1. J

    Saying a big Hello to everyone

    Saying hello to everyone.
  2. M


    I do volunteer work for a charity: Besom. We get given electrical goods (& other things) that must be PATted before we can give them to our recipients. Some of these are giving weird results: I intend to ask advice. Error! thread title must be > 20 chars! What a bore! Mark
  3. P

    New member just saying hello

    Hi everybody new to the forum thought I say hello before I start asking my questions cheers cheers paul
  4. T

    New member saying hello

    Hello everyone I'd like to introduce myself a little bit I have been an electrician for about 15 years starting in the military and have been working mainly for factories as an electrically biased maintenance engineer. I have just decided to take the plunge and register with a part p scheme and...
  5. Shaun1980

    I've just signed up, so saying hello

    I'd just like to say hello, I'm currently working in IT but have been studying my C&G 2365 level 2 at college in the evenings over the last year. I'm going to continue onto the level 3 in September and keep on going? I'm hoping to get some agency work as a mate once I have fully completed my...
  6. S

    Hello everybody. New member just saying hi.

    Hello. I have been reading the forums for the past few days and have finally registered.
  7. S

    Just saying hello!!!!

    long time reader, just thought had say hello. Been an electrician for 12 years, 4 of which was an apprenticeship, short courses don’t seem to go down too well on here. Hopefully can learn a bit from reading threads. So hello
  8. D


    Just saying hello to everyone . Been around a while started with EMEB worked for uncle now on my own so should be good interacting with everyone
  9. R

    New member saying hello

    Hello everybody, Just saying hello to you all. I am an Electrical Automation and controls Engineer of many years. Been working at Industrial Automation with PLCs and robotics in a manufacturing company. Now going independant as a contractor so will be very appreciative of all your advice...
  10. J

    Newbie saying hello to the forum

    Hi fellow sparks. What’s your thoughts on the industry right now and where do you think it’s headed post brexit?
  11. zafris

    Domestic saying hello to the forum - New Member

    Hi All :), New to the forum. Just found the forum whilst looking for information. I hope learn a lot, and may be able to give some advice. Cheers
  12. M

    saying hello to the forum

    Just found the forum whilst looking for information. Will be having a nosey round and seeing what is here.
  13. J

    Just Saying Hi little Intro

    Hi! Was a 'practising' sparks some years (AM1, AM2, C course) back when i did my 15th. Kept my hands in doing the 16th, 17th some test and inspection and now the 18th. I am on marketing and product management now but like to get my hands dirty. Really good to see some of the discussions on...
  14. W

    Trainee New to forum just saying hello

    Hi , joined the ef as am starting a college course in September as an adult learner.
  15. J

    Just saying hello to one and all

    Just Joined and hope that i can use this forum to as a good reference place and to check that i have got things correct. hope i may be of use to some others as well if I can.
  16. M

    Newbie Just Saying hello

    Hi all New to forum so just saying hello. Work in South East in Fire & Security but increasingly looking at getting domestic installer cert to widen skill set. Time served maintenance from many years ago so dont want to get into contracting or site work anymore. Far too old now. Lol
  17. P

    New member saying hello,

    Hi, I'm an approved electrician with over 40 years experience in domestic, commercial, industrial works, installation works, testing and inspections, I'm based in Derbyshire and really enjoy being an electrician, my hobby is metal detecting and I'm always looking for new land to detect, I have...
  18. Thomas Connolly

    New to the Forum, Just saying hello.

    Hello Folks, I'm new to the forum and thought I would say hello . I look forward to speaking to both newbies and experienced sparks alike on my journey to becoming an experienced electrical myself!! Nice to meet you all . Tom
  19. Infuseon

    Saying hello to all of you!

    Just saying hi Attending a 3 week in house electricians course in two weeks Hope for a change of career and by having these qualifications it'll give me a step in the right direction.
  20. Shoei

    Newly joined, saying hello..

    Newly joined and Spoon kindly invited me to introduce myself. Electrical/electronics designer working mainly on instrumentation (scientific instruments). Interested in all things electrical and lots of experience from 40 years in industry. Outside the day job, currently playing with...
  21. B

    Just saying hi - new to the site

    Im new to the forum just thought I’d say hi..just passed week 6&7 of the 2365 Level 3!! 2394/5 soon.
  22. F

    A quick Hello from me !

    Hey all, thought id lurk around and gather some info on boiler controls. Recently decided a change of career was needed, so jacking in plastering and going plumbing. Lots of reading up to be found here I see :) I always clean the boxes out when I finish a room before any sparky's give me a...
  23. C

    I need to discuss Off-Grid Generators and Earthing so just joined and saying Hello

    Hello. I am not a sparky but have some electrical knowledge. I am a mechanical engineer but dabble in electrical/electronic projects. I need to work out some proper earthing for my 230V, off grid set-up using 2 different types of generator configuration and with potential to connect to other...
  24. S

    New on the forum, just saying Hi

    Hi All, I signed up yesterday in order to see what the consensus was about earthing arrangements for outbuildings - since I was asked for advice by a friend. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the threads on this subject - I'm clearer about current practice in this matter now. In case...
  25. F

    Hopeful career change - just saying hi!

    Hi Guys, Just joined as I'm looking to retrain at the age of 30. Loads of great info on here so thanks for that! Frank
  26. D

    New lad saying hello

    I'm Dave a 53 year old maintenance technician in a care home .I'm looking for advice in finding work as a emergency light tester .I have over 30 years experience in electrical work as a mate/ improver and I'm just looking for something in the Kent area .I have never done any qualifications but I...
  27. D

    Saying hi, and asking lighting question...

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. This is a bit different - I'm not an electrician, but I'm working on a lighting project that might be interesting to electricians, so thought I'd come here to find out if it is (and apologies if it's not). I'll make a post in the lighting section to see if anyone...
  28. C

    New to the forum, just saying hi!

    Hi! I'm from Derby, trying to find my way around this forum. I have recently finished a level 3 EAL qualification and am looking at taking my next step towards getting qualified. The reason I am here is I wish I had done some research before taking the EAL and had taken a C&G course instead...
  29. N

    New guy saying hello

    Hello gents, just a quick hello from myself, I'm on a pt college course doing an eal level 1 electrical installation, I'm 34 and looking to change careers with the hope of one day obtaining a gold card, enjoying the course so far and realise I've got a long way to go but it'll be worth it. Hope...
  30. B

    New member saying moooo

    Happy new year!
  31. M

    Howdy doody, new member just saying hello

    just sayin hello. New member here. Seems a really good forum. Already found some good advice here.
  32. T

    Newbie just saying hello

    Hello, well, I'm not an electrician by any stretch but I do know how to wire a plug, use a multimeter and ask for help when I'm stuck. Currently I'm trying to trace faults in a 3hp single phase 240V compressor motor - I bought the unit really cheap but it looks like the Artful Bodger has been...
  33. M

    Just saying hello and introducing myself.

    Hello everyone. I am originally maintenance electrician who decided to work for myself about 6 months ago after getting fed up of working for others. I started my apprentiship in 1994 in France in a company building special purpose machinery for industrial joineries and the automotive industry...
  34. Colin McLauchlin

    New Member Saying Hello

    Hi all, I am Colin from Juice an LED Solution Specialist. We do jobs across the UK so always on the look out for local Electricians who we can sub contract the installation work to. From time to time we inevitably end up with some excess stock which we are happy to offer at below cost price...
  35. A

    Newbie saying hello.

    Hi everyone. This a site I can use alot. Like to have a go at fixing things before calling in experts. Learning as I go. Andy:)
  36. T

    Hi - New member saying Hi - need help with motorcycle electrics

    Hi I am almost a newby to Auto-electrics, can do very basic stuff - am I in the correct forum to ask for help with some daytime running lights for my motorcycle
  37. Ch47avon

    New Member Here.. saying hello and looking for advice!

    Hi all, I am currently working in retail as a team manager and have done for 10 years. I am set on changing careers, so over the last year I have obtained my City & Guilds 2365 Level 2 Diploma, City & Guilds 2392 Level 2 Testing and 17th Edition (also have my ECS card). I also do some part...
  38. F

    Hi Im New here and Saying Hello to everyone

    Hello guys hope everyone is ok! I have 2365 level 2 electrical installation qualification and about to start my 2365 level 3 electrical installation! I will be looking for Volunter job to get more experience and i have lot of responsibilities! if anybody need such a thing please let me know i...
  39. P

    Hi I am a plumber and saying hello to fellow Tradesmen

    Hi I have been a plumber for the last 10 years and am a member of the Plumbers forum. I am finding alot more of my work involves small electrical jobs. I have a good friend who does all the certified electrical work for me but having some knowledge is always good. Looking forward to being a...
  40. E

    Just saying hello guys

    How do folks, Tommy here from Glasgow. Fire and security engineer. Joined the forum as I am contemplating a career path change and becoming a qualified electrician. Great forum btw been having a look around anyways enough waffling ✌
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