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  1. wsoppitt

    Guys/girls hopefully you can help.i do lots of work for this guy that has just started setting up a group of containers as a self storage business.

    Guys / girls hopefully you can help. A guy I do some work for is in the process of setting up a container self storage business. There is 1 main gate, he wants the entry to be keyless (fob entry) and also wants it to connect to network for remote operation. Any recommendations for a good system...
  2. A

    Hopefully there’s somebody out there?

    Hello everyone I’m currently looking to get into the trade and hoping that someone in the Yorkshire area could point me in the right direction. I’m 29 and currently looking at changing my career of which I plan to start college later this year to eventually become a qualified electrician. In...
  3. D

    Who's right? Hopefully me!

    Yesterday whilst doing my practical assessment (2365 level 2) I caused a bit of a stink. I was working on a couple of 2 way switches with singles through pvc conduit. As the training centre boss walked past he started over me having blue cable at the switches. He kept saying 'why have you got...
  4. camerabloke

    pete999 and forum not working

    hey guys and gals, pete999 is having problems logging on, well i can log him in but it then says he does not have permissions to view, new posts , for example any ideas TIA
  5. H

    Hello all, New to the forum!

    Hello all, I'm Nath! Currently a Shift electrical engineer on the Steelworks in Scunthorpe. Completed my apprentiship with corus and currently qualified to HND level in electrical engineering and also have my 17th edition, hopefully doing my Inspection and testing in the new year. Having...
  6. gnuuser

    whew! busy with work and school

    whew Im getting tired! job schedule at work is a bit busy and also attending schools for the fire department! doesn't leave me much time to soak up a few cold brews. hopefully it will quiet down soon but my boss is happy with my work, and the Fire Chief is very happy to have me in the...
  7. E

    Servant call box/bell

    Hello all This may be the second time I have posted this so apologies for any confusion. I am trying to wire an old Victorian servant call system. I have new push buttons, bell and transformer but the call box is original. I can get the bell to sound but the flags inside the call box I can...
  8. M

    MCS certification - sorted!

    Had my MCS inspection today and we got through with no non-compliances. We're really chuffed and it feels like a weight of my mind. Our inspector was great but it is true what everyone says, get your paperwork in order because this is 95% of the visit.
  9. C

    Look what I found at work today..

    Now that's a pair of slacks. :eek:
  10. P

    2nd Year C&G pupil seeks work Newcastle upon Tyne.

    Hi all I know there are hundreds of threads like this but I think its worth a shot! I have just completed my 1st year C&G course at Gateshead college and am looking to move into the industry to get experience in order to complete my 2nd and 3rd year and hopefully an NVQ too. My prefered...
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