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  1. T

    Flickering downlights

    Hi :) I'm currently renovating my outbuilding. My electrician has fitted 10 conduit LEDs (that support both leading and trailing edge) and x4 Meanwell PCD-40-350B LED drivers recommended by my lighting supplier. These drivers apparently support leading and trailing edge Triac dimming. The...
  2. dlt27

    LED High bays flashing!!

    Hi all, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Went to do some work at a factory unit on Monday ( changed 20 florries to LED battens and changed 20 400w metal halide to 150w LED high bays). The florries were fed from different circuits and different DB’s and the high bays were fed of one DB...
  3. C

    Flashing LEDs when fan and lights off

    Good afternoon everyone. I have fitted an extractor fan in my bathroom with an overrun timer, to start when the bathroom led lights are turned on. I have wired the feed to the fan via an adjustable overrun timer and DP isolator with the SL for the fan timer coming from the light switch. The...
  4. T

    LED indicators fast flashing

    I recently replaced my old bulbs, rear indicators, with these WY21W Amber (585) 7440 (12V-24V) 7* 3030 SMD Canbus LED Bulbs 3000K Car Indicator, Turn Signal Lights, Pack of 2 The hazards still flash at the normal speed, but L / R indicators flash at double the speed of the old bulbs. Is this...
  5. HappyHippyDad

    What is this flashing (emergency?) light?

    Afternoon all... The customer has a number of small green lights in the ceiling that are always on. This is a bed and breakfast/hotel. I had assumed they were emergency lights, although the only emergency lights I have come across before are ones that only come on when there is a power cut...
  6. timhoward

    Best solution for LED security lamp flashing

    I had a faintly funny situation today. At the end of another job, the happy customer said "By the way my outside lamp comes on, and then flashes several times before finally turning off. What's up with it?" I took one look at it and said "To be honest, I have the exactly the same outside lamp...
  7. C

    Dishwasher bosch sd4p1b Tap indicator flashing

    What can create an error. All seems to be fine water coming in and drain normally but at the end of program tap indicator flashing? bosch sd4p1b Thanks
  8. B

    Flashing plug when power on?

    I have a sump pump in a hot tub pit for when it rains. However I’d like to know if there is a plug that tells me when the pump is on. I.e flashing led. Because I’ve had a couple burn out when they’ve stayed on when the pits empty. I’ve bought a different sump pump now but a flashing indicator...
  9. S

    Why are me ceiling lights doing this?

    Hi all, does anyone know why my living ceiling lights have started to do this? Their LED lights linked to a dimmer, and have worked for the last couple of years since I moved into the place. Is this something that I can fix myself or should I leave it to the pros?
  10. F

    LED PIR flood light (flashing)

    I put it up myself just 2/3 years back. Suddenly, out of the blue, when triggered it it flashes on/off/on/off repeatedly for the prescribed on period. Knowing why it does that would be nice but either way I presume it's dead/dying and needs replacing. It's on the wall adjacent to the bedroom...
  11. J

    I don’t understand when all lights flicker after adding second light switch

    Adding an image of my set up Basically this is the run across like 60-75 ft. The main line comes into a switch to control the entire line. That continues through 8 lights and then into an outlet. Originally After that outlet I had a light but I wanted to be able to control it independently...
  12. Z

    Lights flashing

    Hi I have a bathroom light that requires 2 bulbs. To be honest it was bought a few years ago and I have only just installed it as we've only just finished the upstairs bathroom. I have the 2 bulbs, (G23 Led 2 pin). If I don't have both bulbs in, neither bulb works, so I'm guessing the it...
  13. F

    Flashing LED Floodlights

    Bit of a random one. A commercial yard down the road from me has installed 4 floodlights, they appear to switched by a dawn to dusk sensor. Every 5 second they flash off then on again for 5 seconds then flash off then on again for 5 seconds ad infinitum. Any ideas what could cause this? I'm...
  14. J


    Really frustrating problem. Outline of site, domestic flat converted 1995 from Portsmouth Royal Marines barracks. Radial Lighting circuit feeds led chandelier in kitchen that has no issue at all, to sitting room which has 2 chandeliers with a total 16 * 4 watt LED lamps controlled by 150 watt...
  15. J

    Why are the led chips flashing? Switched off. At the dimmer.

    Hi. Folks. Im having a go at replacing two cob chips. Ive replaced with 50w 3500k white. The chip in the unit was a multi array chip. That was burnt out by over heating..as one of the cooling fans wasnt connected.. ive since connected it back up and both are working. But the chips ive installed...
  16. M

    Driver buzzing lights flashing

    Bought a Mars hydro TWS2000 and the driver is making an electrical buzzing noise, making LEDs flash. Only just used for 1 week from brand new, but bought from marketplace so can’t return! Any ideas. Hubby pretty good with electrics!
  17. M

    Flashing Garden Lights

    I currently have four 42W Outdoor Spotlights in my garden I have used this - HALOLITE LOW VOLTAGE ELECTRONIC TRANSFORMER 20-60VA to lower the voltage, this is in a box mounted to an outside wall. For some reason the lights will not stay on for longer than 5-10 mins, after which they all start...
  18. D

    Flashing LED emergencies

    Hi all changed over some old 2D emergencies 11 in total for LED. They are controlled from some time lag switches on a communal staircase. But as soon as I powered up the lights all flash randomly. Had it before when one has flashed and just changed when to an incandescent but never had them all...
  19. J

    Lights Blinking - 2 Lights on a single switch

    Hi there. I'm looking for some help- hopefully an easy one. I have 2 lights on a single switch. The lights are connected back to a 2 gang 2 way switch which has another set of lights that are switched to the 2nd switch. I've moved the location of one of the 2 lights by extending the cable...
  20. M

    Pir entrance light flashing

    Hi. My PIR entrance light flashes on and off about 4 times before turning off at the end of its time cycle. Any ideas what might be the cause/ remedy for this? It’s been installed for a couple of years and has only started doing this a few months ago. It’s bloody annoying now.


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