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  1. M

    Flashing Garden Lights

    I currently have four 42W Outdoor Spotlights in my garden I have used this - HALOLITE LOW VOLTAGE ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMER 20-60VA to lower the voltage, this is in a box mounted to an outside wall. For some reason the lights will not stay on for longer than 5-10 mins, after which they all start...
  2. D

    Flashing LED emergencies

    Hi all changed over some old 2D emergencies 11 in total for LED. They are controlled from some time lag switches on a communal staircase. But as soon as I powered up the lights all flash randomly. Had it before when one has flashed and just changed when to an incandescent but never had them all...
  3. J

    Lights Blinking - 2 Lights on a single switch

    Hi there. I'm looking for some help- hopefully an easy one. I have 2 lights on a single switch. The lights are connected back to a 2 gang 2 way switch which has another set of lights that are switched to the 2nd switch. I've moved the location of one of the 2 lights by extending the cable...
  4. M

    Pir entrance light flashing

    Hi. My PIR entrance light flashes on and off about 4 times before turning off at the end of its time cycle. Any ideas what might be the cause/ remedy for this? It’s been installed for a couple of years and has only started doing this a few months ago. It’s bloody annoying now.
  5. J

    Flashing LED Bulb in combined extractor unit

    Hello, I have recently had a Led downright/ extractor fan combination unit installed. After approx 10 mins the light begins to flash intermittently (as attached). The bulb installed is a 3 watt bulb. I swapped this out to a 4 watt bulb and the flashing increased. The electrician whom installed...
  6. H

    12 volt LED flashing when off.

    LED lamp flashes every 10-15 seconds when switched off. The lamp is in a bathroom in circuit with a timed overrun extract fan. I understand that the cause can be induced voltage, or bleed off from the electronic switch in the fan timer. Is there a simple solution to this?
  7. Midwest

    Flashing LED Luminaire

    In the premises I now work, there has been an LED Luminaire that has never worked (apparently) since the place was opened two years ago. The light is as below, which is described as dimmable. After taking the fitting down (no mean feat), I found the below dimmer which appeared damaged. So I...
  8. D

    Flashing LED MR16s problem

    Hi there folks. Advice needed. Asked to look at an issue with some MR16 LED lamps. Cut a long story short there is 13 x 5w LED MR16s on a radial circuit of length approx 30m long. Lamps placed relatively equidistant along the circuit. Constant Voltage driver being used (mean well) at 15v to...
  9. K

    Help - LED light is flashing

    Hi. I have a wall LED lights at home. I can turn it on with one switch at the entrance to the room and turn off with other near the bed. Problem is when both switches are turned off, wall lamp is flashing every 30 seconds. Connection diagram I attached. Is it any solution for this situation?
  10. T

    Rosieres oven three flashing lights

    Good evening everyone, Can I pick your brains please? I live in France and have a Rosieres electric oven - model FE 5573 RU. I installed it new 17 years ago and it has been superb. It has now stopped working and shows three flashing lights on the control panel. I have contacted several local...
  11. R

    LED security light flashing

    Hi! Haven't posted here before but maybe you guys have some good advice. I'm on a job at the moment, they've given me an LED security light to wire in, I've never used one of these before, lo and behold it doesn't work. Derp. It lights up but flashes on/off about once a second. It's rated for UK...
  12. T

    Overhead light flashing on and off by itself (not switched on)

    Hello, Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post in, but I have a problem with my hall light switching on and off by itself. It's a ceiling light and it has two switches, however it isn't switched on but is flashing on and off as I said. Any help is appreciated, thank you!!
  13. Midwest

    Another flashing LED story

    Did a kitchen refurb' a few weeks ago. One of the things the client wanted was under cabinet lighting. As the lighting circuit did not have an RCD, I powered the light from 2 x FCU's. The uc lighting was supplied by the kitchen manufacturer. One FCU supplies 2 x led drivers (12v), with 2 x led...
  14. H

    Domestic Help - home smoke alarm issues...

    Hi everyone. Would be great to get some advice here if possible. My home has (had!) three Aico Ei141 model smoke alarms, wired. I decided to switch one of them out for a Nest Protect smoke detector which I did today. I switched off the power to switch to the Nest Protect (which meant all three...
  15. J

    K1 and K2 Flashing - Sick Safety Relay

    Hi, I am currently having problems with a sick safety relay not resetting, I can make it set (Energise) by applying 24VDC to K1 and K2 inputs, however when I try to make it reset using the PNP output from a retro-reflective sensor the K1 and K2 indicators flash? Any ideas? thanks
  16. M

    Commercial mounting pv panels on slate roof

    I have just achieved mcs accreditation and have been asked to install a system on a slate roof. I am aware that some installers drill the slates and use sealed bolts to fix the mounting rails, I'm not overly keen on drilling someones slate roof and was wondering weather there is an alternative...
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