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  1. J

    Domestic flickering light, reported buzzing sound.

    In our house's master bedroom, we have an interesting setup. We have a kill switch to cut power to the room due to my Dad's EMF concerns. (Nothing unusual going on with the EMF, just health concerns.) We have a couple of lights in there: a wall sconce powered by a single-pole switch, and a tape...
  2. D

    Any idea what could've caused this buzzing light?

    Think it's a bit of a long shot this - but wondering if anybody's came across this situation before. I had a light that buzzed (when turned on). It's a metal light fitting, it sounded like a buzz but also like a metalic sound, as though the actual metal fitting was rattling. Didn't sound safe...
  3. Darren Evans

    Buzzing dimmer and LED lamps

    Morning chaps! Advice needed please. Is there a tried and tested combination of manufacturer(s) for reducing the annoying buzz from dimmer connected (dimmable!) LED lamps? In the particular example I am having right now, I have 5 lamps on one dimmer switch, 3x ES and 2x SES. One or more of...
  4. R

    Doorbell buzzing

    My 27 year old doorbell started to hum & buzz all the time. Replaced it & the push button and the doorbell still hums & buzzes. Replaced the transformer and the doorbell still hums & buzzes. What else could it be?
  5. R

    Domestic Buzzing from kitchen lights

    Please can you help? I have 2 lighting circuits installed in the ceiling in the kitchen - newly installed. Both on separate circuits with independent switches It is 8 recessed LED fittings For each One set is silent when on The other set has a pronounced buzzing sound when turned on. This...
  6. S

    Domestic Electrical buzzing wall causing appliance problems

    Hi there, new to the forum so be gentle! We live in a second floor flat above a bakery shop. The shop has plenty of machinery including large freezers that run all night. Recently we have noticed a reasonably high pitched electrical buzz coming from one wall in our flat. Across multiple rooms...
  7. B

    Dimmable LED lamps buzzing

    Hi all, Hoping someone wouldn’t mind answering a quick question for me. I have 2 dimmable touch lamps in the bedrooom. I have fitted them both with LEDs which are dimmable. The dimming function works fine and there is no flickering, however there is a buzzing noise from the lamp when not on...
  8. D

    Buzzing sound coming from LED downlights

    Hi, I've recently put in a completely new wiring system into my house. All the circuits are working as they should but the 2no. light circuits in the kitchen are making a buzzing sound. The downlights are the Ansell Prism colour selectable LEDs. I have these across the entire house and the...
  9. J

    Bathroom mirror wiring wrong?

    I have a new bathroom mirror with lights which works ok but makes a constant buzzing noise whether it is turned on or off. It wasn’t installed by me, but when I remove the front I was surprised to see that it has been wired using 2 electric wires - see attached photo. As a complete novice I...
  10. M

    Domestic 2006 Honda Civic Headlight Switch Buzzing & Headlight bulbs blowing regularly

    Hi there, first time posting on here and after much Googling this is my last resort for some help on this topic. My friend has a 2006 Honda Civic that is known to have a common problem with headlight bulbs blowing quite regularly. He's noticed recently that the headlight switch (located on the...
  11. A

    Leds lights & buzzing board

    Hi I have just put 9 5.5w = 40w led bulbs in 3 lights 2 are on dimmers & when they are turned on the main fuse box starts buzzing is this bad & do I need to remove bulbs. Thanx in advance
  12. M

    Loud buzzing, dangerous or just annoying?

    Hi all, There is a loud buzzing from the cupboard that appears only at off peak times. Loud enough for us to have to wear earplugs at night. There is a seperate single breaker switch below my off peak breaker board. I have identified this as the source of the noise as the tone and volume...
  13. andysparkfree

    buzzing when LED lamps dimming

    hi all a couple of weeks ago i installed some new LED down lights to a friends house (in his new extension) anyhow last week he said that theres a buzzing noise happening when he twiddles the dimmer , i assumed that i simply need to change the dimmer from conventional to a LED type. so this...
  14. L

    Amp buzzing Advice Please

    hi, After a bit of advice please. Currently through my amplifier I am hearing a buzzing noise. I have told this is most probably a earthing problem. Can this be rectified easily? Can the one socket be fixed or does it need to be a whole re-wire. I have tried different equipment and it still...
  15. A

    LED dimmer light buzzing when switched on

    Hi all, We had new electrical wiring done 3 years ago on a domestic property by a qualified electrician. Installed the following light switch: IJDCI101S Varilight V-Pro IR Series, Intelligent Programmable Master Dimmer, with Touch Sensitive Button and Centralised Remote Control Sensor - 1 gang...
  16. S

    buzzing led problem , thinking of using lower watt bulbs

    i put in a ring of 12 leds in a room (too many in reality) put in a good dimmer meant to be able take load but lights causing horrible buzz i am currently using 5w bulbs if i replace the bulbs for 3w should that reduce the load and stop the buzzing, trying this before having to take lights...
  17. Guitarist

    Buzzing mains fitting

    Hi Guys. Had an odd one yesterday... Mains light fitting with filament lamps and no dimmer switch buzzes when mounted to the ceiling. It is one of these fittings with 6 lots of wires terminated centrally, then each line and neutral feeds a separate arm. I can only assume that as I mount it...
  18. D

    Buzzing RCBO

    Staff accommodation in a large hotel, was asked by maintenance guy to look at a DB. MK board with 3x RCBO's serving rings, and the rest lighting MCB's. One of the RCBO's was making a very noticeable buzzing noise,but otherwise worked fine. Disconnected cables and the buzzing stopped, IR...
  19. M

    Domestic Cooker switch buzz

    Hi all, Had a call last night regarding a 32A hob supply (dedicated). The neon had gone off and the hob was not working but the socket on the isolator plate was working. While the caller was explaining, apparently the table lamps plugged into the ground floor ring flickered, the neon came back...
  20. P

    solar iboost- do I need help??

    Hi, Looking to get some advice and or assistance possibly if required. I had an iboost unit fitted when my pv system was installed at Christmas but yet to use it we had other problems with our system which are now resolved - I am concerned that when I did swich it on the fused switched spur...
  21. B

    Buzzer dimmers.?

    Hi, I've read a few threads about buzzing dimmers on here but still have a query and would like some advice please.; Customer has x4 low voltage downlights with electronic transformers for halogen lamps fitted to each downlight. These transformers are 60VA each (Saxby model ET60T-R 20-60VA...
  22. E

    Curious Question buzzing and dimmers...

    Back when I was in training I always remember the boss had a problem with a buzzing dimmer on downlighters. Solved it by changing the voltage of the dimmer.... Can someone tell me why the dimmer buzzed, didn't take enough interest at the time but would like to know why???
  23. M

    Shower supply

    Hello peeps just a quicky, I installed a shower circuit this morning and changed the dis board. It was a 9.5kw shower wired in 10mm and on a 50A Type B breaker rcd protected. But when the shower operates there is a loud buzzing from the board, I checked for tightness in case it was arcking and...
  24. L

    Noise using a dimmer

    Hi Just had a text message from a friend asking for some help, so thought you guys might be able to help. He has 5 x 12v downlighters in his sitting room, all working fine but he wanted a dimmer switch, so he fitted a 2 gang 400w switch, now he tells me the max on the switch is 315w on one...
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