1. buzzlightyear

    and you think we are being ripped off

    just looking for some price aboard for a couple of thing ,before I leave the country .and I love this place wow the prices . so next time dont complain how much we are charged .LOL. COMPOSICIÓN: - INTERRUPTOR GENERAL: AUTOMÁTICO 1P+N 2M 25A SCHNEIDER - DIFERENCIAL GENERAL: DIFERENCIAL ILD 2P...
  2. C

    2 houses being joined into one / wiring

    Hi all, 2 adjacent terraced houses are being joined into one. The supplier meter cabinet is towards the front of each house and the consumer units are over the rear door in both instances. The heating system is oil and there is no storage electric or heat pumps in either unit, therefore, it is...
  3. W

    Trainee Route into being a sparky

    Hi All, I'm considering a career change into being an electrician and wanted to gather peoples thoughts on what is the best route into the trade that delivers most bang for the buck. I've been offered an eight week course for £7000 in South London which will give me my part P and 18th...
  4. pirate

    Not being discriminating in any way, but...

    There are, as you all know, 10 types of people... those who understand binary notation, and those who don't... I now wish to discuss two further types... those who know how to stack a dishwasher... those who understand "bin compression"... Discuss...
  5. V

    Domestic Shower tripping mcb after being used

    Hello. Can anybody please help. I've been in my house for 5 years and had no trouble with shower at all. A couple of weeks ago the wife says that shower wasn't working. I looked at circuit board and mcb had tripped. Flicked switch back on and everything was ok. Went for a shower later and its...
  6. R

    How close to being an electrician am I?

    Hey everyone, slightly controversial thread title to get attention! I've emailed niceic in addition to asking on here. I'm hoping to get officially registered to design/build/test installations. I've got an apprenticeship in an engineering subject which included LV control panel wiring. I've...
  7. Vortigern

    My house was built in 1873 ish, what are the chances of asbestos being used.

    So especially on the covings. I ask because I am getting an en suite shower installed and the guys came through the coving and suggested I get rid of the mat at the front door as some dust came down on it. Is there any credence in this? Was asbestos invented then?
  8. C

    Looking at returning to being an electrician, hoping for advice as to what I'll need.

    Hello, I stopped being an electrician a few years ago (11 to be exact) for various reasons. I've decided that I'd like to start my career again and was hoping for a bit of advice. I have an NVQ lvl 3 Electrical Technical Services (Jtl apprenticeship), AM2 and the AA framework completed...
  9. Murdoch

    Being lazy ............. corner outdoor wall light lantern

    Anybody know a supplier with lights like this? thanks
  10. happyhippydad

    SDS drill being used instead of core drill?

    I realise this has been asked before, but I find the search bar really poor on the site since the big change and it doesn't come up with anything useful. I am getting more extractor fan installs that require wall mounted fans. Instead of hiring a core drill once a year I wondered if anyone uses...


    I received a call yesterday evening from one of my regular customers requesting that I attend a ground floor rental flat that he owns to check the electrical installation which had received yet another soaking as the flat above had another leak from a newly fitted bathroom. Apparently the ground...
  12. R

    Advice needed on being able to issue Test Certs

    Hi I currently work for a electrical contractor company Ive got C&G 2330 installation etc... with gold card My gold card has currently run out but obviously the company won't renew it if i leave, how can i get this renewed? do i need to? I am looking to leave to and set up on my own but i...
  13. M

    nothing like being thrown a curve ball

    I was asked to change a light fitting in a neighbours house easy job help out a neighbour I thought. I had my 2nd oldest son with me so thought it would be good to show him how to work safely ie how to use a voltage indicator and work safe. normal procedure prove indicator using proving unit...
  14. M

    New build part p ans being registered

    Hi all My in laws are having their new build wired bur the company are not part of anybody such as nic eic They are on about self certifying their work and noy notifying building this possible? Or would building control need to come and have a look?
  15. Rick Ellmore

    Am I being asked for a Ze reading before any work?

    Hi Guys and Gals, currently I am finishing off my NVQ & i'm being asked the question on One file "Check the safety of electrical systems prior to the commencement of inspection, testing and commissioning".... Is this just fancy wording to say check Ze before you do anything else? Any advice...
  16. Pete999

    Probably will be a daft question, but being an oldie I'll ask it anyway

    What constitutes an "Approved Electrician "these days? when I was working it meant you had at least the C&Gs B certificate, 27 years old+ with a certain amount of years experience. Is it something to do with being an Approved contractor?
  17. Cadgey123

    Would like to thank you all for being a superb bunch

    So I joined this forum around year ago to have a nosey at what goes on in the electrical world in the UK and seek some advice. I had moved back to the London and started working in the Domestic sector. I had my Approved contractors assessment yesterday and I passed which is a huge relief. I...
  18. littlespark

    What are our kids being taught these days?

    So this happened today:- My daughter texts me from school asking if its ok to put a 100W bulb (her word, not mine) when it says 60W Max? I replied no, it'll be too hot. Fire risk. When she gets home, I asked her about it. Apparently for a biology experiment, in photosynthesis. She said the...
  19. C

    Client is being very naughty and im caught in the middle

    I carried out an EICR for a charity music school, the building is a small brick building with a few ring circuits and lighting circuits. I am going to be upgrading a few consumer units. I asked them where their meter was and they said they currently do not have one and do not intend to have...