1. the pict

    R1 R2 Chestnut time again

    We all know how to and why we get the 1/4 value, but to what, if anything do we add to that figure and into what box on the cert does it go, depends on who you ask/assessor is apparently,
  2. Spoon

    making Faulty Towers again.

    So I heard on the news this morning that they will be reviving Fault Towers. Also see below. I can't see this going far. Don't get me wrong, I loved the original (as you can tell by my signature) but there will be too many people...
  3. D

    am2 more money again

    started last year on my am2 passed A1 A2 A4 A5 C failed A3 B D E had eye problems after lazer all fixed now the am2 centres were alloying you to resit individual sections now they have decided you have to do all the fails together bit gutting at £970 odd to do 4 resits this is costing a...
  4. D

    Only gone and done it again...

    Added to the collection Wiha 16 piece slim-bit set Some guy was doing Amazon returns and was knocking these sets out for £39 each including free next day delivery The devil in me couldn't resist as I have seen these sets retail £50+
  5. marconi

    Davesparks - good to see you again

    You have been missed. I guess I speak for many when I write it is good to have you back contributing your great expertise. I hope in your absence you have been well. :)
  6. D

    Oops I did it again...

    I had an Amazon gift voucher for me and just simply could not resist so ordered a set of Bahco Ergo Slim Vde Screwdrivers Seem quite nice but only time...
  7. J

    TNC-S Supply but combined again at DB?

    Took a look at a block of flats today that has a TNC-S supply. Each flat is fed by a 2-core mineral insulated cable. The earth and neutral are then combined again using a henley block prior to entering the consumer unit. Has anyone come across this before?
  8. littlespark

    Smoke detectors and Scotland (again!)

    Lots of threads already about the new legislation, and February ain’t far away… so I’d just like to post a few queries for discussion. Not that I’ve come across anything myself. Customers are usually happy with the bare minimum, but just things I’ve heard. Smoke detector fitted in attic where...
  9. Lucien Nunes

    Questionable ads again

    Seeing a lot of ads for Motex, another fake electricity-bill-saver. I had four on one page just now, including pics of dangerous foreign electrical demos with bare live connections, I think these were from India or Pakistan. So two unrelated kinds of electrical bad practice being displayed...
  10. Moley

    It's that time of year again

  11. Dave Appleby

    Cooker switch plates again

    Just been asked to reinstate a cooker point. Existing feed is checking out perfectly. However, the existing back box has top and bottom lugs ~135mm apart. I'm assuming that this is an old imperial box. Can anyone suggest what faceplate is appropriate? Yes, yes, next time I take a photo...
  12. Gavin John Hyde

    Copper prices going up up and up again

    Went to scrap yard today, had a large sack, just shy of 20KG of stripped copper cables. Was shocked when he said £6 per KG... nice Brucy bonus for me there... Copper has gone up again after a little fall. from a job point of view it means the price of cables is going to go up even further. Did...
  13. pirate

    EV again...

    Just sharing this personal experience. I am in Spain. Daughter had to fly home early cos not double jabbed. Wife, in Glasgow, says she will pick up daughter in Manchester (the only flight she could get). It's a long way. Glasgow to manchester airport...plain sailing... Return journey? 3 hour...
  14. S

    Pme question again

    Am carrying out a job soon a sub main to a out building in someone’s garden. The house is tncs earthing so was planning on doing tt at the shed. There’s no extraneous metal work, but it is a concrete base and they are planning on putting some fridges or freezers in there. Would others do the...
  15. GBDamo

    Wet pants strikes again.....

    I was on the Wirral so my gaffer asked if I could swing by a pub as the landlord doesn't think the water tank is properly supported. So I goes into the abandoned flat and ogle the surface conduit, bakerlite switches and wooden pattresses. Then remembered the water tank. Stuck my head...
  16. L

    Starting again which strippers and side cutters would you buy for a small "grab bag style set up"

    No armoured etc .Just a basic 1-6mm . I am getting sick of carrying large bags around and want to form a new tote setup
  17. P

    Smart meter push, again.

    Today I got a note by postcard from SSE saying: "We recently contacted you about your new smart meter, which can be delivered and installed for you from 10 May" Now I am not aware of being contacted, certainly not by phone, so it seems a bit disingenuous to tell me this. Also I have a fairly...
  18. old man sparky

    Here we go again, 6mm cable x 10kw shower x whack a 40A mcb in.

    Just been to another one of those !! Plumber replaces shower for upgraded version. 40A mcb replaces 32A. No problem mate !! that will work fine. So 12 months later the owners girlfriend moves in with him. So that poor old 6mm that was just starting to break a sweat for 12 months, suddenly...
  19. L

    iBoost goes dead and then a few days later, comes to life again

    For the last few weeks, my iboost seems to completely switch off and even if you push any of the buttons or turn the switch to the mains on or off, it does not work. And then suddenly, out of the blue it starts working again. If it works during daylight, it will start to heat the water properly...
  20. T

    Can't get overload circuit in house working again

    A circuit in my house quit working when a toaster oven and portable electric heater where both running on it. Normally the simple fix would be resetting the tripped breaker. However, the breaker did not appear to be tripped. I turned it off and on just to make sure and still no luck. Next...
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