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  1. B

    Intermittent starting on SDS hammer drill

    Hi Sparkies, newbie here needing some advice please My 1100W SDS hammer drill sometimes starts, sometimes dead. So far fault diagnosis (loose connections, voltage and continuity checks) has ruled out switch, commutator and rotor armature windings. My suspicion has fallen on either the brushes...
  2. Baddegg

    Starting to feel like the pied piper 😂

    I’m off till you call rent-a-kill......or the army 😂
  3. D

    Career change...What would be the best way of starting out at 35?

    Im 35 years old and currently work in the oil and gas industry as a drainage surveyor and have done so for the past 10 years. Ive become really bored of my job and looking for a route into the electrical industry. Basically at a young age I got into a job that was paying well and still does but...
  4. A

    Will soon be starting my NVQ advice required

    Evening all, I will be starting my NVQ in the new year through my new employer. I was hoping someone might be able to suggest any advance reading/swatting, That I could get started with over the Christmas period to get a little better prepared. Also what are peoples experiences with time to...
  5. T

    LED Lights starting to flash

    Hi , I installed led downlights in a new build house about 3 months ago. They are not gu10 but the kind where the lamp is part of the fitting. Saxby Orbitalpro cct 1p65 9Watt to be precice. In the last month or so i have had to change 6 of them as they started flashing on and off .I replaced...
  6. D

    NVQ3 2357 books

    I am just starting my NVQ3 2357. Can anybody recommend any good books that complement this course. Thanks for your help.
  7. S

    Previously working PV/Battery system starting popping RCBO when SMETS2 meter fitted

    We had a PV/battery system was fitted in late May, and measurements showed it was working very well, but then a few weeks ago the old meter (electronic box about the size of a large cigarette packet) was replaced with a SMET2 meter and everything went down hill! When the PV system was working...
  8. S

    Becoming an Electrician - Starting Over Again - Advice?

    Hi, I've recently been thinking about my current career within the world of IT and have decided to change direction. I've been working with computers for nearly 10 years and don't have the job satisfaction I thought I would have. I'm only 30 and think its the right time to change. Office work...
  9. Gary Tollison

    Electrician starting advice

    Greetings Is 45 a bit long in the tooth to start out as a sparky? I’ve only got my 2391-52 exam left to do in two weeks time. After that, it’s prep for AM2. Spoke to a chap at a work expo recently. He said that without an ECS card, I wouldn’t have scoobydoo of getting work on any kind of...
  10. W

    Trainee Starting off in the industry

    Hi, I'm looking to get into the industry and become an electrician. I'm wondering whether I should get my domestic installer qualifications and then get a position as electrician mate/domestic electrician and study for 2365 level 3 in evenings and weekends. My plan is: C&G 2392 C&G 18th...
  11. C

    Just starting out in the trade

    Hi, my name's Richard. I'm currently living in West Yorkshire, but will be moving some time soon over the border into Lancashire. I did a number of courses last year with the aim of working as an electrician and I'm looking to get registered with NICEIC or one of the other bodies in the near...
  12. rolyberkin

    Wheel Horse Lawn Mower Starting Problem

    Let me start by saying I am carp at auto electrics but here goes. My in laws have an old wheel horse tractor which will not crank, I have tested all of the switches ignition, safety switches etc and they all seem okay. I have a Sealey PP1 and if I energise the 3 pole solenoid with this it...
  13. Gakure

    Starting to become self employed (own)

    Many in the forum are self employed with own companies. If given opportunity or you were to start again from square 1, which plan route/step will you take when setting up? I.e Qualified and you have bags of experience in many past years while employed, have hands tools but no power and MFT Open...
  14. T

    Considering starting LTD company? Advice?

    Hi guys/gals, I’m 22 and I’m starting to rack up a hell of a lot of “private” work, to the point where I’m working all weekends, evenings and booking off holiday from my employed job to get it all done. I’ve sign written my van, and much to my friends disgust it has actually gained me multiple...
  15. S

    Just starting my apprenticeship and I need advice on workwear!

    Hello, I'm just starting into my electrician apprenticeship now, I'm roughly a week in. I've been wearing a sweatshirt and cheap topman chinos.. I had to buy boots (company paid) and I got some Dewalt Challenger 3s, they're grand but not all that comfy.. I'm guessing I have to break them in...
  16. N

    Starting on my own & where to start?

    hi I’m after some advise... I’m a qualified electrician & have 15 years experience. I’m currently employed & work nights as a sparks & would like to start my own thing during the day. Is there anything I should & shouldn’t do? I’m a bit confused on where to start & what to do. I want to be...
  17. G

    Commercial S/phase submersible pump starting problem.

    Hi, I have a s/phase submersible pump, remote float sw control, (capacitor run 20uF, capacitor start 100uF,) app 20years of age, 2in bore drawing around 6A when running on load. It has developed a problem on start up which i believe i have diagnosed and indicates that the capacitor start up...
  18. Andy5678

    Mad Friday Madness starting now

    hope everyone enjoys the winter festivities over the next couple of weeks. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do :christmastree::partypooper:
  19. R

    Starting up to do weekend work

    Good Morning All, I'm after some guidance on what I need in order to start carrying out my own work on a weekend and evenings. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am an apprentice trained electrician (from an engineering background though, so machine wiring etc). Previous to that I applied...
  20. S

    Motor starting from lighting switch

    Evening all. My client has asked me to look into connecting a pump for their garden pond. The existing set up had a DOL starter positioned on a wall in the kitchen from which the pump was operated. (DOL starter now removed) The new scenario is to turn the pump on via a switch in the 6 gang...
  21. T

    Just doing a little refurb on a commercial unit. This is what we are starting with /sigh

    Yeh so bit of a rewire in order. You may spot 25mm four core swa zipping across the vista, piggy backed onto with the fire cable. Not long been done the fire alarm stuff. So will be interesting sorting it out. I do love a challenge. Lovely!
  22. C

    Domestic Zafira b intermittent starting problem - strange behaviour

    Apologies up front for the long post. I thought I'd try to include as much info as I can. I am looking for some advice/suggestions any of you might have concerning an annoying intermittent fault I am having with a 2006 Zafira B. The engine is the Z16XEP version. The car will start a few times...
  23. littlespark

    Starting on my own, need some advice

    Gaz. Welcome to the forums. Same as me, 86 to 90 worked a few years then did something completely different. I started out self employed last year, and as yet, I'm not a member of a scheme. I don't know if its of any true benefit, and at the moment, I cannot afford to join. Some places that...
  24. I

    Starting from scratch again

    Hi everyone I've just registered today & looking for some good advice, I'm thinking I want to restart doing more electrical work, I have qualifications 2330 level 2 & 3 city & guilds 17th edition, I have worked on site a few years ago when the recession hit us back in n 2012 & now I work in a...
  25. Gavin John Hyde

    training options for 18th starting to emerge

    Had an email from NICEIC, they are starting to give some thought for the 18th training. Where there is a profit and a way to extract more money from electricians you cna guarantee certsure will be involved somewhere. It looks like you can do the full course if you havent got a recent 17th ed. or...
  26. B

    Starting car relay issue???

    Hi all thanks for any help in advance!! I’m having a issue with a car that will only start if I use a bigger starter motor relay, the car originally uses micro relays from the factory, the car so far has had a new starter motor, new ignition switch and a brand new micro relay none of which have...
  27. BarryJ90

    Best Value/Brand tools for when just starting out

    alright guys! :sunglasses: I've been looking at getting myself a decent tool bag/kit that I can take with me to college/site with me old man etc Anyhow I have been looking online and there is so much to choose from and a real variation of pricing. I already have draper snips, wiha drivers...
  28. Joshua

    Officially starting out on my lonely (NICEIC, Arms access advice)

    A little back story. . . I've been a self employed sub contractor for 6 years now. Mainly working on new build flats and houses with the odd bit of commercial thrown in for good measure. I'm finally taking the plunge to start my own fully fledged company. At the moment I'm still doing site...
  29. V

    Advice to apprentice just starting out?

    I'm currently at the final of the NICEIC Apprentice of the Year final. All young lads and are the top performing apprentices this year. What piece of advice would you give an apprentice just starting out??
  30. T

    starting out, what should I charge?

    Hi All, I've been asked to do a small electrical job today, removal of a double socket and spur from a cupboard that they want to make into an En-suite, and an additional socket in the understair cupboard, where the CU is. (iwas planning to spur from the MCB for this) and a minor works cert. I...
  31. CDB

    Starting point for discontinuous earth fault on final ring.

    Hi all, I have a 32A Final Ring Circuit that I have swapped a single socket to a FSU for an outside light. I'm now testing it and finding it has a discontinuous earth - I'm also kicking myself for not checking from the off but we learn. Anyway from the attached image you should be able to see...
  32. P

    New to electrics, starting Level 2 in May

    Hello All, at the tender age of 33, I decided I would like a change of careers. So I quit my job and in May I start a four month full time training period at able skills. This will include Level 2 and 3 C&G and 17th Wiring regs and PAT course. I will then eventually complete 2394 and 2395 at...
  33. Lee Gold

    What Did You Start Off As?

    Has anyone here say worked e.g. in a factory or has been been in a job they don't like to then go onto an electrician? What ages did you pursue this?
  34. P

    Generator Vs Combi Fridge/freezer

    Hi I am currently out in Africa experiencing horrendous power outages. I therefore have the need to hook up my DEFY combi fridge/freezer (model DEFY DAC512) to a small standalone backup generator from time to time. It is important to have the backup power option as the fridge houses livestock...
  35. N

    Working out charges

    Hello, just wondering how folks are working out their rates. I realise you work out what you want to earn per year and the total overheads of your business, add these two together and then divide it by the amount of hours you will work per year to arrive at an hourly rate. My questions are: 1...
  36. S

    JOB OFFER (-: (opinions and info please)

    (adblock disabled on this site, happy to help (-: ) Hi all, havent posted for an age, but check in a couple times a week and see whats going on. 4 weeks ago I contacted the head electrical guy at our local council and asked if they take on Trainees, the answer was not at the moment, but we...
  37. P

    2394/5 course!

    Hi, I'm struggling to find somewhere in the Northants area that do a 4/5 day 2394/5 course. If anyone knows of a company that does I'd be grateful to here where.
  38. N

    3 phase fan motor.

    Hi all, want to pick your collective brains. I installed a supply to a 3 phase motor which is connected in star delta. It is a 22kw motor . I calculated that a cable of 6mm (4 core) by using KW x 1000 / 1.73 x 415 x 0.95 (pf) This was installed and protected by a 60898 D MCB rated at 40A...
  39. M

    3 phase supply to motor cable sizing

    I need to run in a supply for a 3.52kw 3 phase motor 70m from DB i worked out that 1.5 swa in free air would just about be sufficient so thought i would use 2.5mm 4 core length of Run 70m P= 3.52kw v=400 I = P/V = 8.8A Table 4D4A USING INSTALLATION METHOD E 1.5MM can take 19A Table 4D4B...
  40. A

    For sale in west midlands

    I am starting uni in September so looking to clear my shed of all the gear I don't need anymore. If anyone is in the area and wants to come and take a look then feel free to message me. I have got 2 bin liners filled with white accessories, mainly Crabtree, a new 70mm hole saw, manrose extractor...
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