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  1. littlespark

    SPOTTED! early Xmas shopping in the capital.

    See? He’s not really that size. Just much closer to the camera

    Nice early Christmas present, 2391_52 passed today

    Nice early Christmas present, passed my 2391-52 today :)  Then it's the 18th next after the New year. Anyone know of any good trading providers in the North West? Cheers H
  3. A

    Rads cut out early and not reaching temp. with stat set at 30

    Hi, I've got no experience - I'm just a landlord, but stuck as to next step - any advice gratefully received, please? Vaillant 824 Ecomax plus (12 y.o.) in airing cupboard with Danfoss programmer. Honeywell T6360 wired stat was located nearby on landing - small 2 bdrm house with 4 rads ( 3...
  4. O

    Thoughts about early 1960's wiring methods .... please

    All, Just got in from fault finding a house with a RCD tripping issue ....... it clear cut which circuit is the problem as its almost a dead short L-E The issue is more about understanding the installation methods used around 1960 ..... the end to end readings for the live and neutral are...
  5. T

    Ex forces, looking for domestic electrical experience early next year. Happy to be paid in knowledge

    Making a career change for a more stable home life in Liverpool/Northwest. Armourer by military trade but have a keen interest in perusing electrics. I will be completing domestic installation full scope, 17th edition wiring regs, c&g building regs and JIB ECS H&S. I by no means think I would...
  6. Lucien Nunes

    Spotters' guide to early plastic-insulated lighting cables

    We recently had a thread or two about some cables that were almost certainly tinned copper, but people continued to suspect they were aluminium because they were solid core, not stranded, i.e. from the metric cable era when copper was invariably plain. In fact, the smallest tinned-copper...
  7. M

    Resistance per meter of armour

    I know it's late and the lap dances are still open , so i will wait till tomorrow for any replies . Does anyone have resistance per meter tables for steel armour 90degree thermosetting ,can't find it anywhere . Ta
  8. Dan

    HAHAHAHA Testing some Xmas Cheer - What do you think?

    You digging the xmas feel? Too early? lol
  9. D


    I keep looking in to doing the Cross Over 2330 to 2357 but i would need to do the AM2 Can you do the AM2 any time, ie before doing the Cross Over bits and how much is it to do the AM2 ££ also what kind of project, its a all day thing Was thinking on the lines of, KNOWING WHAT TO EXPECT...
  10. S

    am2 advice

    here is some advice for anyone doing there am2. sit back and relax, its so easy a baby could pass it at least jtl think so
  11. B

    Accurately aging installations

    Hi all I use the following but does anyone have anything else for a quick and simple pocket guide for domestic aging. Wiring Ages Description Used up to Age at 2012 Info source Part P Rubber insulation 1960 52 page 39 PVC cables but no earth in lighting cables 1966 52...
  12. S

    ELECSA Certification Scheme elecsa useless!!!

    More of a rant than a question, elecsa part p assesment booked for this morning, 45 mins before i get a call saying the guy is sick and have to wait another 4 weeks!!! If i would of been sick this morning i would have to pay another 300 quid for another aseesment, do you think they would give me...
  13. S

    Mitigation of risk - from a customer perspective

    Firstly, I would like to offer sincere best wishes to all of the people on this forum who have helped me. I have learned so much and now, with this latest news, I feel so saddened for the PV companies who have invested heavily on a promise and have been so severely kicked in the teeth. A...
  14. M

    How hard is it to become fully self employed, working your own company?

    I was wondering how hard it is and how risky it would be to try to start your own electrical company, whether alone or with a partner. Is it a matter of getting the van and the gear and finding jobs? how hard is it to maintain a constant string of jobs? is it work 24/7 to keep making enough...
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