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  1. D

    Trainee Apprentice tools and advice

    Hi all I am new to this forum and was just wondering any of your advice on tools and anything I should know as I start an apprenticeship next Monday doing most domestic and local leisure centre's Any advice really appreciated Dylan :)
  2. George.S

    New Member / Apprentice

    Hello all who read this. Just writing this to say hello and introduce myself. I'm about 10 months into my apprentaship and thought it to be wise to create an account on here. I currently work for a maintenance firm for domestic/ social housing. We are busy however the work we do is fairly...
  3. K

    apprentice required in Shropshire

    Currently looking at the possibility of taking on an apprentice in Shropshire (Shrewsbury based company), get in touch if your looking! thank you Kris
  4. 2

    Looking for a trainee electrician (North London)

    Hi, Looking for a trainee electrician for mainly domestic and some commercial work in London. Ideally someone who is at college currently or has qualified and is based in north London area. Please contact if interested. Thanks
  5. L

    Apprentice who’s on the verge of completing C&G level 3 qualification.

    Hi guys. I go by the name links. I’m Currently studying c&g level 3 and hoping complete by early next year! All being well after my next two practical sessions in college (electrical design and inspection and testing) I’ll be heading for my am2. However, if there’s anyone can give me a little...
  6. Jay 1987


    Hello everybody So I met a guy last night who has just recently completed his nvq3. Fast forward we started speaking about the type of work he likes, whether it be domestic, commercial etc and why? We then moved onto the more interesting topic of wages !!!! To My surprise he revealed that he...
  7. N

    Am i doing enough .... ?

    Ive been working with an electrician full time for the last 3 months. Before that i was in college for a year. I feel like im not doing good enough. In 5 hours i only second fixed 4 sockets, 10 spots and 7 smokeys. Ive done more than that in a time frame before but its probably not far from my...
  8. Daniel Oake

    Apprentice Electrician, discuss my tools!

    27 years old, come from a domestic general building background; I have taken some pictures of my current tools that I take to site (week 4 as an apprentice) The electrical company I work for do a lot of everything from domestic, commercial to industrial, I have a small list of tools that I...
  9. B

    £4000 for taking on an apprentice- discuss

    The Scottish Government are offering incentives to companies taking on apprentices Scotland's Employer Recruitment Incentive - Discuss
  10. K

    ROBIN SMARTPAT 5000 user manual

    Hi all , I have the tester above and have lost the user guide which I need to give to my apprentice any help please
  11. polo1

    Another apprentice question, re AM2/FICA

    Hi, does anyone have any knowledge of what's required for the AM2 or FICA (Scotland) risk assessment. It appears to relate to use of the booth during the actual trade test(s). So, ideally looking for views/ideas on the risks and related control measures specifically for this test. Starters for...
  12. Leesparkykent

    Monkey puzzle clips and the apprentice

    Just phoned the apprentice as he was going to the wholesalers.....told him to pick up 12 monkey puzzle clips.....his reply "haha very funny, you must think I'm an idiot" me "no just get them" apprentice "shall I grab a long weight at the same time".... Prat :D
  13. Sam662

    Second year apprentice

    Hey guys, just finished the first year of my apprenticeship and am now looking for a new employer to carry on my second year with. If anybody knows of anyone taking on in the North West (Bolton, Bury, Wigan, Manchester, ect) I'd be eternally greatful for the heads up. Bit of back story...
  14. D

    Finding first electrician job

    Hey, I'm wondering how to find your 1st ever electrician job. I'm looking to get level 2 and level 3 CG electrician qualification in a college. Every electrician mates job offer often requires a few years experience, so I am confused on how to get your first job as a mate. Whats the best sector...
  15. D

    Fully Funded Apprentice Electrician *PLEASE READ*

    Dear All, I am here to enquire about any possible vacancies within any of your companies for an Electrical Apprentice. I have recently been accepted onto an Electrical Apprenticeship scheme with Birmingham Electrical Training. I have funding for training over a period of up to 4 years through...
  16. L

    Apprentice electrician required.

    Hi all, I am looking to take on an apprentice and was seeing if anyone is looking for work? Preferably I would like someone with some experience in the domestic sector with a full UK driving licence. We are based in Epsom, Surrey but have work in both Surrey and London. Please contact me on...
  17. J

    I failed to complete my NVQ..

    I shall cut a long story short, I started my apprenticeship to gain my NVQ level 3 just over 3 years ago when 20 and a year into it I had to deal with a few issues in my life including a couple of bereavements in the family and other personal issues which ended up causing me to lose complete...
  18. G

    Apprentice 22yrs old, no funding

    HIall, got a apprentice for one weeks works experience , hes 22 and paid for the full time course himself, I've said Ill take him on as he drives and has a good work ethic, so he will move over to the apprentice course one day a week. collage has said as he's over 19 he wont get funding...
  19. A

    Hopefully there’s somebody out there?

    Hello everyone I’m currently looking to get into the trade and hoping that someone in the Yorkshire area could point me in the right direction. I’m 29 and currently looking at changing my career of which I plan to start college later this year to eventually become a qualified electrician. In...
  20. J

    Desperately Looking for work

    Hi Guys I’m a relatively newbie (6 months experience) and desperately looking for work as a mate (or anything electrical) I’m based in Birmingham have my own tools and transport. It’s very difficult to convince anyone to give me a chance - no one wants to know. Any help would be much...