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  1. I

    Why won’t my LED chandelier illuminate properly?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. After about two years, a LED ring (20” in diameter) chandelier in our dining room started flickering. A week later, the flickering stopped but the ring would barely glow. An electrician was called and he replaced the driver however, the LED ring...
  2. S

    Led strip lights & 12v battery

    Hi all, I have a couple of questions I'm hoping you can help with. I have put a solar panel on my kids play house which charges a 12v battery. I have so far wired 3 lights and everything works great. I wanted to add an LED strip light in the understanding that they only require 12v. I bought...
  3. Landin

    I need help with LED light strips. I have a 120v 10a ac/dc power source. A led controller that can handle the power and output.

    As the title says. But then I cut off a jst connection off one of the light strips and I can't get them to work together... the one strip is plug and play and I wanted to attach the next one to the strip at the end so they work on the same command. It's all going into a party bus so there is a...
  4. GeoPag

    Rewiring Medicine cabinet to accept LED light tubes

    Hi, I am restoring an old art deco, wall mount medicine cabinet. The cabinet has an 18” fluorescent light tube on each side. Before I put a lot of money into restoring this (mostly chroming parts) I want to make sure I can get lights for it, preferably LEDs, and need to know what I should...
  5. S

    2 LED light transformers popped

    Hi, I have two LED light panels (like this: LED Panel 120x30cm - Varm hvid 3000K-40W - https://www.ledpaneler.dk/led-panel-hvid-kant-120x30cm-3000k.html?source=googlebase&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5ZHDw8mGggMVrjsGAB0_SQVMEAQYAiABEgKigfD_BwE) which both popped, within about a second of each other, while...
  6. littlespark

    thin under unit LED light

    Ive got an old T5 (or4?) fitting to change to LED, but its built into the kitchen cabinet between two shelves of glass. Is there any like this: 13W LED Slimline Under Cabinet Link Light 4000K - https://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/products/4228924-13-watt-slimline-led-linklight but only 18mm wide...
  7. Jameskhan111

    Help needed with led light strip

    Hi there, Please can I have some help with the following: I want to have some perimeter lighting in the ceiling which will be using the aluminium profiles that are plastered in. I am going to be using the following: FCOB RGBCCT LED Light Strip 6 Pin 12mm DC24V 960 LEDs RGB CW WW FOB...
  8. CNCman

    LED Light Fixtures Needed

    I installed these round light fixtures in my office 23 years ago. After a few years the circular flourescent tubes went out and I replaced them. Those finally died and I bought these nifty LED replacements. They have 5 strong magnets on the back, I wired them in, stuck the magents to the back of...
  9. B

    Short 0.75mm flex cable used as fixed for one led light, 1 90 bend, 1 m long

    1 out of 3 electricians told that 0.75 has to be replaced : Short 0.75mm flex cable used as fixed for one led light, 1 90 bend, 1 m long. Sorry reposting in DIY section, because I’m being moderated in pro section. Only posting there because I don’t get many replies in here. Regular CU with 2...
  10. B

    Advice a reliable ip44 warm led light up to 1m

    Hi to all, can you please advice a reliable ip44 warm led light strip/batten up to 1m to be placed under "hanged" sink cabinet? thank you
  11. C

    Neutral fault with LED light fixtures

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the industry(Qualified a few months ago). I have a client with 6 LED light fixtures on the same circuit/breaker, 3 are working fine and 3 seem to have a neutral fault(230v live to earth,+/-90v neutral to earth and +/-130v live to neutral). The rest of the installation...
  12. I

    LED light fixture flickering after changing switches

    Hello everyone, I recently changed a 3-way normal switch to a smart one (Kasa HS210). Both are not dimmable. The LED light started flickering after that. The problem remained even after I replaced the old switch back. I have tried tightening all the connections and wire nuts. These are the...
  13. B

    LED Light Bar - drunken ebay purchase

    I drunkenly bought a 4ft LED light bar on ebay. It supposedly lights up in different colours. Now that it has arrived, I have no idea how I am supposed to connect it - and I suspect it may be intended for commercial use. I don't really know what I ultimately intend to do with it - but now that...
  14. J

    12v led light for shed

    I want to install a 12v led light in my shed, can anyone recommend the type of wire and transformer I would need for a 10w light? The cable would run about 8 meters outside. Thanks
  15. S

    Switched LED light on without ground (Jeep)

    I wired in an auxiliary fan to my Jeep radiator. Details: 1. Fan grounded to body. 2. Power wire for fan goes to standard 4 pin relay (with prewired harness) 3. Constant hot 12V for relay goes to 30amp breaker then to battery. 4. Engine-on power12V for relay goes to fusebox in engine...
  16. C

    Dimmer switch for LED lights.

    I’m looking for a dimmer switch that works well with Sylvania’s 61405 LED wafer lights. Only two lights on the switch. I installed the switch in the picture, and it did nothing. Thanks for your input.
  17. P

    LED light flutter and audio noise in studio

    DIYer here (more knowledgeable than average) seeking advice. I have two issues that I think are related. I own and operate a recording studio that is an addition to my home. I have LED lighting throughout the house and studio. All of the LED bulbs will flutter for about 5 seconds at a time...
  18. J

    Wiring outdoor Wall Sconce LED Light

    Hi guys, my whole post got deleted so time to write again. I am used to wiring indoor lights but need some help for outdoor. We are putting in 4 LED Wall lights and i am wondering what cable to use for it? Is it SWA, SY, Outdoor Rubber Flex, or something else? Can i just use basic 1.5MM T&E...
  19. M

    Led light options

    Hi guys I'm doing my ceiling lights and would love to hear your thoughts I'm torn between smart LEDS that you can merge with you phone etc , although how practical is that? Eg in the middle every night I just want on and off I don't want you to be in 15 different colours e.t.c. OR The LEDs...
  20. G

    LED Light Socket Dimmer switches?

    I have some really nice vintage type LED bulbs on some dimmer sockets I installed on several of my lights. The problem is they flicker, switch on and off when dimmed. Seems like there would be a lot of these sockets, but I can not find them anywhere. Amazon for example has a bunch of these...


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