moon when I got most of the rest of...
  37. A

    Trouble changing light switches

    Hi guys. I'm having trouble changing my light switches. There are 2 sockets next to each other that power 2 separate lights. One has 3 wires but the second has no neutral wire. I can get the first switch to work but not the second
  38. B

    Changing double socket into spot light

    Hello, I have a question... We recently cut out new door in one of the walls. We had to get rid of a double socket as it was in the new door location. We kept the wire thought over the door with intension of putting a spot light over the door. So that's the question, how to connect a single spot...
  39. A

    Changing light fixtures (wiring mess)

    Afternoon all, First time poster, hope this is the right place, looking for some advice. I’ve removed a three bulb light from a bedroom ceiling and revealed a mess of wires protruding from the ceiling. I’ve got two white wires, each with a black, red and earth wire exiting, and two grey...
  40. L

    Extension lead (camping site)

    Hi all, I am going camping in a few months time the camping pitch that I'll be on will have a electrical hook up. Is it safe to buy a standard household extension lead and replace the plug for a camping hook up one ( IP44 industrial plug) ? Like this one
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