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rcd tripping

  1. B

    Main rcd tripping

    Hello, my contactum b8003/2 30mA RCD feeds about 6 MCBs for light and power. Nothing had changed but suddenly my dishwasher seems to be the common denominator in tripping the main rcd. However, if I turn off all other MCBS, it doesn't trip. Please help me with my logic. This makes me think that...
  2. A

    LED lighting replaced Halogen (GU10)

    Hi I wonder if you can help In a rented property the kitchen has around 10 GU 10 halogen lights the tenant decided to replace these lights with new GU 10 lights And these days as you can only easily source LED GU10 Bulbs I’m almost certain the tenant has replaced the halogen lights with LED...
  3. P

    Advice on RCD tripping

    I was called to a job with a light circuit fault tripping the RCD. There are numerous 12 volt downlights on the circuit so I did lives to CPC and got 0.3 Megs on an IR test. I switched off all MCBs controlled by the second RCD and there was no tripping from the faulty light circuit, but once...
  4. S

    RCD tripping for bathroom heater

    I've installed an outdoor 2200W IR heater (also rated for bathrooms) in my bathroom which is connected to an outdoor IP66 rated switch and a non-latching RCD plug at the end of a 10m (2.5mm sq) artic flex outdoor cable. The last 2 times i measured, the heater worked for 17 and then 8 minutes...
  5. M

    Outside Lights trip RCD

    Hi All, I was wondering if anyone could help me with a recent problem I’ve had on a job. About 5 months ago I installed about 5 outdoor soffit lights from switch inside. All worked perfectly and customer was happy. I’ve recently been called back to the job as the outdoor lights have been...
  6. S

    RCD tripping when switching oven isolator off

    Hi all. I was called to a house recently where the occupier reported that when they turned the oven isolator off the RCD would trip. So I tried it and that's exactly what happened. There was nothing switched on on the oven at the time. When the oven is on it works fine. It is an integrated oven...
  7. M

    RCD tripping with PV

    I have been working my way through an installation looking for why the RCD trips in light misty rain. I have eliminated all outside installations the only thing left outside the building are the solar panels. I know little to nothing about the PV installation. So my question is, is there...
  8. Y

    Main rcd tripping even though its 100 ma

    Hi There's a workshop outside the main building with a couple of sockets protected by a 30ma rcd. Even though the rcd inside the main fuse box is 100ma the 100 ma rcd trips without the 30ma not tripping. Changed 30ma rcd still same. How can I get the rcd in the workshop to trip without tripping...
  9. E

    Rcd tripping strangely

    Hi Don’t often post on here but I’ve dreamt about this issue last night. Need advice please Yesterday I attended a property to complete an EICR, home owner had moved in the previous week. Customer has not had any issues with the install, all circuits powerd on a 16th edition cu split load...
  10. D

    rcd tripping on a ring main

    Ok help before a pull out the rest of my hair got an rcd that trips when ring main breaker turned on got continuity but still trips when only live connected ant ideas
  11. J

    RCD tripping issue on ring circuit

    First time poster go easy on me. Got a call out to a job today, got told the RCD was tripping. Even when no appliances plugged in. And so it was intermittently about every 20 mins. Only two ring circuits on the RCD, on one of the rings im getting continuity across line and netural on both legs...
  12. B

    Rcd tripping below 30ma

    40A 30ma RCD tripping out at 22.5ma, would people say that’s low and acceptable as I’d say it was a bit low should be more like 28ma?
  13. B

    300ma RCD tripping randomly

    Distribution unit 100A 300ma 3phase RCD with four 60A BS88 each fuse feeds 4 boxes on one circuit with 2X16 socket outlets with own individual 30ma RCBOs but there ok and all being plugged into The RCD keeps tripping? Have tested the distribution unit and all the boxes with IR test and RCD I’ve...
  14. R

    Strange RCD tripping scenario

    Any suggestions as to possible causes of RCD tripping in the below domestic scenario would be helpful: Origin: single phase TT supply into an external cabinet housing cutout and our installed 100A 100mA Type S 2Pole RCD. Earth Rod has also been sunk here. House: 3c SWA supply to house from...
  15. P

    rcd tripping during the night and insulation resistance testing question

    Hi everyone I have a customer who has a RCD that trips during the night and it resets ok the following day it is ok for a week or so then it tips again during the night. has any one any ideas and what is the quickest way of finding out what the cause is. also I need to do an insulation...
  16. A

    French House 3-phase RCD tripping

    Hi All, Long time lurker, first time poster. We staying at a family friend's house in france and they are having frequent trips of their electrical system where they turn multiple breakers/the main switch off and on until it comes back on. Over the last week I've managed to narrow down a...
  17. B

    Very strange RCD tripping problem on TT system. Need advice

    I'm in France and this is my first post, so apologies if this is in the wrong section. Here is the problem. I have a client, with a swimming pool and heat pump for the pool, but their main supply keeps tripping. The connection is: * Supply companies incoming feed, three-phase, limited to 30A...
  18. A


    Hi, Recently got called to a job, a problem with the RCD tripping. Went through the usual procedures of unplugging everything however I realised it wasn't just tripping on one circuit. It trips if you turn the shower on, plug something into the cooker switch and if you plug something into the...
  19. J

    RCD Tripping - Advice Needed

    Hi Everyone, So basically like a few other people, I really need some advice from some professional electricians and found this forum so I really hope someone out there can help. Basically we had a hot tub installed back in June 2017, everything was running fine, till we went for a holiday in...
  20. P

    RCD Tripping on RCD 2 side NOT RCD 1 side

    Hi Folks; Installed a cooker (oven only) in a property on 6mm T+E, tests fine, but RCD keeps tripping out when connected. If I connect on RCD1 side it’s fine but if it is moved to RCD2 side it trips out constantly. Any thoughts are appreciated? Thank you.
  21. M

    Strange RCD tripping problem

    I have a very strange repeated RCD tripping scenario, which appears to suggest that two unrelated circuits are connected. Any problem solving thoughts would be appreciated. I have an electrician who has done several jobs for us (new lighting circuits, appliance installation, outside lights...
  22. captaincaveman

    Kevin please change careers before killing someone

    Hi, If you're a spark, you're reading this, your name is Kevin, you work in the Manchester area and you did a job in Rusholme yesterday on lights that kept tripping the RCD - Please reconsider your career before you do serious damage. It's forgivable that you were unable to diagnose an...
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