1. D

    New colour scheme

    @Dan perhaps it's just me, but the quotes appearing on a solid orange background seems heavy on the eye. Not sure what others think? Or are you about to unleash a deal on EF branded sunglasses? :D
  2. D

    UK How to attach ceiling light clear wires

    How do attach this ceiling light? The wires are all identical, clear, no colours, numbers or codes. Please see pic. Thanks
  3. S

    Immersion Heater Wire Changing Colour

    Hi, I need some advice please. Last year I bought some grey H05BN4-F cable for my immersion heater. It is 24"/61cm from my wall switch to the timer and 29"/74cm to a toolless Junction Box rated 24A. This connects to the immersion heater wire, I can't change this wire. The heater and wire look...
  4. Zdb

    Permanent/Unswitched live colour

    *Emergency Lighting* I know this has already been discussed recently on a similar thread but I just thought that it might be a good idea to create a poll and see what the general consensus is. I personally use black as the permanent live and brown as the switched but I recently had a debate...
  5. D

    Why are most insulated grips red / yellow or orange in colour ?

    CK Wiha Wera Draper Stanley all mostly red and yellow Bahco Irazola Klein all mostly a funny orange colour why not grey , green or blue or even black ??
  6. sham

    Why prices for different colour junction box

    Ordering some junction boxes and the white 30A is cheaper than the Black one. Why ?. They are same brand and both three way.
  7. W

    confused by colour coded wires

    Hi all, originally posted this on new member but I am keen to get a response. I am trying to repair a tumble dryer. I ordered a part from ebay, the part being a sensor brush. The original sensor brush has a thin black wire and a white wire attached. The new sensor brush, although identical to...
  8. S

    Pink cars, would you consider one?

    Tempted to test this out......
  9. P

    What colour is this dimmer?

    What colour is this dimmer please guys because I think I am going colour blind (if that's possible)?
  10. captaincaveman

    Cooker internal colour codes

    Hi guys. Don't think I've come across this before and feel I'm loosing the plot. I'm planning to check with the manufactures on monday morning but wouldn't mind any opinions. I was checking out a tripping RCD on a new cooker range install earlier. The gas engineer / delivery guy refused to wire...
  11. TonyJohnson

    Remote colour changing light bulbs and neutral fault

    Adding a socket to a ring today, the socket fitted correctly, the ring with correct continuity and IR results OK but.... Plugging in the socket tester brought up a neutral fault?? The house has remote control lamps that change colour, can this electronic device effect the neutrals.. it seems to?
  12. Electrical2go

    October Special 10% Off Click Scolmore Inceptor Omni Colour Selectable LED Downlight

    The Inceptor Omni is the latest addition to the Inceptor range of cost effective integrated fire rated downlights. The Omni allows the installer to select the colour of the light upon installation ranging from warm white, cool white all the way through to daylight. We're offering an extra 10%...
  13. Sparky_marky2

    Non standard colour of conductors... your thoughts on this?

    My aunt and uncle came over today and we got on to the subject of electrics, he had a guy come over to one of his shops to add four new shop light fittings everything was fine and the certificates were issued, but one things my uncle said thats lingered is that the building being over 30 years...
  14. polo1

    Widow(er) maker.....

    Came across this yesterday. Can you spot the problem? I've been fuming ever since I came across it.....what kind of muppet does this? Rant over!
  15. L

    What Lamp?

    Im still on this garden lighting lark at the moment and have come purchase some lamps. What would you guys use for gardens? GU10 Led(equiv 35w) -warm white -cool white What Lumen output would you go for?
  16. J

    Removing 2 sockets wired together

    Evening....looking for some advice on removing 2 single sockets in a room which is being renovated. It seems one (newish) one has been wired from the other - the cabling disappears under floorboards. I don't want any sockets here anymore so need advice on how to safely remove them, assuming I...
  17. B


    Hi, DIY'er here. Looking for some expert help as I am very confused :-) One of the sockets in my living room doesnt seem to be working after I changed the socket. However when I use my voltage tester it tells me the current is live. I have checked all the connections in the socket and they seem...
  18. D

    Warming up cool white LED

    We have an issue with some 30w LED floods we installed as uplighters. This was a bit of a rush job without a proper spec. The users are complaining that the lights are too 'cold' and have asked us to replace them with a warmer version. Fine, we could order warm white versions but there are a...
  19. E

    LED RGB Strip

    Hi A customer has asked for a RGB LED strip that can change between 3 different colours (light green - light blue - lilac) anyone out they used something like this before? Its to light a window signage box. Thanks
  20. W

    LED Strip

    Evening all, I'm looking for supplier of good quality LED strips (preferably 24v) with 3000 and 4000K colours. There's a lot of stuff about but want a supplier who does decent/recommended stuff rather that cheap crap from ebay! Thanks
  21. tombrooker84

    Outdoor LED strip... Colour changing

    Hello Guys, I've got a garden lighting job to do in Feb, a long way a way I know. The company I am doing it for, (garden lighting designer) usually only design very simple 12v garden lighting systems, simple on and off. However this time they have a job for a designer who has asked for colour...
  22. H

    LED lighting, the way forward?

    I was wondering on the views you have on lighting and the future. Do you think LED lighting is the way forward and other types of lighting will eventually become a thing of the past?
  23. J

    3 phase colours

    When you are using 3 phase colours for live neutral and earth, should you use black or grey as neutral, I usually use black as it was the old neutral colour. I work self employed for various different companies and some say you should NEVER use black as neutral, others say only use black. I...
  24. J

    Megger test lead

    I've somehow managed to damage 1 of my leads for 1552, does anybody have a spare I can buy as megger say I have to buy a whole new set if not. Cheers
  25. K

    Sleeving 3 phase cable to single phase cable

    When sleeving a 3 core 3 phase Brown, Black, Grey cable as a single phase cable, which core of the Black and Grey are to be sleeved as Neutral and Earth. Some lads are saying Black as Neutral and others are saying Grey as Neutral. I can't find a specific answer in the reqs.
  26. J

    Help ASAP with dimmer

    Hi Guys, I have a client who wants to launch a new light into the UK, and they have sent me over a specification. I have pasted some details below. I found out that R,L Type means resistive load, but i still dont know if i need leading or trailing edge? Dimmable with R, L type dimmer (dimmer...
  27. T

    Ultimate Tradesmen Deal

    Hi Guys, It is deal time again, please 2 fantastic deals below, (Spoke to Dan prior to posting the deal to get permission) DEAL 1 10 Polo shirts 4 sweatshirts 4 cargo trousers 2 soft-shell jackets 250 Business Cards – double sided – full colour – 400gsm – silk finish 250 Letterheads –...
  28. C

    Age of installation?

    I've just done an eicr on a house with a Wylex rewireable fuse 3036 cu. how old would that make it? The wiring was all red and black t+e. Just need to put a number on the report. I'm thinking 10-15 years?
  29. B

    LED strip / ribbon accent lighting

    Can anyone recommend a complete kit which has everything required for 10 metres of LED strip / ribbon accent lighting for around a feature recessed in the centre of a ceiling. If colour changing is available this would be even better and controllable through a wall panel / remote control Many...
  30. UKMeterman

    Panel wiring standards

    Hi, Are there any published standards for panel wiring, in particular colour codeing and the seperation of LV, and SELV. Thanks
  31. M

    Outdoor LED lighting

    Hi there I am looking to change all the lighting outdoors shining onto the building to LED light, I have seen the colour changing LED floodlights that can be remotely controlled but would I be able to control multiple Floodlights with 1 controller or any suggestions on how i could do this...
  32. keniff

    honeywell motorised valves

    anybody point me in the right direction for the colours of honeywell motorised valves wiring and what function each colour has? i need to know the colour for c/h input and live out from the valve to link in a wireless stat. thanks in advance
  33. T

    testing live wires

    Hi guys, I'm after advise on checking live wires. Do I need a circuit tester or can I use the Electricians screwdriver I have, and if so how does it work. Many thanks
  34. Y

    Doubt about industrial wiriing colour codes

    Hi , Presently i am doing projects and i have a major confusion on electical panel wiring colour codes to meet CE standard. Kindly clarifiy what colour codes to be used for single phase , three phase system and 2 wire control system.
  35. L

    1.3 watt gu10 led

    hi i'm trying to find out how bright a 1.3 watt led gu10 bulb will be will it be like a normal 20 watt gu10
  36. G

    Cut through an alarm cable

    Don't know where it goes to (magnetic contact we think) but the Customer is happy to have that cable disabled. There are four wires - do I simply wrap all four together so the rest of the alarm can be switched on ?
  37. S

    Commercial lighting design

    Hi all, I generally only work domestically, but a friend has taken on a hairdressing salon and asked me to install some strip lighting. He's not been too specific but says he needs 'white' light at work level. The light from the existing halogens is too warm. Thing is, their staff need to get...
  38. M

    LED Downlighters?

    Hey guys. Just wondering what LED downlighter products you have used/come across in the past and what you thought of them with regard to price/light output/dimming capabilities?
  39. cbw

    Main fuse colours

    OK, basic schoolboy question!!!!!! I am used to just opening up a main fuse carrier to determine the fuse rating. If this is not possible I will go by the stated rating labled on the carier. (often wrong anyway) I have quoted to instal a power shower in a flat with storage heaters...
  40. I

    New website

    Hi lads I have developed a new website to help promote my business,Have a look and see what ye think. Leinster Energy Services - Leinster Energy Services Thanks
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