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hot water

  1. telectrix

    Landis & Gyr RWB 2 Channel Programmer Central Heating & Hot Water Timer Module

    HELP !!! i need to replace the above. priced at £225.00, client not happy. what i would like from esteemed experts in heating field is ... what can i replace with at sensible cost. connection wise, there is only L and N in and a T/E back to wiring centre in 3 and 4.
  2. S

    Australia Diversity Factor for 3Ph instantaneous Hot Water in AS3000

    Hi, Just a question from AS3000 max demand diversity table C1 for instantaneous hot water. Will it be the same diversity regardless if it is 3Ph or 1Ph or higher current rating or less?
  3. O

    flexicom 24cx has Hot Water but no Central Heating

    my flexicom 24cx has Hot Water but no Central Heating. the problem seem to be the analogue switch selector. it looks as if it is stuck on the off position and won't move to the timer or on position. Is it that I do not know how to move it??
  4. R

    Domestic Wiring for the Australian market - hot water unit

    I purchased an Ecosmart 8 Instantaneous hot water system from Amazon and its really made for the North American market. The wiring says it need two active wires to make up 240 volt and no Neutral, Customer support have also told us this, however in Australia we have one red active wire and a...
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