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  1. D

    Ratchet cable cutters recommendations, budget of around£100

    Just wondering if anyone has recommendations for ratchet cable cutters or has used the either the Partex or SWA cable cutters. Any other recommendations welcome, I wouldn't mind the weidmuller KT45R but they are a bit over my budget unfortunately, unless someone knows someone selling them second...
  2. M

    Trainee Stripping Wires With Side Cutters

    Hi guys Have some trouble here. So I'm doing terminations at work and using side cutters, usually on 1.5mm or 2.5mm. Seems to happen more with stranded. I'm squeezing the cutters a bit and turning the side cutters around the wire and often the insulation bags up against the side cutters and...
  3. John Matrix

    Bahco Side Cutters

    Has anyone used the Bahco Side Cutters? I’ve heard good things about them.
  4. gazdkw82

    Conduit and mini trunking cutters

    Any recommendations? Or best to stick to separate conduit and trunking cutters?
  5. D

    Recommend - Cable Shears / Cutters

    I am after a new pair of cable shears for chomping meter tails and thick twin and earth. I have had some ITL ones and NWS ones in the past But fancy a change ….
  6. gazdkw82

    Cone step drill hole cutters

    Looking at getting a set of cone step drill bits buts it's a mindfield. So many seem really cheap but promise the world. All seem to be Chinese produced and labelled as titanium, is there a particular brand, variety that I should be looking at? I always prefer to buy quality for longevity.
  7. S

    Quick Question About Cable Cutters

    Hi Guys, Not sure if this is a stupid question but why are Cable Cutters not insulated, wheras everything else is VDE protected (sidecutters, pliers, screwdrivers etc)?? Seems odd that the cable cutters have been left out? Shane
  8. L

    Knipex amazon .de

    Just to let you know I was getting new knipex gear and was on amazon reading comments and one post said order from amazon germany so I went on and got these bad boys for £21 was 30+ on uk site was a few other items cheaper to haven't tyred with rest of eu yet funny this as well item...
  9. W

    Pliers with built in LED, are they any good?

    I saw a guy on site in Leeds with a pair of pliers with built in LED to the jaw, they looked really cool and he was working in the ceiling where it was dark but these pliers lit the area up very well. Has anyone else got some of these and can tell me if they are as good as they look? I asked...
  10. G

    PVC conduit cutters.......

    anyone use them ? what they like ? sick of rough cuts from hacksaw even with new blade so thinking of pulling the trigger on a CK set for 20 notes.
  11. N

    Stripping Alarm Cable (cable core keeps breaking)

    "Stripping Alarm Cable (cable core keeps breaking)" I'm using the 6 core cable that came with the Honeywell alarm system I got Tried with Automatic style wire strippers, stanley knife, side cutters etc. but the steel core is very prone to breaking. What tools or techniques would people...
  12. P

    Bosch PMF 180 E Multifunctional Allrounder

    Hi all Has anyone used or have one of these as I am thinking of getting one
  13. Amp David

    PVC Conduit cutter recommendations

    Looking to buy a pair of cutters for PVC conduit and would like to hear what others have/are using themselves. Don't want to shell out cash for something that useless.
  14. P

    Klauke battery crimper

    Anyone got any experience with them and the cheapest place to root one out :D Klauke - Generation Safety Plus
  15. E

    Cheap tools that work

    Hi I use cheap cutters from screwfix at £4.99 used to be £2.80 last year . i prefer these to any of the dearer option they also cut 3.5mm screws cleanly . My point is ,, what other cheap tools have people found that they think are better than the top brand versions. I know i said you...
  16. L

    Plastic Conduit cutter?

    Anyone got a pair of these, are they worth there money? some on ebay for about £25 with the different cutting blades CK ones, I work in industrial so you think it'll be a great time saving tool? cheers luke
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