1. H

    EICR Communal area limitations

    Hello, Looking for a bit of guidance here. Asking from Landlords perspective. To carry out an EICR of the Landlords communal areas, would the inspector include all the sub mains to the individual (3) Flats, which originate from cupboard in the communal area? Would the inspector include fixed...
  2. T

    EICR Limitations

    When doing EICR, what you people normally put for extend covered? Also do people have a general list of things you put as Limitations when testing? IE no moving furniture, no portable appliance,
  3. N

    One question regarding filling the PIR.

    I am still training to become qualified. I have the following question regrading filling the Schedule of Inspection for Periodic inspection report. When do we use N/A and when do we use N/V? I am slightly unsure when may be some examples will help. Many Thanks
  4. M

    eicr caravan park

    morning all! i've an existing customer, a caravan park, and need to price eicr? need to allow enough to carry out properly, but not upset anyone by overpricing? they already have a price from previous company who did pir, but not very good service, so we're up on that score already! they...
  5. K

    gas and water testing

    hi guys hope yous can help, doing periodics for a council, i cant get access to the main water and gas bonds in the house, laminated flooring, boxing ins etc, what do i put on the certificates? its niceic forms, was thinking putting in limitations at the tic boxes and putting reasons in at the...
  6. C

    Dead testing modular bathrooms

    Hi all, I have been asked to dead test only some modular bathrooms installed in a building. Each bathroom has a light, towel rail, shaver outlet, and extractor fan. The supply cable to each circuit I have been told is not my concern so I am basically testing the switch lines and supplies to...
  7. E


    A phone call from one of our sparks doing a PIR on an empty property, he says theres a PV system here, what do I need to test as part of the PIR! I wasnt sure, its somthing ive thought about but never got around to looking at. So my question for all you lovely people is on a normal PIR that has...
  8. K

    what is the law on testing

    Hi I was interested to find out the law on testing an installation done by another installer. Now I know no one in the right mind would approve an install if its totally not visable (cliped to wall) which will never be the case. But there are companies that have approval from councils to go in...
  9. J

    What cert to issue for an existing installation before reconnection of supply?

    Hi, I have just had a phone call asking to test a commercial type building and issue a cert so that his energy company can re-connect his supply, they disconnected it due to it not being used for a year or summat and bill not being paid I believe.....obviously I would only be able to do dead...
  10. I

    PIR Limitations

    Phew its been a while since ive been on here (illness) Now I am well again and getting back to work I would like to ask some advice if I may? When doing a PIR does anyone have a set list of limitations that they put on the form as I do not know how to word the limitations and what you guys put...
  11. leespeed

    minor works limitations

    anyone know the correct wordings or scenarios for limitations on a minor works for not doing the ir or r1 + r2 test .. .like unable to take cover off db or cannot fully isolate db etc
  12. P

    Visual Inspections??

    Hey up,I've been doing some P.I.R.'s for someone and a 100% visual and 30% test was the agreed limitation. I can't see how a 100% visual could be possible without causing all sorts of damage and how could you be sure you've inspected 100% if you didn't know about that buried RB4?Or is it 100%...
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