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  1. S

    Sole trader CPS?

    Im a sole trader and work for a few different firms all year, i always get family and friends asking me to do private work for them but as im not with a scheme i cant issue a certificate. Can i join a scheme without creating a business And just stay a sole trade? just want to complete a few DB...
  2. W

    Sole trader to LTD

    I am considering now registering as a ltd co. after the world begins to get back to normal My partner does my accounts which i pay her for and i pay into a pension which could then be paid by the co. Pre-tax if i understand correctly Has anybody got any opinions or views on this?
  3. M

    Trust a trader, checkatrade, rated people

    Hi guys, Wondering what your thoughts where on these schemes has anyone signed up to these and got any work from them? They seem really expensive and not sure if your even guaranteed the work. They seem a good idea but are they worth it? Read some reviews online saying some schemes where a...
  4. Marti

    The Highs an' Lows of the Sole Trader Market

    Mods - this may be more suitable for The Leccy Arms but not sure if I have access so delete / move if unsuitable. I've had a bit of a dry January. Not the "no beers" kind but, apart from one bathroom fit out, not a lot of work. Now I can fully understand that this is the world of feast 'n'...
  5. C

    Advice on schemes? And Sole trader advice

    Sorry to be asking this... Just set up on my own. commercial and domestic so wanting to apply for approved contactor. So its the Napit or niceic question??? Has anyone been with both and know the actual costs? I seen on the nic website additional visit costs etc when would you incur this, if at...
  6. LeeH

    Limited vs Sole Trader vs 25 characters

    I need to become self employed to do a 4 mounts temp contract. What is the quickest way to do this and what are the pros/cons of s limited company? I know nothing about being self employed... Any advice would be appreciated!
  7. A

    Sole trader to Ltd company

    Hello fellow Sparks, Looking for advice from the more experienced members here as to when it is appropriate to move from sole trader status to ltd company. Is this something my accountant will advise me or dependant how number of staff, etc. Currently I am a one man band but looking to take...
  8. C

    Trust a trader, plentific and the list goes on

    Hello guys I have been looking at schemes which effectively bypass word of mouth with these online or app based middle men companies like trust a trader. more often than not your asked for say £300 upfront to be placed on the listings and before i hand over any cash i want to know of your...
  9. Dan

    I've sorted out our 'Find a Trader' sections a bit on all our forums

    Should be able to find these forum categories at the top of the forum homepage :) I'm hoping promoting all the forums on all the forum kinda gets more enquiries coming in. Check those out to see what you think. Find Professional Tradesmen for Free (And of course tradesmen find the work for...
  10. rolyberkin

    Ltd Company - Van Maintenance

    I am just about to switch from sole trader to Ltd Company (the company is all set up but not yet trading) I have got to go and see an accountant in the next couple of weeks but in the meantime as in the next few days my van needs a service/MOT and probably a load of work.........!:-( If i...
  11. Worcester

    MCS Publish QMS !

    Thinking of getting MCS certified? The Microgeneration Certification Scheme aka MCS have now published their own QMS, so i guess if you follow it you should be compliant. (well maybe !) Microgeneration Certification Scheme - QMS Templates -...
  12. A

    Checkatrade,Mybuilder, Myhammer ratedpeople etc etc.. Your views?

    Are they amu good as I am thinking if joining and one of their reps is coming next week!! Keep the cash and have xmas or spend it and have a bonanza Xmas next year?!?!!?
  13. F

    Limited company or sole trader

    What have most lads gone for when setting up there own bussines sole trader or limited company and what has been your pros and cons of either
  14. G

    Trust our Trader

    Hi all, just had a call from a company called "Trust our Trader" and was wondering if any of you out there have tried them or even still using them? or are they just another scam after our very hard to get money!!!!!!!! Any info would be very much welcomed. Regards Graham
  15. polo1

    Sole trader V Ltd Co status

    Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place :bucktooth: I'm interested if any of the forum members have direct experience in choosing one trading status over the other - i.e. sole trader versus limited company. Most advisors appear to suggest going down the Ltd Co route (though I suspect...
  16. sythai

    NICEIC.... change of trading title

    Just want to see if anyone else has changed from a sole trader to ltd whilst with the niceic. Sure they said it was £60 when I phoned up. But reading through this it states '...change of trading title (not involving change of ownership)' Would that mean my ownership has now changed as there...
  17. T

    help needed on going self employed. sole trader or ltd company??? qualifications req?

    hi guys im wanting to go self employed wondering what is the difference between sole trader or limited company costs etc and where do i go to set it all up. also is it mandatory to be part of a scheme (nic napit etc) to be able to go out and do electrical work, if so what qualifications will i...
  18. M

    Napit only 8

    Im with Elecsa but not really doing much thats notifable.(Subb'in and coming under there's) Rang Napit think i just as well go on the only 8. You ve got to be employed and cant be a sole trader to get only 8? Whats the point of offering it!!!!!!
  19. Tuttle

    Company position for sole trader

    As a sole trader, what is my position in my "company"? E.g. for test certificates and other general forms / documentation? What's generally used in this situation?
  20. La Poste

    Surrey 'rogue trader fraud'

    Not sure if this is in the right section but: Three people have been arrested over a suspected rogue trader scheme operating across Surrey and Hampshire. Claims that people have paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for incomplete building work are being investigated. The South East Regional...
  21. S

    !...to Trust a Trader or not to Trust A Trader...that is the question..!

    Hello Each... My mate and his missus paid £4000 for a patio, a very very badly laid patio. He got the number for these chaps out of Trust a Trader (TaT). These chaps even turned up at his work demanding extra monies and they had a big argument in his work car park and even threatened to go...
  22. J

    Sole trader or LTD?

    Hi all Ive been working as a sole trader for one particular firm for about a year or so, recently hes given me an abundance of work on price with quite alot of continuity. my question is is it worth me going LTD? the values per month will b quite substantial and im just trying to work out...
  23. M

    Taking on more work

    I have had a lot of work on for some time now and need an 'official' hand. They would have their own tools and van. What should I do regarding paying them. I've looked on HMRC website and also read up on CIS but I've been left a bit baffled and it's probably much better to have it explained on...
  24. R

    sole trader or linited

    good morning people,im a bit stuck on what to do,i have to go self employed,have some work,got made redundant so its better than going on the rock n roll,£50 a week wont pay my bills,i know that i need to contact hmrc etc,but the thing im stuck on is whether to go sole trader or limited,if i go...
  25. T

    How long sole trader before Limited

    Sole trader at the moment. How long where you a sole trader before you went for limited co status and how has it effected you? What are the positives and negatives of being limited? I know I can ask my accountant but I was looking for a more personal opinion from you who have made this step
  26. O

    Sole Trader and Company "Director" at the same time?

    Does anybody know if HMRC will allow you to be a Sole Trader and a Company Director in the same year. The reason for asking is that I'm a Sole Trader, as is my mate, but on bigger jobs we work together, invoicing clients seperately. I was wondering if we could retain our sole trader "roles"...
  27. C

    sole traders!

    hey to all you sole traders, am in the middle of getting myself off the ground, im wanting to go as a sole trader, but am thinking of protecting the company name, either by trade mark or registering with companies house as ltd company and keep it dormant? are there any other options? what have...
  28. J

    accountancy fees

    This is my first full year of being self-employed since ten years ago.Now im aware accountancy is not an exact science,i have just received my invoice from my accountant and was quite shocked.All receipts and invoices were i neat date order in plastic wallets,totals for net income,car...
  29. K

    Sole Trader / Limited Company

    Hi All If I manage to pass all my exams to become a qualified electrician I would like to setup on my own but am confused about whether to setup as a sole trader or limited company. I'm already employed full time so to begin with, the business will be very low turnover taking on small jobs to...
  30. A

    sole trader or ltd

    i am trading as a sole trader at the min but im thinking or setting up as a ltd company i was just wondering does any one have any ideas what benefits there are with being a ltd company compared to a sole trader and if they had a choice what would the prefer.
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