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  1. Gavin John Hyde

    New EV charger needs no Rod and can be used with PME

    I had an email this week from PodPoint. The new Pod Point Solo EV charger does not require an earth rod and can be used with PME. It has in built DC protection and complies fully with the 18th ed Regs. From what I can see and having done the online little training thing, it is brilliant. Taken...
  2. Paul Cole

    Hello everyone - 3-phase German wiring needs

    Hello everyone, I've recently moved to east Germany into an old terrace house that requires updating. A German forum has helped me upto a point with understanding what we have, but the language has become a strain. Can anyone here comment on the configuration we have and on my ideas for...
  3. E

    Niche Lights -flashing like a strobe when switched on - guess needs replacing?

    Hi We have two alcoves with a downward niche light in each. About 4 years old. Pic attached. Both operate from one switch. One light is flashing like a strobe when switched on - guess needs replacing? Appears to be a solid unit rather than containing a bulb that can be replaced. No obvious way...
  4. F

    Elster Gen meter needs replacing

    As above really, but asking what paper trail is needed in this situation for notification to the FIT provider ( SSE), can a non MCS registered sparks carry out this simple task as its miles away from us, TIA
  5. J

    Plumber needs training to gain Part P

    Hi, I'm a fully qualified plumber and do a lot of bathroom fitting. I'm considering getting training for Part P to enable me to sign off electrical work in bathrooms. Please advise on training courses and costs in the Tyne and Wear region. MTIA
  6. K

    Needs to replace my extractor

    Hi, My extractor is failing and i need to replace it. It can take a while to spin up sometimes and can make a high pitched noise while it is doing so. Giving it a tap normally sorts it out. Its a Steeple brand and has a timer. I need to order another one but I'm not sure if its a standard or...
  7. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Who needs an MFT, would you use one of these?

    The Vion I mean
  8. T

    Newbee Needs Help! LED Lighting

    I am a newbee here and I can't find a best-LED light for my warehouse. Can you guys help me? Please go easy on me :( I am open for your suggestions.
  9. sparksburnout

    Davina McCall needs to transfer to the BBC.

    Just been watching her on Telly presenting a program, forgot the title, but shes such a normal, warm and genuine person. Such a shame the BBC couldn't get her to do the BAFTA's the other night instead of that dog rough unfunny and completely talentless bint that we had to endure. Why do the BBC...
  10. J

    Thick Architect needs Help!!!

    All the RCBO information I see online only show the outgoing cable and the built in N (in) going to the N terminal connectors and FE wires . None show the return wires as in a ring circuit. The L and E wires are obvious but where does the return N connect to. The N terminal bar or to the...
  11. Pete999

    Wagos, who needs Wagos?????????????

    Sorry Mods forgot to put this in "Pete's Videos" still never mind eh, it is Sunday and him upstairs forgives Sinners.
  12. SWD

    Needs some help and advice

    for a friend, haven't been to look at this myself yet but will do before the New Year and was wondering is anyone has comes across a similar situation. Friend has been arguing with EoN for the last 3 years as it seems he has a bodged install from the mains head and to me it seems but I can't...
  13. N

    Newlec NL9-AHD Hand Drier needs repair

    Newlec NL9-AHD Hand Drier has just stopped working. Power is going to it, the thermal fuse is okay and there is a low voltage supply going to the sensing circuitry. I will do a few more tests, but if unsuccessful I would be interested to know where to have it repaired. Alternative if I could...
  14. Adam_92

    [Trainee] Needs help from someone experienced.

    I have a question on an assignment that I could do with some help Desribe, for each of the following symptoms, the most likely electrical fault. A) A fault has occurred on a lighting circuit when the lights are operated the RCBO protecting the circuit operates. B) The outside lights when the...
  15. Adam_92

    [Trainee] Needs help from someone experienced.

    I am stuck on a question for my NVQ just wondering if someone could help, Question is; Explain what documentation should be completed following fault recitation work? I know that "Where minor electrical installation work does not include the provision of a new circuit, a Minor Electrical...
  16. Wilko

    Ha - who needs friends anyway?

    One of my so-called friends sent me this. I think the implication being that I'm less than perfect ... Not sure, what was the question again?
  17. JackSparky

    Sole Business Needs!

    Evening! If an electrician was to go solo and set up a business, what would be needed?
  18. R

    When do you decide.... It needs rewiring.

    The last 3 jobs I quoted all had previous quotes and all were told they needed rewires and they didn't.. Except 1 of them that needed lighting rewired due to no earth's and the customer wanted metal fascias. The others needed a day hunting jbs to rectify low IR and several other issues. The...
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