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  1. L

    Submains in Agricultural Setting (PME Supply)

    So I have been asked to look at a job which includes providing 2 submains (one for a small dwelling, the other for a small workshop/garage). The supply at the farm is PME/TNCS from a pole mounted transformer. The back story; whilst waiting for planning permission for a dwelling the customer...
  2. M

    Domestic Danfoss CHRONO setting

    I’ve recently had a new boiler and one of your thermostats installed a Danfoss RET1000 B/M/MS thermostat Is it normal for the thermostat to fire up the boiler for 3 minutes and then turn off for another 4 or 5 mins and then come back on for another 4mins etc 24 hours a day once it has hit the...
  3. N

    Infrared heater tripping RCD on high setting

    I’ve just installed an infrared heater for my conservatory. It’s plugged into a socket. The heater is happily running on the second heat setting (1600W) but when I turn it up to the high setting (2400W) after a while it trips the breaker. Any suggestions on how to solve this please?
  4. L

    Setting a pir timeguard

    Hi, I’ve got a timeguard pir sensor for switching 3 led floodlights in various all at once. I’ve replaced it like for like as the lux dial had snapped off. Wired it up and is illuminating on movement for minimum time set and going off great, but when I turn lux to dusk the light still comes...
  5. J

    Setting or adjusting a Horstmann Astral Clock

    A friend of mine has an old mechanical Horstmann Astral stair lighting timer. It has managed to get completely out of whack in both times and month. Anyone know how to adjust or reset one of these clocks? Can’t find any instructions other than “don’t mess with these things, live electricity...
  6. Adam_92

    Setting the overload on a direct online starter

    Hi I’m sitting my AM2 next month and have found out that you need to set an overload on a direct online starter motor circuit. I have tried asking my supervisor and assessor,tutor at college not one of them have given my a straight answer.. Is this the formula? Its 3 phase so formula is...
  7. MFS Electrical

    Megger MFT 1720 R1+R2 setting

    anyone else got one? Ever used the R1+R2 setting? Was testing a socket circuit for a minor works yesterday fed from a 36 way TP&N DB Everything except the fire alarm was wired in singles through trunking absolutely none of the earths were remotely near the terminals that they should have been...
  8. Loki

    Megger MFT 1721 - black/white clamp setting on dial?

    Hi, Just a quick question. On the Megger MFT 1721 that I have on the left dial their is a black/white clamp setting. Is this for the Iclamp? Can you use this say for earth leakage or just current usage test? Thanks Michael
  9. Gavin John Hyde

    25mm Aluminium SWA in domestic setting!

    Was asked to quote for a job today wiring up a summerhouse/playhouse in a garden to run the usual sockets, lights and garden tools etc... When on the job the guy who is a scrap dealer/collector points to a roll of 25mm Aluminium 4 core SWA and says can you use that to run down to the summer...
  10. M

    Keeping Horstmann 7 on all day?

    Hi all, I have zero experience with boilers and timers so hoping I can clear up some confusion. I have a Horstmann Electronic 7 with a simple digital interface controlling a Heatrae Sadia megaflo tank. I need hot water at irregular and different times of the day throughout the week. I can set it...
  11. N

    EATON MCCB Trip Parameters

    I am to replace an old MCCB with a new Eaton one, the circuit feeds a few boards and the current rating for the circuit is 160A. What I'm trying to understand is the 4 trip parameters that you select yourself on the breaker. These are: IR - Continuous current setting (A) tR - Number of...
  12. E

    Texecom Veritas alarm

    Hi Guys My last tennant has installed a veritas alarm, the one with the DCA 0001 led remote keypad, im having problems setting it up for the new tennants, basically they want zone 1,2,5 & 6 working as part set for when they go to bed at night. The issue is they can omit the zones 3 & 4 but for...
  13. J

    Questions in power engineering interview

    I would like to seek advice from experienced guys because I have interview test for my power engineering as below. Thank you. a) For 600A switchboard, what type of device setting need to do? Can I say that I need to do setting for direct acting for MCCB since more than 100A and earth fault...
  14. H

    Business bank account

    Looking at setting up a business bank account, any recommendations? HSBC look the best deal but anything to add anyone?
  15. biospark80

    Industrial Setting the overload on a motor circuit contactor.

    Hi I haven't much experience on this subject so thought id ask!. I need to choose and set the overload on a circuit contactor containing an overload. It's a 3ph motor rated at 14.1 amp do i set the overload at the same current rating or just above due to the initial inrush?
  16. ample current

    rcbo zs test

    I was in a house the other day having a look at the electrical installation for a potential buyer of the house. The house was rented out previously, and labels on the consumer unit say the installation was last checked in 2011. However there appears to be no paperwork available to support this...
  17. W

    Domestic Megger 1720 Ze setting

    Anyone have one of these? Was wondering how to do Ze test and which setting thanks
  18. H

    Wiring PIR sensors looping in and out.

    Should I be having problems with PIR security lights that are wired as a radial looping in and out from each light? I have 3 in a radial controlled via a switch but having problems getting them to work right. Any ideas? Is it because they are all linked? Back feed etc?
  19. H

    The procedure for setting the thermal and magnetic overload on an MCCB?(Coursework)

    Hi there I'm Carlos. I'm new to this forum and I really hope I'm posting in the correct section for this question, but I really couldn't find any other section nor could I find anything when I searched for it. My question is in the title really. I've looked almost everywhere and have come to...
  20. W

    Setting an adjustable rcd?

    Hi I'm working on a distribution system where the main s/w is a 200amp 4 pole mcb with a bolt on adjustable rcd. The rcd needs to be set to 300ma and have a time delay for discrimination purposes. Can anyone advise to which setting on the ms adjuster I use? The ms scale goes from...
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