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  1. Gary Moore

    Changing to Auto Electrics

    Has anyone made a change into auto electrics? I just have a level of curiosity about it. Don’t know why. Just thought I would see if anyone else has done it, Kind regards
  2. S

    Immersion Heater Wire Changing Colour

    Hi, I need some advice please. Last year I bought some grey H05BN4-F cable for my immersion heater. It is 24"/61cm from my wall switch to the timer and 29"/74cm to a toolless Junction Box rated 24A. This connects to the immersion heater wire, I can't change this wire. The heater and wire look...
  3. K

    Domestic Changing hall ceiling light affects bathroom light

    I have taken down an old hall ceiling light and I have 3 wires which are the same grey colour. Whatever way I rewire them to the new light fitting it affects the bathroom light. If I wire them in one configuration I can have the hall light on or both the hall and bathroom lights on at the same...
  4. E

    Changing garage Mcbs for Rcbos

    My garage has a small consumer unit fitted with elcb and mcbs for the socket and lights. After cutting through a circular saw cable it did not take out the garage elcb but the elcb in the house consumer unit. If I get an electrician to changed the mcbs for Rcbos would this prevent the house elcb...
  5. N

    Help with changing a light switch...no "plate" just wires coming out of the wall....

    Hi Everyone!! As you can probably tell by the question I am definitely no electrician :) I wanted to change my light switch as I broke the old one...I purchased a new light switch but it was flat whereas the old one was more of a box. I tried to attach the wires following a youtube video but...
  6. HJC

    Changing Roller Shutter Switch

    Hi everyone, Need advice on replacing roller shutter key switch with a regular up/down switch Client doesn’t want the key switch and prefers a rocker. Would this be a straightforward swap? Or should I leave to the roller shutter crew. Thanks
  7. O

    Domestic Changing Lights in Garage

    There are two floursecent lights in the gagage which seem to take a long time to come on. They are controlled by two way switches, one near the door from the kitchen and one near the large door at the front. Can I change these to flood lights which should come on immediately one of the switches...
  8. C

    Changing from Related Meters to Combined

    I'm reaching out to try and figure out a best way forward to update the metering in my flat. From the looks of things, we've got two totally separate supply & metering systems - one with what I think is an old timer and that meter is on an economy 10 tariff for storage heaters (on the RHS) and...
  9. E

    Changing plug on 3M Vacuum

    Hi i have an American 3m vacuum cleaner, can i change the American plug for an english 3 pin? is there anything extra i need to know? Thanks for reading
  10. K

    Changing an outside PIR light to a standard one

    As the title says changing light because my PIR one stopped working. On my new light I have a terminal for brown a blue an yellow and green. The wires coming out from switch is briwb , black, yellow and green and a gray one. They go to a double switch inside ,one for the light and one for...
  11. P

    Domestic Why are some light fittings in my new home different to others?

    Hello all, I've just moved into a new flat. It's only about 6 years old, so a pretty new build. The hallway and 2 living area light fittings are standard B22 lights, but the 2 bedrooms have a weird fitting that looks more like the sort you plug a halogen bulb into, like a GU10 bulb, only they...
  12. NDG Elecs

    Best customers own attempt at changing a light fitting mishap..!

    Didn't take a photo. I should have. Typical, I tried to change the light fitting DIY jobbie gone wrong. I really wanted to say something sarky or witty but he was a nice bloke so I didn't. Mock up of the seven way choc block below. Bless him! He was over the moon when I got most of the rest of...
  13. A

    Trouble changing light switches

    Hi guys. I'm having trouble changing my light switches. There are 2 sockets next to each other that power 2 separate lights. One has 3 wires but the second has no neutral wire. I can get the first switch to work but not the second
  14. B

    Changing double socket into spot light

    Hello, I have a question... We recently cut out new door in one of the walls. We had to get rid of a double socket as it was in the new door location. We kept the wire thought over the door with intension of putting a spot light over the door. So that's the question, how to connect a single spot...
  15. A

    Changing light fixtures (wiring mess)

    Afternoon all, First time poster, hope this is the right place, looking for some advice. I’ve removed a three bulb light from a bedroom ceiling and revealed a mess of wires protruding from the ceiling. I’ve got two white wires, each with a black, red and earth wire exiting, and two grey...
  16. L

    Extension lead (camping site)

    Hi all, I am going camping in a few months time the camping pitch that I'll be on will have a electrical hook up. Is it safe to buy a standard household extension lead and replace the plug for a camping hook up one ( IP44 industrial plug) ? Like this one
  17. M

    Changing socket plates

    Good afternoon all, I have begun changing the socket plate in the kitchen and am finding it extremely difficult to blindly mate to machine screw into the thread. Please can someone offer advice or tips? Thanks! Andy
  18. sham

    Lost out to allot of work trying to follow new ever changing Regs, Part P etc

    I have been asked on many occasions to add lights and sockets to an existing installation. When I tell the customer that I must change the MCB to an RCBO and then carry out a minor cert which all adds to the cost of the job, I know that he has called someone else who will just extent cables...
  19. D

    neff oven tripping rcd changing temp

    hi all need a bit of help! i have a neff oven that has been working fine for 3 years. top oven all works fine. bottom oven I can choose from fan grill etc with the dial but as soon as I change temp from 0 within a few seconds it trips the rcd. I bought a new bottom element and still same...
  20. SWD

    Life Changing Decisions.....

    anyone made them, just thinking of selling up and buggering off to warmer climates and an easier way of life and a lifestyle, anyone on here done it?
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