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  1. D

    Electrician Hampshire Volunatary Trainee / Mates / Apprentice opportunities

    Hi, I am in the Havant / Hampshire area and qualified through the Domestic Installers course. In the long term i'm looking to eventually change careers. I have the 18th Edition, Part P, Level 2 Inspection & Testing course and completed this through the EAL route via EC4U Brighton. I would like...
  2. W

    Employment for the unqualified/unexperienced trainee

    having enrolled myself onto an electricians course at the end of jan, after deciding on a complete career change of baker/retail worker in the 25 years since leaving high school (electrician was the second choice of career when finnishing high school), after 7 months of reading books/submitting...
  3. M

    Level 3 adult Trainee rate

    I've a question that I'm looking for peoples thoughts on. I'm currently a level 3 adult Trainee at a JIB company. I'd consider myself for more dedicated, professional and working to a higher standard than that expected of me due to unforseen circumstances within the company. I've requested a...
  4. W

    employment as a trainee sparky

    having started the journey of training for the sparky trade, (but yet to attend classes) what's the best advice for someone who has no experience or officiall training to go about getting part time employment during the training period, aswell as finding a employer that would ok to a changing...
  5. TraineeMaintenanceSpark

    I've been given a second chance

    Good morning everyone, Thanks for having me! I was an apprentice from May 2008- August 2009 gaining my Level 2 certificate in Electrical Installation but I was 16 and wasn't quite ready for the big bad world of work and got sacked. I then laboured for a builder who we did electrical work for...
  6. C

    Electrician Committed trainee looking for a chance

    Hello everyone, My name is Charles and I’m located in Canterbury, Kent. I’m 27, 5 years previous military experience and 5 and a half years electrical experience on the DNO/energy suppliers side installing meters, economy 7 off peak heating contactors, isolators, etc. I’m currently studying my...
  7. J

    Trainee hours (part-time)

    I'm currently working as a Controls and Instrumentation Technician. Aside from my C&I qualifications and experience I hold the following electrical qualifications: C&G 2365 Level 2 C&G 2365 Level 3 Booked to take my C&G 2382 18th Edition exam in a few months. Really want more electrical...
  8. B

    work trousers for trainee electrician

    any recommendations for work trousers, preferably 35 quid and under?
  9. B

    How to apply to gain access to trainee forum

    How to Apply to gain access to trainee forum - reason - I am studying C&G level 3 through trade skills 4 U. I want to discuss / get help with my level 3 project which is a hotel and pool area
  10. S

    Will an HNC in electrical engineering count towards an adult trainee apprenticeship

    Will an HNC in electrical engineering count towards an adult trainee apprenticeship, IE would it allow me to skip some of the college theory exams due to having passed a higher level of theory? Just wondering as I might have the chance at a adult trainee apprenticeship but already have a HNC in...
  11. D

    Access for the trainee forum

    Hello there. I am starting my electrician journey next week with the first day of my course and was wondering if I could be added to the trainee forum. Willing to send the required details to appropriate moderator just not on a public forum :) Many thanks
  12. Steady Steve

    Just starting as trainee

    Hi all. I'm really pleased to be joining this very welcoming forum for such a newby as me. There must be a wealth of knowledge here. As I come to the end of my career as a Project Manager, I want to take the opportunity to start in the interesting world of the electrician. So here I am starting...
  13. TraineeSparks

    Another new trainee...

    should age be a factor? I've dabbled a little bit in the past but events took me elsewhere. Good to be back on track to finish off what I originally wanted to make a life out of. Looking forward to actually learning the old school methods as much as the new so I can pass on the knowledge In the...
  14. R

    Electricians Mate Trainee. Looking for weekend work around Middlesbrough/Billingham

    Hello I'm Ryan,27, I'm currently doing my level 2 2365 at college. Have preivous experience in domestic installations. Looking to give a free pair of hands on weekends around Middlesbrough/Billingham/Durham. Please get in touch. Thanks
  15. B

    Just saying Hi, also would like trainee forum access

    Hi I’m hoping to find some good advice from those experienced in the electrical industry. I’m 23 and from Birmingham, I completed my level 2 and 3 C&G Diploma in Electrical Installation (2365). Has anyone got any advice on what I could do to gain practical experience to help my CV? I do...
  16. A

    Trainee access to trainee forum

    Hi I'm interested in getting access to the trainee forum. I have completed my 2365 level 2, BS7671 18 edition and in the process of completing my level 3 2365 at Crawley College. thanks Alex
  17. NorthantsSpark

    Electricians Mate ⚡ Northants Trainee Electrician Available ⚡

    Hi All, I'm an adult Trainee Electrician looking for a job around Northamptonshire ideally. I can travel to surrounding counties. I have a full clean driving licence and car. I'm ex-Army Royal Signals left in 2014, fell into specialist cleaning since then and just finished my C&G Level 2...
  18. E

    31F, Scotland - Starting out

    Hi everyone, Thanks for clicking on my post! I have just applied to sit my pre employment test (SECTT),I've done practice questions and all seems straight forward enough. Looking to get a bit more advice re getting employed as an adult apprentice. I'm in the NE of Scotland. I always wanted to do...
  19. A

    New trainee at 46 ?

    Hi all. New electrician. Still a trainee in my first year. Coming from a children's care then housing background. Absolutely mind blown so far with how much information is going in.
  20. E

    Is it worth signing up to the trainee forum?

    Hi all. Some of you might remember me from later last year - i was looking for some sort of traineeship and had a few things lined up but unfortunately my living situation was all up in the air and i had to decline the invitations to speak with some really promising companies. D'oh! Now i'm...
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