1. H

    Soffit spotlight

    Hi all, I would like to fit 2 spotlights in the soffit board above garage door. Planning to come off the garage lighting circuit and feed them from either - - Existing feed to floodlight - could I simply come out of the junction box for the floodlight and connect to two spot lights with some...
  2. D

    How would you (a professional) look to get a spotlight up here?

    So, another impossible question by me here - but any advice at all really appreciated. I'd like to place a spotlight at the top of the peak of my house, it's not a downlight - but a spotlight - so needs mounting on the front of the fascia and then pointing kind of back on itself. The orange...
  3. D

    Changing spotlight to pendant light

    Hi all, I’ve searched the threads but have not been able to find the relevant answer needed so please accept my apologies if my first post is something that has been asked many times. I have a set of 3 spotlights on my first floor, of which all run from a transformer. I want to turn one of...
  4. C

    Advice needed on replacing standard rose pendant with spotlight

    Hi electricians, I have bought a metallic 3 x spotlight to replace a standard rose pendant. The light is on the landing which can be operated by two switches. I've attached some photos below. I'd like some advice on how to wire this up. My plan is to: Connect the 3 neutral wires in the...
  5. S

    12v Spotlight Failure

    Hi, I'm looking for some advise please. U.K. 240v circuit. My mother in law has a set of 5 12volt spotlights in her bathroom that have suddenly all stopped working. I've checked the voltage coming out of one transformer and I have current (not measured the voltage though). I've also tested...
  6. Ashley-Joseph


    So I am going to fit a spot light using 1.5mm weatherproof flex with a 3amp switched fcu from a 32amp ring main. Just thought I would make sure This is correct before I start ?
  7. J

    Led spotlight question

    First of all, I am trying to learn basics of LED tech strictly as a challenge, so I'm starting with basics. I've gotten several LED devices. First one is non working LED spotlight. . Going to try to fix it. Checked power supply. 110 in, measured dc v out of power supply is 167. Yes, 167...
  8. A

    How to change spotlight bulb with short cable

    Hi I have been trying to change an led gu10 bulb in a recessed spotlight in my hallway. On others there has been enough cable to hold the bulb and twist it to change, but this is too short, so I cant hold the connector still to twist the bulb. I have tried pulled it with pliers, and also...
  9. D

    Wiring led spotlight bar

    I have a 2 led spotlight bar left over that i would like to stick some flex and a plug on instead of wiring into the lighting circuit. The bulbs are 5.5w each. Am I ok using some 3 core 0.75 flex and a 3 amp plug that I already have or should I be putting a 5 amp fuse in the plug with that...
  10. FoxyT

    Spotlight install advice

    Hi I am doing a spotlight install in a hallway of a 2 story house but obviously there is studs inbwetween the location of where the spotlights are wanted , has anyone got any tips or tricks of how to get the cable across or through the studs ? Also Cleanest way possible as she has just had...
  11. robd

    Looking for spotlight suitable for used fireplace

    Hi all, Got a customer who is having a wood burning stove fitted and wants some kind of light inside the chimney to light it up. I said it will need to be heat about to start looking but does anyone have any suggestions please?
  12. O

    HELP! Down light installation??

    Hello, I am looking for some help if possible please, I am buying a new build property in the near future and the building company want payment per down light. Instead of paying this I am looking to install the lights myself. There will be around 6-8 in the kitchen, 2 in the downstairs...
  13. D

    Wiring for ceiling spotlight

    I have 4 down light spotlights in my bathroom and am having problems with loose wires into the small white thing that the spotlight plugs into. The spotlights are pins as opposed to lugs if you know what I mean. The problem I have is I can't see how to secure the two whites wires into the small...
  14. R

    L.E.D Floodlight Wiring Advice Needed

    Hi guys, I have an LED flood light here that I'm trying to wire up but I'm unsure of how to actually connect it to the mains 240v UK. Which terminals should I use inside ? Have attached a photo below. There seems to be quite a few jumper wires on the thing and it has me confused !
  15. N

    Quick Help! Switch only switching one spotlight off!

    I'm changing 4 spotlights over to LED and the spotlight which has all the switch wiring in is the only one switching on/off at the switch. I have identified the switched live but I am obviously missing something as the other 3 are permently on and will not be switched off at the switch. Any...
  16. N

    What are the brightest GU10 LEDs.

    Hi guys...I'm not a spark but can I ask your advice. We have 6 GU10 halogens in our kitchen...they use a lot of electricity and I would like to replace them with LEDs. I tried this maybe 18months ago...and the result was disappointing...the bulbs where quite dim...but where supposed to be...
  17. I

    Why is there no switch to my back spotlight?

    In my backyard, there is electrical which runs up a concealed track on the house. At the top of it is a spotlight, but there is no switch anywhere to be found to turn it on. I don't know if it has power going to it or not. There is an outlet midway up the electrical track and the outlet DOES...
  18. happyhippydad

    Class 2 floodlight preferably with PIR but doesn't matter??

    Is there such a thing? This looks promising Forum Lighting Juno 2 Light Black Outdoor Spotlight Complete with a PIR Sensor - Forum Lighting from Castlegate Lights UK but wasn't really looking for a twin! As usual have looked and looked but to no avail... somebody will probably say 'well you...
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