1. B

    Obligatory post that needs more letters than I would have thought necessary

    I am very interested in electrics and have a pretty good working knowledge of how to troubleshoot and install electrical equipment. This forum has been helpful and interesting to benefit from the experience of others. thank
  2. Mike Johnson

    Electricity needs in the future/now?

    Interesting interview with a professor who seems to know what he is talking about.
  3. R

    Possible Infinite Electricity Needs Proofing.

    Hello I'm Ronald Alliy, I have current came up with what I believe is a Infinite Electricity source. Attached is my proof. I'm a noob at blender 3d atm this is the best I could come up with. Item's needed, non experienced list. 1 motor 1 gear box 1 drill motor 1 drill battery 2 wind mill...
  4. oldgregg

    Having issues and need some advice.

    I just had the electric company at my house to check the power lines coming to my house. Nothing is wrong on their end. The problem is that every time the air conditioner compressor turns on or off, it causes my TV to flicker off for a fraction of a second. The air conditioner is on a different...
  5. J

    How often do shepherd huts needs a condition report?

    Hi all, Not sure if anyone can help, but I was wondering how often do shepherd huts need a condition report? I have spoken to the hut supplier and they have provided me with report and specified that it needs to be done every 5 years. However, the electrician I use for other works and stated...
  6. B

    DIYer needs help. Lamona built-in oven not heating

    Hello. The built-in oven is not getting hot. I took a look inside and see just one heating element which is at the top. It's a three-pronged one. Is that the only element for both grill and oven? I don't see anything else in the interior of the oven by way of electrical parts. The light works...
  7. S

    EICR - I completed all remedial works now being told he needs to do a full test again

    Hey all, Could do with some help. I had a company recommended to me who quoted me to do an EICR on my rental property. (£265). I thought this was quite expensive but as I've been messed around no end by tradesmen I thought I'd go with the recommendation and pay the extra. I also asked him to...
  8. K

    Question about Zs and PSCC needs some clarification thanks

    Hi everyone Recently I have come across an advert of someone selling Afdds C type and the person mentioned the need to sell because Zs was too high so he was considering changing the circuit breaker back to B type as it allows enough Zs to meet the regulations. As Afdds is also combination of...
  9. R

    Damaged 415v 5 pin socket needs replacing for RCD type.

    I’m replacing a damaged 415v 5pin socket in an engineering shop which is been used for welding, this will need to be replaced with RCD socket to keep up with the regs. but my question is will the welder trip the RCD.
  10. A

    Under cabinet recessed lighting cable needs extending

    Hi all! I have these two under cabinet recessed light fittings that connect to a single switch. I also need to add a lining to the underside of the cabinets, so will end up lowering the lights a bit. However, their cables are currently at their max length so I need to extend/ splice the cables...
  11. S

    Lighting cable needs extending

    Hi all my dad was an electrician and did work on my house in the early 2000s , i had plaster wall lights and am now in the process of redecorating and wanted to change them , they are seldom used as have downlights in the ceilings, so it’s mainly decorative lighting .I am confident enough to fix...
  12. Y

    Who needs an RCD!!!!😅

    They used the terminal of a car battery to connect the live and a jump lead to connect the neutral bar to the neutral 🙈
  13. A

    needs a dremel for wood carving projects

    This will be my first Dremel tool as I am starting to get into wood carving projects. Initially, I thought about drills but then came to know it would be better to have a Dremel like rotary tool for engraving, polishing etc I heard some good things about Dremel Lite 7760 & 4300 but thought to...
  14. S

    GE gfi breaker needs reset once a month

    I have a 20 amp GE gfi breaker that pops at least once a month in the middle of the night. Only has bathroom lights on it. New switches installed, wiring looks fine. Could the breaker be faulty.
  15. W

    Coverted house flat consumer box needs help?

    Moved in to a ground floor flat of a house broken up into individual flats, only found two outlets in main living area (No bedroom and 1 double in kitchen plus double for oven). I checked the consumer box and feel it doesn't look right, not an electrician just a handyman who recognises his...
  16. telectrix

    Calibration.Who needs it?

    just dug out old AVO 8 Mk IV, been sitting in cupboard 10 years. bunged in new batteries and gave it a run. several resistors showed within 5%. volts checked 237 on AVO compared to 236.5 on calibrated MFT. AVO 8 last calib. was Aug,1985.
  17. R

    Cable ran through wall back box but back box needs upgrading?

    I had a job today and i’m back at it again tomorrow. The customer wants a new chrome fitted USB socket installed in his kitchen, but the current metal back box is 25mm. I need to upgrade this back box to 35mm, came across this a million times, no problems at all. With this one though there...
  18. Lucien Nunes

    Light not working, needs repair.

    I have an old light in the workshop that has not been used for a long time and needs some TLC. First to put a name to it (not you, Marconi) wins a weekend for two in sunny Hertfordhire loading vans at the warehouse. You can ask questions about the pics. First problem, this was jammed with...
  19. E

    What is your recommendation for setting up a 2006 Grand Caravan to handle the energy needs of everyday driving and living?

    There will be long periods of no driving. Occasional cooking with 1500 watt appliance, charging several phones, computers, wireless speakers etc., An upgraded sound system with a portable projector plugged in. If you could simply tell us what you would do if you had a 2006 Grand caravan l with...
  20. M

    Novice needs help!! Under Cupboard Lighting

    Help!!! After trawling the web for LED under cupboard lighting and getting totally confused, I thought I would join the forum to see if anyone can suggest my best options. I have 2 runs of cupboards on opposite sides of the kitchen,each measuring 1.4mtr. At the moment I have a 221mm S15 LED 5w...


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