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  1. A

    Code er31 with new indicator board on induction hob

    Falcon (Rangemaster) continental induction range 10 yrs old. Tried swapping out control indicator unit pcb (shows the knob settings) with identical pcb to try to correct a control fault. Get er31 code which I think is a configuration issue. Only got knobs, no buttons. How to configure? No jumper...
  2. J

    Sidelight problem

    Good morning, ive just bought a Suzuki carry, which has a problem, the side,rear and panel lights only come on when the right hand indicator is activated any thoughts would be helpful.
  3. R

    Voltage Indicator and Proving Unit/12v Dewalt Combi and Impact Drill

    I am looking to sell some of my Tools, due to my uncle retiring me has kindly given me some tools. Socket and See Voltage Tester and Proving Unit Kit - £80 Dewalt DCK211C2 10.8V 1.3Ah Li-Ion XR DCD710 Drill Driver & DCF815 Impact Twin £120
  4. R

    Voltage Indicator and Proving Unit

    So I’ve managed to sell somethings and decided to buy a voltage tester and proving unit. I’ve seen this on eBay: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F293104145650 Or would you just pay the extra and go for this or another brand? The one on eBay...
  5. Michaelp

    Ways For Water Tank Level Indicator

    We have a water tank 10,000l litters ,about 2,50 meter height. We need to have a multi-level indicator about 50 meter from there.We already have a Cat-6 cable from the Tank to the area. We are looking a smart way for reading the level in the Tank.We saw the ultrasound system but is cost...
  6. G

    Lights and indicator lights flicking

    Hi All - I was called to a customers house this morning. All their lights and switch indicators are flickering. I checked IR - all good. I had one circuit at a time e.g. sockets and indicators flickered. I had just light circuit on - turned lights on one room and lights flickered. Tried another...
  7. D

    Domestic Pump running indicator

    Hello I have a submersible pump in a small well under my floorboards. Access to the pump area is very difficult but after making many improvements to drainage etc. I now need to know if it ever switches on. I have access to the electrical feed for the pump is there any simple device i can fit to...
  8. A

    A127 Alternator Indicator Light Sizing

    Hi, I'm intending to fit a standard A127 type alternator to my Chinese tractor, replacing the original with it's troublesome external regulator. I'm happy with the wiring and principles except for one thing ... can anyone put a figure to the current needed via the indicator light in order to...
  9. J

    Switched FCU with LED indicator

    Hello all, Im looking advice. I'm a diy'er. I have just replaced an old double socket and switched fcu with new stainless steel ones. My previous fcu would have the neon light lit, when switched on. My new one has the led lit when either switched on or off. It's lap brand from the screw fix...
  10. R

    GS38 Compliant voltage indicator recomendations.

    Hi all, Level 3 student here looking to purchase a GS38 complaint voltage indicator and could do with your recommendations please. I need a voltage indicator for safe isolation that is GS38 compliant so it can be used for safe isolation procedure and used on NICEIC competent person assessment...
  11. maxwonga

    Motorbike indicator problem aggghhh please help

    1997 BMW f650 Motorcycle Out of the blue the front right indicator stays on, even when not switched on and its not flashing !!! rear right doesnt light up when switch off but does when switched on but doesnt flash !!! Only one relay on this model Both front and rear, right bulbs ok Tried...
  12. a-z electrics

    Indicator switch with no neutral?

    Think i may be onto a loser here but is it possible to wire a simple one way switch and have some sort of indicator like a neon WITHOUT having a neutral? Its for the water pump to push hot water when required to kitchen tap (it's a long way from cylinder). There is already power at the pump...
  13. M

    Domestic Mk5 Golf Indicator Fault, possibly connection issue?

    hi guys, Looking for some advice. I’ve got a mk5 1.9TDi golf with a fault in the rear left indicator. It’s not a bulb fault as I’ve changed that already. As I was changing, the indicator would sporadically turn on and off but more often than not it was off. I think there may be a wiring or...
  14. N

    Newbie problem with indicator light on dashboard

    Hi folks, have just replaced the instrument panel on my Motorhome. Everything is working except when I turn on the ignition the light for the indicators flash but the indicators do not come on. When the indicators are switched on they work normally as does do the hazards. Can someone please...
  15. I2C

    AVI (Approved Voltage Indicator) - Common Misconceptions

    Hi Guys! I've worked with a few qualified-electricians recently and I'm shocked with the large-scale misconceptions regarding the proper safe-isolation procedure, particularly concerning the function of an AVI (Approved Voltage Indicator). During the last few weeks I've met several domestic...
  16. Dan Brown

    Volkswagen Golf Indicator Problems

    Hi all Don't no if anyone will have any ideas about this sitation but I will ask. I've got a VW golf 2009 2.0 TDI and recently when I use the right indicator the left indicator comes on instead then switches back to the right, they both sometimes come on at the same time aswell, it also...
  17. Andy C

    Old Butler and Maid panel repair, ideas please.

    I have been doing some work for a friend of mine and he has an old wooden indicator box with 6 flags in it for various rooms and an indicator for the main door to the house. The relatively new bell wire that was put in by the electrician that rewired the place (not me) is all fine, I have...
  18. E

    A reluctant intro...

    Hi All I've used other forums and have met all manner of keyboard warriors, bigots, hypocrites etc etc and so I really hope this one will be different. I am one of the industry's unpopular castes - 31 years sat at a desk, talking the talk as a commercial property surveyor and have re-qualified...
  19. M

    Portable iPhone charger

    Evening all! I want to make myself a charger unit for iPhone / iPad? I'm thinking a 22ah battery, charge level indicator, and usb sockets on the output? Does anyone have any experience, advice, or recommendations, that they think may be of use please? Thanks in advance!
  20. Sonia Norman

    voltage tester

    Hi I am probably going to sound stupid asking this question but here goes. I have just bought a new LAP voltage tester. when testing my plug sockets using a socket test connector I am getting a reading of .410V. Now this is where I will probably sound stupid but I was expecting around the 230V...
  21. G

    Calibrating voltage indicators

    Im getting everything setup for my part p assessment and am wondering if i need to get the voltage indicator calibrated, its the dilog combivolt 2. Ta.
  22. M

    Martindale Voltage Indicator VI13700G

    Do Martindale VI13700 Voltage Indicators and proving units need calibrating.
  23. a-z electrics

    Domestic Illuminated light switches

    I have been asked to fit light switches outside of various cupboards with integral indicators so that the client doesnt forget to leave light on.. I have used 20A appliance switches with neons so far - BG ones are quite cheap, about £2.80 plus vat - but does anyone know if there is such a thing...
  24. P

    polarity testing

    hi guys, could do with some help. I undetand how to do my polairy testing on a normaly circuit. e.g lighting circuit. but how do you do polarity testing of the incoming supply? thanks
  25. W

    Testing Supply of a Fridge..

    Hi there, I was testing the supply of a fridge with a voltage indicator. I tested the incoming suppy which was fine but when I tested the terminals on the compressor it tripped out the mcb. Why would this happen if Im using a voltage indicator and not shorting anything out as such? Thanks
  26. S

    Indicator Light on Changeover switch

    Got to put a mains indicator light on the mains side of a changeover switch, Was just wondering if I can connect the light just with 0.75 flex direct (like a shower/cooker switch) or should I put a fuseholder inline to fuse it down?
  27. A

    3 phase rotation tester

    Anyone got 1 for sale or know any websites?
  28. P

    intermittent shower problem

    Hi, anyone any initial thoughts on this - Electric shower with cord pull isolator with neon indicator. Shower gets used then 3 to 4 mins into shower it stops, neon indicator in pull switch goes out. Go and pull the switch a couple of times and the shower comes back on and works ok. This has...
  29. Z

    Fluke or Di-Log ?

    Hi guys! Which is better Fluke or Di-Log? I need to buy some voltage indicators and voltage testers so I wander which one to buy.
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