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  1. littlespark

    Tonight’s announcement 23rd march

    So. Is that it? We can’t leave the house for non essential work? At all?
  2. Sparky Mark ES

    Introduction from the Isle of Wight

    Hello from the Isle of Wight. I am Sparky Mark. A sole trader who started in March. I have been in the industry over 30 years. Until December last year I was teaching apprentices, had a break and felt that it was time to go solo.
  3. G

    31st March deadline for FIT applications for systems with MCS cert issued <16th Jan

    Leeds Solar have just become aware that on 10th March DECC slipped in a Statutory Instrument that takes effect today (31st March 2016) that results in the following urgent issue. All existing renewable energy installations with an MCS certificate issued before 15th January 2016 must submit...
  4. R

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC Membership not even a year ?

    Just a quick one but how long does a NICEIC membership last ? Joined in December last year but not accepted until March this year so couldn't practise under there banner until then But just had an invoice for dec -dec for another 12 years membership So my 1st year was for 9 months then ? Any...
  5. M

    2394/5 December results

    I know it's supposed to be 45 working days but does anybody know if they tend to come out a bit sooner?
  6. Z

    Last date for 2391 and 2391-303 Technical Knowledge of the Design, Erection and Verif

    I contacted and asked when the last dates for the 2391-301 Technical Knowledge of the Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations they give me this info via email. Hope this helps people who are considering doing these courses. Due to centre...
  7. G

    March-April solar PV capacity figures and the July FIT cuts

    I've just spent the evening analising the Solar PV capacity figures for March and April to see what they would mean if DECC stick to their proposals for basing the level of FIT cuts scheduled for the end June / Start of July on these installation figures. Bluntly, it's not looking good, with...
  8. T

    Can DECC keep the FiTs scheme open?

    My analysis of data recently published by DECC and OFGEM shows that the spend for currently installed PV systems will run to around £450 million in the current year (April 2012 - March 2013). This is against DECC's adjusted 'budget' for FiTs of £235 million and doesn't include any allowance for...
  9. Waterhouse1989

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) Jib card

    I passed my am2 and nvq3 in march last year after doing an apprentiship with jtl. Just wondering if I can apply for my jib card at any time as I haven't applied yet. Is there any time limit to getting my card.
  10. S

    Installations to deadline

    March 3: assessing the impact - Solar Power Portal Pre/Post 3/3 installations. I don't feel so bad now :-( at least it wasn't just us with no work.
  11. S

    2012 Fit rate for Existing Customers Up to kwp - 45.4p
  12. M


    Has anyone with niceic been emailed by napit to try and get you to join? is it right its only £300+vat and it entitles you to do periodics and commercial too? makes me wonder why i payed all the money to nic when the competition are much cheaper:mad:
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