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    MR16 RGB led 5w bulb enclosed fixture

    Looking for recommendations for an affordable MR16 12vac 5w RGB led bulb for an enclosed fixture. I am installing fixtures in my pool cage in my lanai. I will need 10 bulbs.
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    How to fix or disable a photoelectric sensor in an exterior light fixture?

    How to fix or disable a photoelectric sensor in an exterior light fixture? Mine is broken in porch so that the bulb light never turns on regardless if is night time, Thanks Source URL: DIY Electrical Forum -
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    Sourcing Right Components for Custom COB LED Lighting Fixture

    Hello! I am hoping to learn more about powering LEDs for a custom panel I am designing.. I am not re-inventing the wheel here, but am simply after a lot of output :) My design will be for the Film/Lighting industry where Color accuracy is important as well as flicker free appearance on...
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    Swapping an old ceiling fixture. Replace the box? Add a ground? Thoughts?

    I just took down an old chandelier. I'm looking to swap it out with a different old fixture, but I am interested in making it as safe as possible. I attached a picture of the fixture box as it is now and would really appreciate opinions on what needs to be done. At the very least, I feel like...
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    Help with wiring a light fixture please

    Hi, I had a working ceiling light fixture in a closet that was swapped out for a new LED light by a family member. The old fixture was working fine but unfortunately the wiring was not documented before it got disconnected and my family member ran into some issues figuring out how to connect...
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    Changing light fixture

    Hi, I have changed our light fixture that used 3x 7w e14 bulbs to 30w led panel, but the light does not work. The wiring is correct and both lights are rated 230v 50hz. Do I need LED driver or is there possibly some other problem? Thank you in advance.
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    Bayonet bulb base stuck in light fixture

    So I was changing a lightbulb with a wide bayonet base to it. The actual glass bulb itself has come away completely, but the bayonet base and contact wires are still stuck in the light. How do I remove this?
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    Help with wiring a light fixture please!

    Hey guys would appreciate some help wiring a new light fixture. It has two separate switches that control it. The way the wires are exactly lt how it looked when I took down the old fixture. Please see the attached picture. Thank you!
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    USA All-Pro Dusk to Dawn 110 deg. Fluorescent Bronze Walk Light Fixture Hardwired

    I had the All Pro dusk to dawn installed in 2015..the light bulb burned out last week. The electrician replaced the fluorescent bulb. That night it did not light although they checked the bulb earlier it worked. I read where you might have to reset breaker so I did and the light worked two...
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    Kitchen light fixture wiring

    Hello, I'm after some advice about how to wire in a new light fixture in my kitchen please. The attached pictures show the current fixture wired up, and also the new fixture. Thank you! Rory
  11. O

    Industrial light fixture wiring

    I am trying to create a custom light/chandelier to hang above a kitchen island. The roof above this island is irregular (see image 1) and I have 2 points to connect to (the larger one actually has a double cable). I don't necessarily need to use all the points, I can just use one then...
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    Attaching dimmer switch to light fixture

    Hello there, I am quite handy but electricals is one thing i have never messed with and im needing a bit of help. I am making a couple of incubators for gecko eggs. I am using polystyrene boxes and want to put lights into the top of them. I want to use the light fixtures which plug straight...
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    Can a fluke T90 continuity tester be capable of confirming a new light fixture is good to go or not?

    Hi guys, I have wired light fixtures and hard wired a lot of cookers in the past, been all fine. I'm now training to be an electrician, the course itself is level 1 electrical installation. I have just bought my first continuity tester which is a fluke T90 and wondering if this is good enough...
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    Power supply for led fixture

    Hello, my cousin gave me a led fixture for which the power supply is no longer working. He threw it away so I cannot look at the specs there. He says he measured 78v out of the power supply before throwing it away, but he did not sound convincing. In the pictures attached you can see the whole...
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    Domestic LED Ceiling Fixture Replacement Help

    Hello, all, I am seeking advice to fit a new fixture I brought just recently. Currently active is a simple rose with bulb. I’m a novice when it comes to electrics, can change a few plug sockets and sometimes a light, but this baffles me. The junction box with the new light comes with the clip...
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    Changing a light fixture...

    I want to change the nasty looking light fitting in my daughters room. Simple enough, grabbed a new pendant type rose thing (can you tell I’m a pro?) and started to take off the current fixture. Here is where the issues began, I was expecting the normal 3 wire setup but I was met with...
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    Dimmer switch light fixture problem

    Hi all, I've just moved into a rental house and am having a nightmare figuring out what type of light bulb to use in the ceiling fixture in one of the upstairs rooms. The bulb that's in the fixture now works, although does not dim (if I turn the dial at the wall). It also happens to be a very...
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    Bathroom Zone 1 to Zone 3 type fitting conversion and GU10 LED questions

    I am not an electrician, but before I go and call out fellows in the trade who charge by the hour just to give an opinion, I thought I'd ask you gentlefolk some questions: I have two bathrooms, one with a sliding-door shower alone, another with a bathtub with an over-bath shower. The first...
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    Domestic QUERY - Potential LNE fault - Lighting

    So on one bedroom light in a clients home, Switch off at the pendant L-> N = 30Volts, L->E = 108-110Volts, N->E=244Volts Checked the main lighting junction box and everything is wired ok there, though this bedroom only still reads 110V L-E (RCD doesn't trip either) Slightly strangely the light...
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    Ceiling spot halogen dismounting

    Hi, my friend has in his bathroom 12v halogen ceiling lamps. They got springs which hold fixture in place. I have no idea how to lift them up and dismount fixture without damaging ceiling. Any idea? Kind regards John
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