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  1. pirate

    Totally random pics from my desk...

    My pal set this up for me, and it is the only use for the big shims in the bumper pack i bought 10 years ago... well, ok, I have used some, but these are being replaced very soon by a custom wire mesh tray system to keep the air flowing
  2. Marti

    Random RCD trip & interconnected circuits. Suggestions appreciated.

    Hi There, I was called out to a house RCD trip which would not reset. An old style 10 way split board with a single 30 ma RCD (half without RCD protection). RCD checks out fine but I found a faulty chandelier & replaced it with a single bulb for now. Also a faulty 12v transformer flickering; now...
  3. F

    Random socket tripping

    Hi, Our breaker box is located in the cellar. We experience random socket trips throughout the year. Summertime seems to be the best when we can go months without an issue. Autumn/winter time is awful. We have had 3 trips within the last 24 hours. No new appliance has been switched on when the...
  4. pirate

    Random stuff, just for sharing, thank you!

    To kick this off, I really need to know what this is for...I don't think I need it, it is probably for a non-DeWalt tool... It came sandwiched in the cardboard with a new blade.
  5. Dave Rudderham

    Random thought - Level 3 EAL.

    So I'm well on the way to completing the second practical assessment in the EAL L3 EI course. Me being me, and the tutor saying "We don't normally switch the neutral in the UK" I decided (with permission) to adapt the assessment and move the neutral conductor out to the DIN rail. I've drawn out...
  6. S

    Random voltage/Power loss

    Hello everyone I am a new member to this and was wondering if anyone can help. We have a client at a pub that randomly loses power to several circuits for about 2 seconds, then comes back on. We are trying to establish whether the problem is coming from the incoming supply or a sub circuit. The...
  7. LeeH

    Random Swans In The Garden.

    Not pets, but any fellow animal lover will appreciate this. A pair of swans very occasionally vist us, but this time they brought along some babies! I thought I try and feed them for the first time, turns out they are pretty tame. View My Video
  8. M

    fluke 1652b

    hi just looking at the fluke as listed above, does and body know if it has rechargable battries on board? im sick of changing them over in my megger! best regards mike (any other opinions welcome ) )
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