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  1. C

    Noise from fuse box

    Right I’ve woke this morning to notice the immersion isn’t working. It had tripped in the box when I put the trip switch back to the on position there is a noise coming from the box itself sounds like a buzzing noise wouldn’t say it’s a loud crackling noise though. It’s stressing me out.
  2. V

    Relay Noise

    Hello everyone! I'm doing a project in my car where I have those kind of courtesy lights on your feet when you open the doors. To achieve this I used a relay, the switch to turn the relay on is the lights on the roof and the power for the LEDs comes from a piggyback fuse from the fuse box. With...
  3. S

    Electric heater disconnected but still makes “click” noise

    I opened the circuit breaker to my 240vac electric heater. It still makes a “click” noise every so often like it’s trying to turn on. No heat come out. There is no thermostat. I’m confused. Help resolving this issue would be greattt.. thanks
  4. W

    Domestic Strange buzz/chirp noise coming from anything plugged in

    Hi, recently I noticed a repeating static kind of sound (here's a recording, its kind of quiet - Vocaroo | Voice message - coming from the power supplies of pretty much anything plugged in in my flat. (first noticed in my computer, then my monitor, charging...
  5. S

    Noise in wall when switch is turned off

    I replaced a switch and box that feeds a bathroom ceiling fan. Now there is a click in the wall 6 feet away when I turn the switch off. It doesn't happen everytime. What is causing this and how did it result from a simple switch replace?
  6. J

    Jaguar XK in cabin electrical whining noise

    Hi all I hear a whining noise in cabin, AC off, audio off It is relatively low volume and the noise pitch follows exactly the motor revs Seems like an induced noise... Any idea what to look for ? Thanks
  7. F

    Cooper Menvier 9651 security alarm makes humming noise

    Our Cooper Menvier is only 4 years old and had its battery replaced because it periodically makes a loud humming noise that goes on for up to 40 minutes before stopping. It does this every few days, sometimes for a few days running. We called out the supplier and they changed the battery 4...
  8. F

    noise sign on kewtek kt64dl mft

    occasionally when testing I get the noise signal coming up on my tester this stops me getting a reading, sometimes I think its a poor connection with probes and I've had it with induced voltages from other circuits anyone else had similar and what else can happen for this noise icon to come on...
  9. T

    Triple light switch makes ticking noise - even after I replaced it. What's going on here?

    Hi all I'm just a DIYer, not a trained sparky. The triple light switch in my kitchen was making a ticking noise. By elimination, I found it was the middle switch. I didn't like a switch making a noise, so I just replaced it, only to find that the new switch also makes a ticking noise and again...
  10. S

    Interaction between loads - power quality and noise.

    Hello, Sorry if this isn't the right forum for this. Didn't look to be far off... So I'm looking for some advice please with regards to interaction between loads sharing a circuit. I understand (or think I do!) a lot of the composite concepts and I think I have an idea of what my answer might...
  11. rolyberkin

    Whining inteference from in car DVD player/Screens

    I have a new car and have moved my kids in car DVD screens from a Passat to an Audi Q3, there is a significant whining noise and lines across the screen, I have just tried to get it up and running quick for a journey tomorrow so have just wired it to a cigarette plug, i have also tried an in...
  12. D

    EMI/RFI Noise filter

    Noise filter will be in between wall 240V and device. If the device is rated at 10AMPS then what AMP noise filter is required? Is it 20% above device rating? regards.
  13. mhar

    Contactor query

    Don't come accross these that often but today I have one that is buzzing a bit and is warm (compared to it's neighbouring mcb's) but not hot. It appears as though it is the control input that is causing the noise and heat as I am able to turn the loads off. It is a Hagar ES240. Does this need to...
  14. darkwood

    Brain busters

    Right guys and girls, I'm kickstarting a thread that asks what appear to be quite simple to moderately complicated questions within the realms of what we observe daily to science and space. These questions are designed to initially seem simple in solution, that is until you actually start...
  15. Marvo

    Offroad Project

    Overbudget by an enormous amount and the project took 4 months longer than planned but it's finally finished. It turned into a mad scramble (excuse the pun) because I have a 4 day trip in the Karoo planned over the Christmas holidays with some buddies but finally I road tested it coaxed it...
  16. M

    External Siren Sounds Like A Frog

    Hi I have a really old Yale HSA-2500 burglar alarm installed in my house but I am having an issue with my external siren. It seems to be going off but the sound is a very muffled froggy type of a noise. My system seems to set ok (although one of my PIR's seems to have died and doesn't trigger...
  17. HandySparks

    Noisy LED lamps

    Just installed 12 light fittings an a new house. Most using several G9 LED lamps. I was surprised to find that there was a distinctly audible hum from many of the fittings. These were ceiling lights consisting of a large thin chromed steel disc fixed via a bracket to the ceiling and supporting...
  18. W

    Vent-Axia v Manrose

    Vent-Axia bathroom fan with timer, £49.79 (screwfix) Manrose bathroom fan with timer, £19.99 (screwfix) Both 100mm, different front grills. Go for the Vent-Axia tried and trusted for zillions of years, after all they have the name! Errr, nope all that's different is the front cover, exact...
  19. G

    Working times

    Hi guys Does anyone know what between what times of day you are allowed to work and make noise etc including the weekends. In domestic commercial sorts of premises where there are the public nearby. Always feel bad working late and making noise but was told that on a weekday between 7-9 was...
  20. driverman

    Fluke tester

    Hi guys, for those of you into testing a lot, using a Fluke 1652C all in one tester. What does EER 5 mean when testing? I'm told it could mean noise. Could someone explain please? The test are mainly carried out on larger size distribution cables (longer runs etc) as opposed to domestic...
  21. L

    Plug sockets on a party wall

    Hi, I am planning a house refurb and would like to have a number of new plug sockets on the party wall for the TV, Sky, DVD etc. so about six double sockets plus the socket for TV aerial and BT socket, instead of using a plug extension. My house is a 10 years old terrace house (so I have...
  22. N

    Domestic Noise on phone extension.

    I have an issue with noise on a phone extension. I have tested the line at the test socket at the master and the noise is not present so it must be internal wiring. I have repunched the cable at each end but the noise remains - bar installing fresh cable (which I cant see how it would make a...
  23. C

    err 79 on megger 1552

    any know what error 79 is on a megger 1552, set up i was testing is proteus 8way main cu with just mcb's no rcd, just fitted a bg 40A 30mA 2 way rcd unit with 32A and 6A mcb's as a submain which is fed from the proteus board off a spare 40A mcb fed in 6mm clipped direct which is about 10inch in...
  24. T

    Transformer or Central Heating buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Hi All, I would really appreciate if someone could help me ascertain what the continuous electrical buzz/hum noise is under my floorboards? I stay in a flat directly above a shop. They had been leaving their Emergency Light on through the night and I thought this may have been contributing to...
  25. M

    1653 fluke error

    Hi guys I use a fluke 1653 mft for testing at work. We work on mainly TT systems so when zs testing it is on no-trip. I don't have no instructions for this tester and more and more increasing I am getting a error 5 when zs testing. Can anyone tell me what a error 5 is and what a error 4 is as...
  26. I

    New Job with a new problem - electronic ear defenders

    Firstly I am glad to say I am back in work as an engineer WOOO!!!!!! Kinda happy about that. Am needing some new ear defenders, and someone must have come across a pair. One of the factories I work in is noisy, not hugely, but enough that ear defenders are a good idea if in there for more...
  27. T

    Domestic domestic prices

    is it just me...when I'm at my wholesaler there's not much chat between sparks, just customer and wholesaler. let alone any reference to prices charged etc, yet when I pop into the plumbers merchant next door....loads of chat and discussion on prices. it is so competetive in Brighton that...
  28. D

    Smoke alarm beeping

    Hi Folks Perhaps one you worldly types can succeed where our local sparky is flummoxed. Our smoke alarm has been beeping every thirty seconds. We have two, both hard-wired to the electric and also with a 9v back up battery in each detector. We replaced the 9vs in both this morning and...
  29. B

    Power shower help please?

    Hi folks Amateur here. Generally okay with basic electrics but a bit stumped with this one. Today I tried to install a power shower. It's an aqualisa shower with the pump built in. I was replacing a previous shower, which turned on/off via a pull chord, and replicated the wiring. Strange...
  30. R

    Wind noise of roof mounted PV array

    I just conducted a site survey and got a new question that I didn't know the answer to.... The customer has an open barn conversion and explains that the rain makes a terrible noise and can disturb tv watching for example. The PV panels will provide a barrier to rainfall hopefully reducing the...
  31. T

    Mains Connection?

    Hi All, I suspect this has been covered many times but I cannot find a definitive answer. I am undertaking my first install which will be used for assessment. The inverter is a SB2500 with electrical separation so does not need RCD protection. My AC cable to the loft will be buried in, so...
  32. S

    "Quite" Bathroom Pullcord Switch

    Hi All Is there such thing as a quite pull cord switch?? My standard MK switch wakes up the baby and really annoys the hell out of me as its just so loud. Don't want to go down the PIR route and don't want a dimmable switch. Any Ideas??
  33. S

    Buzzing comin from Alarm

    Hi all... Im new to the forum Im not an electrician by trade and have a question - we recently moved into a home we bought, the ex-owner had an alarm but didnt leave any code and we could not contact her so yesterday we arranged for someone to come out to look at it and give us a price for...
  34. L

    Noise using a dimmer

    Hi Just had a text message from a friend asking for some help, so thought you guys might be able to help. He has 5 x 12v downlighters in his sitting room, all working fine but he wanted a dimmer switch, so he fitted a 2 gang 400w switch, now he tells me the max on the switch is 315w on one...
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