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    Bulb flicker for 1ms. Is this reason to worry?

    Hello. Today in night bulb in my room flicker for maybe 1ms,so fast. Light flicker for 1ms. It happened once. And never in past. Now its fine again. Is this reason to worry? There is not storm here in Poland,also weather is warm. No circuit overload,only laptop and pc on.
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    What would cause this light fixture to flicker randomly?

    I have a two-light fixture in my kitchen. See this video showing the flickering. Here are the observations: Both light flicker at different times seemingly randomly 80% of the time they don't flicker It worked for many years Roughly 4 years ago it flickered for like a week then it stopped. The...
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    Dimming lights in one room makes lights in another room flicker

    Hi, I recently did a complete house refub, including entirely new electrical wiring and fuse box. Unfortunately the builders (who supplied their own electrician) turned out to be a bunch of cowboys. They left about a month ago, and today I noticed something very strange in the first floor...
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    LED Flicker

    Hi guys, I have 2 wall lights connected in parallel to a dimmer switch. I've fitted 2 dimmable LED's which seem to work OK, however sometimes when dimmed they occasionally flicker. I've noticed that if I unscrew one of the LED's the remaining one never flickers under any circumstances. Why do...
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    LED Flicker earth leakage problems

    Alright lads, new here as looking for some advice on a fault I've never come across and can't pinpoint.. Basically Got LED LIGHTS on compatible dimmers etc...problem I have is now and again they flicker....and I can hear a sound in fuse board as if there's an arc? But there are no loose...
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    Lights flicker when using tools

    Any electric motor, drill etc. plugged into any outlet is (suddenly) making my lights flicker. Wired my house 5 yrs ago and of course all outlets are on separate circuits w 12g Rolex 20 amp breakers All lighting is on 14g Romex and 15 amp breakers. NEVER had an issue. Not the slightest...
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    Shower on Ceiling Light Flickers - advice needed please

    Hello, I am not an electrician. I don't normally post on forums but I'm at breaking point with this situation and require some advice please. Our new shower was installed earlier this year. Since it was installed when you press the new shower on the ceiling light in the bathroom flickers...
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    Ceiling lights flicker when turned on

    Hi Our first floor ceiling lights are all on the same circuit on the breaker board. The have started flickering sometimes when turned on. The flickering will last up to 5 second then the light will turn on and be fine. Sometimes when another light is turned on within the same circuit all of...
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    help with flickering when switched on

    Hi all new here just need some help and I am not a electrican i have LED's gu10s when I turn the swich on it is not a dimmer and it is the swich that was in when we had halogens thay flicker and thay may have been on a 30sec or so then will do the same when I also but the indution hob on it...
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    Domestic Problem LED lighting

    Hi guys, I'm hoping there'll be someone out there that could help me on a problem thats occurring with some LED lighting I've installed... I recently re-wired a large premises of which I installed 4 main lighting mains due to the size of the property. The problem I'm getting denotes only to the...
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    what frequency do 'HFAC' low voltage transformers (like varilight) typically output?

    Hi, I'm replacing low voltage halogen with MR11 and MR16 LED bulbs. AC supply would be simplest because of existing wiring, but I'm concerned about LED flicker: Characterizing and Minimizing LED Flicker - Lighting Solutions | DigiKey I'm looking at varilight transformers: VARILIGHT...
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    Flickering light circuit

    Hi, called to a job where the "lights flicker" Old rewieable fuse board with no RCD 5A light circuit which does flicker randomly every 20>30 seconds or so, no other real loads on . Stripped the light circuit and found the first light on the loop in system , connected this back up and left...
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    Flickering led

    Hi all I have installed some dimmable led spots, 3 lights on one switch and 3 on another switch both are on dimmer switches on a 2 gang plate. When i dim one set of lights down the other ones flicker. And ideas why this could be? Many thanks Guy
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    Dimmer Flicker

    Advice Please.. Installed a 1 gang double dimmer powering, on one side, a triple 3x50w halogen ceiling fitting. On the other side it powers 2 separate 50w halogen switched wall mounted spots connected part way down the line at a simple junction box housed in the roof-space. The two separate...
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    MR11 leds flickering

    Hi, i've just replaced some mr11 gu4 halogens with led lamps, they all work but ocassionally they flicker, there are 2 12v 105w transformers each with 5 lamps, only 1 set will flicker at any time so i'm ruling out a mains fault, has anyone experienced anything similar? are there specific...
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