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  1. Electrical2go

    Click GridPro available now at Electrical2Go

    Available now on Electrical2go.co.uk, and be sure you use your forum discount for 5% off. Get in touch if you haven't got yours yet, and we'll get your discount activated for you for all future pruchases with Electrical2Go.
  2. A

    Any Electrical work experience available in Birmingham , West midlands area?

    I am looking to gain Electrical experience in the industry . I have completed my diploma level 3 2365 and will be completing my AM2 in summer time but l will require work experience to complete my NVQ and l am willing to work for free to gain work experience however if someone is willing to take...
  3. A

    Any Electrical improver jobs available please

    Hello I certified to Electrical installation 2365 level 2 &3 and l have obtained my 2391 Qualifications and l am struggling to find work as electrical mate/ improver . However l am due to do my AM2 and in order to start my NVQ3 l have to be employed and l am finding it hard to get into the...
  4. Electrical2go

    Aurora AOne Now Available at Electrical2Go.co.uk

    Don't forget to get in touch for your 5% discount code. Available to all members Remember you only enter the code once upon sign up, and the discount is applied automatically at checkout each and every time you order. So if you have an account already on Electrical2Go and you aren't yet...
  5. Dan

    Esteemed Tag now only available to Electricians Arms members

    https://www.electriciansforums.net/threads/forum-tags-were-done-now-i-promise.179061/ I said I was done here. Seems I wasn't. I'm not sure of the reasoning behind so many members not getting in the Electricians Arms. But the tag was really meant for Electricians. So I wanted them to go to...
  6. A

    What career path is available for an adult to become an electrician in Scotland?

    Hello I have been going round in circles on the internet trying to find information. I am currently working as an ROV Pilot Tech and have previously worked as a UPS engineer. Can anyone tell me what routes I can take to become an electrician in Scotland while keeping my current job. I am on a...
  7. Dan

    Best Answered Post - Now available

    In some threads that get long, the original poster of the thread can select which post they found best answered their initial enquiry. That then gets linked to from above the first post. Should those who wish to quickly get to it, which to use it and skips some responses. :)
  8. Dan

    Australia Country Prefixes for Threads Now Available

    As well as Country Flags now running because of the face we're a Global Electrical Forum now. We now also have thread prefixes. Like the one I've used for this thread that says Australia. Use those if you need advice for a country you are in but you have disabled your flag for whatever...
  9. Dan

    Esteemed Member Tag Now Available (Automatically Dished Out)

    Okay, so I'm not a huge fan of tag. But I am of good content. So here's a new tag that should encourage that. We've had it running on TilersForums.com and it seems to have worked a bit. People get it. So this is based on your reactions to your posts. First of all you'll need 300 posts to...
  10. Electrical2go

    NEW Raytech LittleJoint products at Electrical2Go.co.uk

    JUST ADDED the LittleJoint range from Raytech Before you buy don't forget to make the most of your members 5% forum discount! If you haven't got your code yet, pop us a quick message and we'll send you through the details. The IP68/IP69K micro-joints, gel pre-filled, complete with connector...
  11. T

    Updated Unite books for electricians now available

    Electricians Guide Books - https://estore-sslserver.eu/techtrainingshop.co.uk/epages/3568f7fe-eebf-4cfc-a38a-0f090a33c15c.sf/sece98d5df9fa/?ObjectPath=/Shops/3568f7fe-eebf-4cfc-a38a-0f090a33c15c&ViewAction=FacetedSearchProducts These are the best books for having in the van with relevant day to...
  12. Jay Hog

    Electricians available for work NOW in South East - Same day appointments available

    Hi, We are an experienced electrical contractors covering the South East of England, in particular a radius of 80 miles from Luton. Domestic or Commercial, small or large jobs, emergency callouts and same day appointments. please get in touch with us on 03333 700 120. Expert Electricians, NIC...
  13. R

    Electrical Work Available - Chesterfield Area

    Hi, As above, plenty of work available, for all abilities including new starters/improvers. Message me if interested. Cheers
  14. J

    Paxton Net2 Classic 1 door controller/Access unit -10 Available-

    FOR SALE Paxton Net2 Classic 1 door controller/Access unit 411-381 Recently cleared out a property that is to be demolished and now have 10 of these working second hand units available. I'm selling each unit for £55 or if anyone wants larger quantities or all of them I can do a deal. Also...
  15. C

    Electricians Mate Work available Liverpool... Skilled and mates required

    Hi We are a fire and security systems firm and have a very large project based in Liverpool. We require skilled labour as well as cable puller's/mate's. Give us a message if interested. Regards Craig
  16. Jet Electrical

    Hello, ever rode a donkey?

    Hi Guys, we've just joined and we're a local contractors based around the Lytham & Blackpool areas. We've been doing some big jobs recently and might be looking to take on some new talent. Do you guys advertise for positions here? Where's best to place? We need those testing + inspection qualies...
  17. R

    I'm Available to start.live in Kent.

    Hi I'm available for work I live in Tonbridge. Open to all applications. Qualifications 23660 P1&2. 17th edition No nvq(need to sort out) My CV is strong.I am happy to send you a copy Regards R.
  18. multimick

    work available part time

    Hi all, I am a sole trader spark looking for a lift on mostly commercial jobs on an as and when basis, (suit semi retired spark). ormskirk ,wigan areas .I am easy to deal with and a prompt payer . please pm me to discuss if interested
  19. Lou

    DJM Electrics Ltd

    DJM Electrics are a friendly, local business with over 40 years experience, servicing Aylesbury Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas. We provide an expert, honest, and amiable service which also caters to the needs of modern living. DJM Electrics believes that every job starts with an idea...
  20. P

    Power up electrical

    We are an nic eic registered electrical company we undertake all types of electrical work from full house rewire to adding and extra light or socket. We install intruder alarms, cctv door entry systems, Ariels, fire alarms, Internet cables, testing and inspection and landlord electrical...
  21. P

    TT High Zs

    Evening. Did a Zs test today on a TT lighting circuit and got a reading of 335ohms. I haven't checked Ze yet but I'm presuming that's also in the same ball park. I'm aware of the upper limit Zs of 1667 and the advice contained within the good book that states Zs should be below 200, so I'm in...
  22. S

    Electricians Mate Looking for work as Mate/Improver in London/North Yorkshire area

    Morning/Evening I have finished my 2365 Lv 3 and also hold my 17th Edition, Looking for any work available in or around the areas of London or north Yorkshire (residing in Richmond currently) I have my own car and more than willing to travel and work long hours plus weekends. On my final month...
  23. L

    Eicr + Eic sheets?

    Hi all, Would someone be able to help me and point me to a resource where I can download the current Green generic eic & eicr test sheets if such a source is available for download. I have searched and have not been succesfull in finding a resource. Many thanks in advance LH
  24. valleybilly

    Any one know what this is ?

    Found this supplying a garage 30 + meters away an it aint SWA ! . Its like oval shaped and made of something like garden hose material with singles inside 6mm csa . Its coming out of the cu and Yes ' its going into the dog house then on to the garage . It then changes colour ( Orange this...
  25. BazS

    My Introduction

    Hi Everyone, I am retired from the armed forces and took all the electrician courses available at the Resettlement Training Centre Aldershot to enable me to carry out electrical work during house restoration. I use this forum as a substitute for my lack of experience and appreciate the wide...
  26. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Of interest to anyone?

  27. W

    A Supplier For External LED SPOTLAMPS?

    I've been asked to install some 'Spotlamps' to light-up a high feature on the side of a church - approx 15metres away from the light source which can be mounted onto an easily accessible flat roof. Notes:- It needs to be LED as it will illuminate throughout the night and energy costs are...
  28. M

    B type breakers with in line UPS

    Hi I'm hoping that someone can help. I am adapting some circuits which are supplied via an in line ups. At present, the ups supplies a 72 way db and the final circuits are supplied from the DB. This is a laboratory research environment and it is expensive (about £20k a time) when they...
  29. D

    Thorlux Prismalux light fittings x 20, west London, need to shift asap

    Hi, I have 20 Thorlux Prismalux fittings available, new, but in somewhat tatty / dusty boxes from storage. They have control gear for 125W MBF lamps fitted but this could be removed so they can be used with standard ES lamps, or it could be replaced with (eg) sodium gear - I think I also have 3...
  30. sparksburnout

    old wylex board

    Now, I know this is a c**p question, but iv'e got my tin hat on and am braced ready. I am trying to help the son of a mate of mine who has bought a house miles away, but wants some advice. The only information on the CU i can get is that it is a 10 way wylex, with 5 ways on it's left hand side...
  31. B

    One off Purchase of Sunpower Panels

    Evening guys..... A customer of ours wants us to install a 4kpw system but is looking fro Sunpower panels. I've a feeling there is an issue on getting them for a one off install. We are based in the North of Scotland so any help is appreciated.
  32. S

    Designing photovoltaic systems

    Any advice on software for doing this. I have a trial of PV*SOL, but before I invest too much time and money I want to be reasonably sure its going to be the right one. I wounder how big the user base might be and also what training is available. How long do you think it might take to become...
  33. J

    BILL porcelain rewire able fuse holders 10 30amp 3 60 amp

    As title says I've got 3 60a and 10 30a bill fuses to sell any offers please private message will post out payment via PayPal unless collecting thank you for looking
  34. M

    Fluke 1652, BGB and BRB

    Hi all, I've decided the likelihood of me being an electrician properly and full time etc is v low. Therefore I have a Fluke 1652 for sale, it's currently on ebay but if someone makes me a sensible offer here, they may have a chance with it. I bought it used, had it calibrated about 2 years...
  35. S

    MEM 20 amp. rewireable fuse

    Hi does anyone know if the above are available? I have a board that has a 2.5 radial on a 30 amp and need to drop it down. I have used Wylex In the past (rewireable and mcb plug ins) but not sure if I have seen a MEM equivalent. .
  36. Midwest

    NICEIC Certification Scheme New Cloud-Based Certificate System by NICEIC

    I want to get a new software package for my certificates. I'm registered with Elecsa. I've posted on here before, and been advised about Easy Cert, PIRform etc. I've now seen that NICEIC haved developed a 'Cloud-Based Certificate System'. Allegedly, there is no set up costs or software licences...
  37. A

    Software Needed

    I would like to know if there is a software package available to enable me to desigh/insert with my own power/lighting design onto an existing CAD layout?? Is there such a product
  38. UKMeterman

    Megger BM203 bin or repair

    Hi, I have a Megger BM203 which has a faulty display. Should I just bin it, or send it for repair, what do you think? Thanks
  39. C

    No earth on installation, WHO is responsible???

    Hi, Quick question, I am busy doing a rewire on a property, really old electrics, old rewireable fuses, NO earth. Main earth cable was enclosed around a screw on the cut out fuse. Who is responsible to sort it out? I have contacted UK power network, they always say they are going to send...
  40. V

    What Is The Best Technology Available To Monitor Solar PV Arrays?

    What Technology Is Currently Available To Monitor Solar PV Arrays? What Technology Is Currently Available To Monitor Domestic Solar Arrays That Isn't Dependent On the Inverter? Which systems allow monitoring via the web? Do these systems have annual costs or just "one off" meter installation...
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