1. S

    dismantling Air con in commercial setting

    Dismantling this air conditioning unit . simple as it looks?
  2. R

    MCCB Adjustable trip setting - cable rating

    Hi all, In general do you size the cable to the MCCB full trip setting rather than the adjustable setting for the load being supplied. In some cases upsizing the cable can be costly even from 320/400. One of the site engineers is adamant that it should be sized for full trip setting. I'm not...
  3. C

    Setting up whilst working full time

    Good afternoon everyone. So im currently working as a multi skilled engineer in the food production industry. Im a qualified electrician with most of my qualifications apart from 2391. Im looking to set up and go self employed offering domestic,industrial and agricultural services but want to...
  4. T

    Advice needed setting up on my own

    Hello everyone... I've been working for a narional security system for the last 15 years, started off as an apprentice got NVQ level 2 in security systems which included technical maths. From then I have been installing intruder door access cctv and fire. I'm 33 and have had the itch to go on...
  5. E

    Overcurrent relay setting and position

    Good evening, I have a few questions requiring your expertise: 1) For a motor with a nameplate FLC of 44A: The overload relay trip setting should be set to 44A when connected in Delta and set to 44/(root 3)=25.4A when connected in Star. Is this statement correct? 2) Does the position...
  6. sythai

    Setting up Ubiquiti WAP

    Hi Guys (sorry if wrong forum!) Priced for a couple of jobs now where we are going to do the complete job on installing WAPs, normally leave hooking it all up to the 'TV/ Data man.' Have couple of these on order...
  7. W

    Preparation for setting up own business

    Hi guys, im about 12 months away from being fully qualified, I will have my gold card, 2391, 18th edition, NVQ, the lot. It’ll have been a 4 year slog of an apprenticeship but I’ve learnt a hell of a lot and I’m sure it’ll be worth it when I’m done. I’m 30 years old which makes me different...
  8. W

    Setting up as a sole trader/self employed

    Hi guys. I’m currently employed but want to start doing bits for myself on evenings/weekends and want to be law abiding so don’t want to just do cash in hand work. I want to set up as a sole trader, if I register to do this will my current employer be informed? I’m not doing anything wrong but...
  9. P

    Setting limitations on eic

    Hi looking for friendly advice went to a property today, has a 32a breaker that feed downstairs sockets and upstairs socket. Now the cables are consist of ali multi braided I've advised that the they have a new downstairs ring and upstairs ring wired and old to be non existent now they require...
  10. E

    RCD omission in a commercial setting.

    Hi all, I have been asked to install 2 x 32amp 3 phase sockets, one is to be used to plug in a forklift charger, the other one they are not yet sure but want one available for the future. What are people's thoughts on the omission of RCD's in what circumstance would a risk assessment negate...
  11. E

    What is your recommendation for setting up a 2006 Grand Caravan to handle the energy needs of everyday driving and living?

    There will be long periods of no driving. Occasional cooking with 1500 watt appliance, charging several phones, computers, wireless speakers etc., An upgraded sound system with a portable projector plugged in. If you could simply tell us what you would do if you had a 2006 Grand caravan l with...
  12. A

    Metal CU in a commercial setting

    Hi, Just wondering what people interpretations of the regs are regarding metal CU's in a commercial setting. I've seen some people code them C3 on an EICR and others say that the Metal CU's are just for domestic settings. I've read the regs and I think they could be read either way. Anyone any...
  13. Nafislord

    Need help setting up a wifi light switch in UK

    Hi everyone, I want to install a wifi switch in my room but the problem is I am not very informed in electrical wiring subject so would appreciate it if someone could give me some insight regarding this. Light Switch Cables Image The in the inside it says TOP 7704 There is nothing saying which...
  14. C

    Nest Thermostat - vacation home setting - hot water / heating

    Dear community, as the Pro Nest are too fare away from my place in Italy, I am seeking here for advice. The actual work will be done then by my local electrician - I am a DIY. Goal: I want to install a Nest 3rd generation learning thermostat (not the thermostat E) including heat link to my old...
  15. M

    Honeywell Accenta G4 setting error

    I have just installed a Honeywell Accenta G4 system. All ok apart from 2 queries: The entry/exit zone 1 is a PIR (there are no door contacts on my system, just 2 PIR's) It is set to zone 1. The second PIR is in the lounge. The system will set ok, but only after I am out of the range of the zone...
  16. wsoppitt

    setting up a group of containers as a self storage business.

    Guys / girls hopefully you can help. A guy I do some work for is in the process of setting up a container self storage business. There is 1 main gate, he wants the entry to be keyless (fob entry) and also wants it to connect to network for remote operation. Any recommendations for a good system...
  17. P

    Setting up solar installation

    Hello, I am setting up a solar installation (in France) for the first time. I currently have 38 solar panels (+/-38V, +/-9A), with 35 currently wired in series + parallel (7 panels in series, arranged with parallel wiring 5 times) and am therefore expecting to have 266V (7 panels in a series *...
  18. telectrix

    Handheld CCTV Monitor for setting cameras up

    need some help.My CCTV monitor ( about 8 years old ) has given goood service but will not display on these newer generation camaras. think it's the ols analogue/digital problem. When looking round on the net, I'm confused. What do I look for,.... IP, 1080, TVI, CVI, CHD?
  19. M

    Setting Motor Overload

    Hi, How do you set a motor overload? I have read that you set it at the FLA of the motor but also that you should consider service factor. Which is correct? Thanks.
  20. L

    Submains in Agricultural Setting (PME Supply)

    So I have been asked to look at a job which includes providing 2 submains (one for a small dwelling, the other for a small workshop/garage). The supply at the farm is PME/TNCS from a pole mounted transformer. The back story; whilst waiting for planning permission for a dwelling the customer...


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