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  1. P

    Removing a knockout in an older box

    Hi, DIYer here with I think a super simple question. I'm trying to remove a knockout in an electric box. Tried tapping from both sides with a hammer and screwdriver but no luck. Seems like an older box. Definitely looks more solid than what I see today for sale. Any ideas on how to remove...
  2. C

    Removing a switch component from a usb circuit board

    Hey guys, I have a set of lights that are USB powered. They have a push button switch. I would like to remove the switch component from the circuit board so that when I plug in the lights they come on automatically. Is this possible/safe to do? If so is it as simple are just soldering off...
  3. N

    Removing a corroded lug

    Hi, Does anyone know of a way to remove a corroded lug holding the neutral wire to a neutral bar in a meter socket? It’s completely stuck and I'm afraid of breaking the neutral bar if too much force is used, cause then we will have to replace the entire meter socket (it seems like they don't...
  4. Bobby34

    Removing socket outlets

    Hi guys and girls, A client is moving their kitchen into another room that currently has a few sockets in it. The sockets are currently on a ring final circuit that covers every socket in the house. They've asked me to add sockets for the new kitchen so I am going to run a new kitchen circuit...
  5. B

    Domestic Removing a circuit with security alarm - help?

    Hi, I have just moved into a new house and there is a security alarm that doesn't work properly and the trip switch of the circuit that it is on is just permanently down. I want to rip out the alarm and get rid of it as it is old and no good. Can I just remove the circuit from the Consumer...
  6. Sparksaflyin

    clever ways of ring final test without removing spur fronts??

    Morning fellas. I know from regular visits to this website that we have some rather intuitive Sparkie’s on here so I thought I’d join in the fun. I’ve got a rather basic question to start with but also where some of you can hopefully show your tips and tricks. Im currently working on a...
  7. P

    Removing small section of coving

    I need to remove a small section of plaster coving to run a new cable from the wall downstairs to under the upstairs floorboards (putting a new light in they want on a seperate switch). So ideally I want to remove a small section of coving and then replace it. I have done this in the past with...
  8. N

    Removing 10V dimmer from bank of 2D CFLs

    We have a set of Thorn 2D CFLs controlled by a 10V dimmer switch. We no longer require the dimming function so, by disconnecting the 2 x 10V connections from the variable resistor, the lights are operating at maximum brightness. Just checking is it okay to leave these 2 leads disconnected, or...
  9. happyhippydad

    Removing an electrical cable on customers property... that doesn't belong to the customer!

    Afternoon all, I have just been to do a quote for an elderly lady to remove a cable from under a stone driveway. Her neighbours jacked up her car and moved it off her driveway, then made a channel in her driveway, then laid their cable across her driveway to their garage. They gave her...
  10. A

    Smoke alarm problem - AICO Ei141

    Hi, Our house has three of these alarms, interlinked so if one goes off then it sets the others off a couple of seconds later. For reasons I needn't go into I had one of them disconnected last night by removing the main unit from the base plate, and removing its battery. Also the lighting...
  11. J

    trouble with newly installed MK c/u

    recently changed an old fuseboard to a new MK consumer unit with 2rcbo's and then RCD with 5 mcb's on it, now i IR all the circuits and all came out at <299Mohm but since day 1 the rcd has tripped whenever a high load is switched on? i tried the up and down ring and the fridge radial on 1 of the...
  12. R

    Panel heaters in/storage heaters out

    Haven't had the pleasure of working with panel heaters, are they relatively easy to install? What I'm more concerned about is removing old storage heaters, is there anything tricky involved with this or do you just disconnect and whack them out? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. P

    Ignis akl700 switch and block

    Hi I have managed to blow the ignition switch on the gas hob after removing it and accidentally allowing it to touch the hob. After removing it, it appears one of the switch's metal connector prongs has melted into the plastic connector block (underneath the hob). Therefore I need to...
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