1. L

    Small design projects

    Hi, Does anyone know of any websites or sections of this website where you can find/bid for small electrical design projects? Thanks
  2. H

    LED Lighting Install Team Partnering Opportunity - Commercial Projects

    Hi, Due to expansion, We are looking for more experienced LED Lighting installers to partner with us. Projects ranges in size to include public sector premises. We cover UK with high quality and customer service focus. Contact for more info or a chat.
  3. F

    Larger commercial projects

    Hi, im at the stage where im moving on to bigger projects, and am looking at some advice when dealing with larger main contractors etc. I worked for a company doing mainly commercial installs then went self employed and since being self employed have mainly done Domestic and small commercial...
  4. R

    Diversed Experience 16+yrs.

    Hi, I am pleased to be part of the Electrical community. My yrs have been diverse from control to 2500kva transformers installation maintenance and support. Industrial and commercial domestic. I don't cut corners. Love the graft.....
  5. toplightco

    Electrician Looking for electrical contractors for retail and other commercial projects.

    We are a lighting (supply only) company making site visits to design and supply lighting to shops, stores and commercial premises in London and the Home counties around the M25. Typical jobs are to replace pendants with new ones supplied by ourselves, install track lighting, downlights, LED...
  6. Lou

    AM Electrical Services (NI) Ltd

    AM Electrical Services (NI) Ltd. are based in Eglish, County Tyrone and were established in 2007. Founded in 2007 by Anthony Feeney and Martin O’Neill, our company has grown successfully by completing projects on time, on budget and to the highest standard. Our main ethos is to deliver a...
  7. F

    Commercial roof survey

    Good day, I have been asked to quote for a 12kW system for a factory flat roof, (Concrete cast construction -like a bomb shelter! btw) i have used Brewsters for previous domestic desktop surveys, but they say they no longer accommodate commercial surveys, can anyone recommend firms please, I'm...
  8. S

    commercial funding

    Is there any funding out there for free commercial projects still?
  9. S

    Commercial PV Systems

    Hi Guys, Have only stuck to domestic installs to date, but have had a couple of enquiries for larger systems on commercial properties, and are therefore after a bit of help. Am I right in thinking that the VAT rate applicable would rise to 20% rather than the reduced 5% rate for domestic...
  10. L

    MCS company for supply and fit

    Hi All, Project II time. Nothing definate at this time, but I might have two projects in the new year, one in Berkshire (Reading area) and one Cornwall (Penzance) - if you are able to give keen pricing & work in these areas - both for simple roof mount projects sub 4kW, then can you drop me an...
  11. Worcester

    Why only Domestic mentioned in the EST Document?

    If you haven't read it, you can still get it here: Government to Slash Feed-in Tariff for Solar PV | Worcester Renewables 2 possible reasons 1) They want to kill the free systems that are taking far too much money out of the system as quick as possible, (we had a call for mounting systems for...
  12. R

    Bosch multi laser

    Looking to upgrade my chalk line to one of these Buy Bosch GLL 3-80 P Multi Line Laser and BS 150 tripod from Axminster, fast delivery for the UK This projects on 3 planes, is this overkill for spot lights on sockets? Do you have any reccomendations?
  13. K

    Seeking MCS accredited installer

    I’m currently searching for some MCS accredited installers in the UK for residential and commercial projects. For residential projects I’m expecting to have a fixed quotation for up to 4 kW (or for systems like 0-1kW, 1-2kW, 2-3kW, 3-4kW) For commercial projects it must be a quotation...
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